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From the Winnipeg Evening Tribune, March 18, 1941 (page 1)
The Canadian Press
Truro, N.S. March 18,--Crowds of curious citizens Tuesday night made a pilgrimage to the Langille home on the outskirts of nearly Bible Hill to see if they too could watch unoccupied chairs rock, blinds fly up for no reason, and knifes and forks float through the air as the Langilles claim they can.
Truro correspondents of two Halifax papers reported that not only did the blinds in the home go up unexpectedly but that a lunch pail hanging on the wall fell, travelling some 10 feet from the wall before clattering on the floor.
The newsmen also said that a table fell over for no apparent reason.
Mrs. Lucy Langille, house tenant, said such things had been going on since December but had become intensified during the past week.

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From the Winnipeg Evening Tribune, March 20, 1942 (page 1)

By the Canadian Press

Truro, N.S.- March 20- Two photographers lay in wait for the ghost of Bible Hill Thursday night, and a flatiron started hopping about on the stove of Mrs. Lucy Langille's darkened kitchen, fired flashlight shot that produced prints of a human hand grasping the iron.
George Hannebury and Earl Talbot, the cameramen, and John Murphy, editor of the Truro Daily News, had gone to the Langille home to try to settle the origins of the strange doings that have made the Bible Hill house a mecca for the superstitious and the curious in the last few days.
The photographers and Murphy sat in the dark kitchen with Mrs. Langille, her 20 year old son Arnold, her sister Mrs. Rachel Hull, Mrs. Hull's daughter June, and some other members of the family. They said Mrs. Langille had welcomed the presence of photographers with flashlight equipment.
Hannebury and Murphy said the light of the flashers showed 12 year old June nearest the leaping iron and apparently backed away from it.
Both photographers' developed pictures later showed a hand holding the iron, with a section of arm extending from the edge of the photograph.
The iron incident was the only manifestation of the evening.

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