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My Interests & Passions! Great Things in Prince George, BC
What is BookCrossing? It is the act of making the whole world a library!
And giving any book a unique identity #(a BCID)
so that as the book is passed from reader to reader,
it can be tracked - connecting its travels. "Traveling" books are a good thing,
and I leave books all over the place for others to find!
If you are coming through Prince George, stop at the VIA Rail Train station
- I've got a bookshelf there with lots of traveling books.
Grab one and take it with you, read it,
and then leave it anywhere for someone else to find.
Royal Empress' Tea House
This is one of Prince George's little hidden gems.
Not only is there a great menu - high tea anyone?
It has a whole wall of tea for sale!
What is my favorite tea? Gee if I could only pick one it would be Russian Caravan.
Not for the faint of heart - this is a tea with a lot of punch.
(Their website can be a little hinky at times - they are better at TEA than they are web designing.)
Not open Sunday, Mondays or holidays.
1739 South Nicholson Street, Prince George, BC
(250) 564-9512

Backwoods Home Magazine

The tag line says it all - practical ideas for self-reliant living.
The articles and forum are terrific.

Shoppers Wholesale Cash 'N Carry
1959 Nicholson Street South, Prince George, BC (250) 562-6655
This is where I shop for fresh fruit & veggies, best prices and produce in town IMHO (in my humble opinion)
They are a warehouse type store, you can purchase by the case or individual sizes.
Absolutely great staff - I don't know where they find them - but they are awesome!
Shoppers Wholesale is in the same area as the Empress Tea House

I've been ordering from Holy Clothing for a couple of years now.
Their clothing has a gypsy, renaissance sort of flair.
Very good prices, if you order $199US they offer free Fedex worldwide shipping.
My order has always arrived within 7 days.
Don't forget you'll get a bill later for Customs & Duty - usually somewhere in the $25 range (depending on how tempted you were!).
The size range is from Medium to 7X and the colours are gorgeous.
The Northern - Prince George
This is THE best hardware store. The late Mr. Moffat used to say
"If we don't have it, you don't need it."
They've been in PG since 1919.
I think the kids can still ride Trigger...for 10 cents
Open Sundays but limited hours.
Parking lot in the back but tricky for long pickups.
Blue Slate TurkeysBlue Slate Turkeys

I'm just getting into raising these heritage turkeys.
They are a very unusual ashy blue grey colour.
Very few of these left in the world.
Books & Company
Can Prince George do funky and fantastic? Yes we can!
You'll know this bookstore by the funky paint job on the bricks.
It's on 3rd Avenue across from the Native Friendship Centre
1685-3rd Avenue (250) 563-6637
They get me with the wall of "cheap stuff" while I'm waiting to order a latte in the cafe;
and then I have to wander the whole store after I'm done sipping.
Great atmosphere, live music sometimes, tons of books, and amazing staff.(Where does PG find people like this?)

Guinea FowlGuinea Fowl
Another interesting member of my household - guinea fowl!
I love their dotted feathers.
PG LibraryPrince George Public Library
Traveling through PG and need to check your email?
You can do that at the library! (for free)
We actually have 2 branches of the library in PG.
If you are traveling in an RV unit - the branch up on the Hart has much easier parking for you!
Flemish Giant Rabbit
Now that's a bunny!
These rabbits have the calmest personality,
they come in a wide variety of colours too.
I love raising them.
Park Drive In
  One of the last remaining drive-ins left in North America.
And it's less than 10 miles from my house!
Old Hickory Knives
I haven't dealt with the company in this link,
but I do own a number of Old Hickory knives and love them!
I've had a paring knife made by them for over 25 years.
Old Hickory Paring Knife
Habitant for Humanity -ReStore
This is where I head first when I'm working on a building project.
You never know what they'll have in stock:
cupboards, doors, plumbing & appliances & lots more.
Very reasonable prices. I like the recycling aspect of it,
not to mention that the funds raised go for a great cause.
VIA Rail Canada
My favorite way to travel!
If you get a chance the trip from Edmonton through Jasper Park, Prince George
and on to Prince Rupert is spectacular.
VIA Rail Train
Zenmar Feeds - East of Prince George
Zenmar Feeds14150 Ferndale Road, Prince George (250) 963-8751
This is where I head when I need to buy feed for my furry and feathered critters in a mini tote (HUGE!) bag (think a ton or tonne at a time).
Stan Zenmar is very fair with his pricing and terrific to deal with.
He sells fencing and farm supplies too.
He's not open Mondays - not sure about Sundays.
Berry Hill Berry Hill - Country Living & Farm Supplies
I've purchased chicken & rabbit supplies from this company several times.
Their prices & shipping costs are very reasonable. Wide product line.
They are located in Ontario, Canada
Northern Acreage Supply
is my new go-to place when I need feed for my critters.
The service is really incredible, prices are good.
Lots of horsey stuff too, which I try not to look at -
lest I be tempted to add a horse to my menagerie.
Lauren's Hope Logo

Lauren's Hope - Medical ID Bracelets

Fantastic medical ID Bracelets - you've got to see these!
They are custom fit & come in a huge variety of style.
Connaught Hill Park
This park is in downtown Prince George - and on top of a hill.
Which makes for great views!
The city gardeners do a great job on the flowers.
Interesting pieces of old industrial gears too.

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These books are all on my personal bookshelf, I go back to them time & time again & highly recommend them all:

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