Memorial to Phyllis Rebecca Baggs (nee Bonnycastle)
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In Memory of

Phyllis Rebecca Baggs (nee Bonnycastle)

August 10, 1917 - March 30, 2000

Willow Line

Violet Flowers Phyllis was born August 10 1917, in Mindipore AB,
to John Bonnycastle and Hattie Blanche Bonnycastle (nee Langille).
She told stories, as all Grandparents do, of walking to school for miles, with no shoes, and in the freezing cold.
She talked of the one room school house, where she went to school.
Every once in a while, she mentioned what life was like, with 6 siblings.

She raised 3 children in BC, where they were schooled, married, and have remained their entire lives.
She was a business owner in the local area, with a caf�, and then a dress shop.

My Grandfather and Grandma, spent many years travelling from Canada to their second home
in San Carlos, Mexico, where she made fast friends with the locals.
It was after my Grandfather's death in 1983 that she stopped going back to Mexico.

Our summers were spent camping and fishing at Deep Bay Auto Court, located on Vancouver Island.
Our days were spent fishing, on the water, or Exploring the beaches.
Where my grandfather, taught us how to clean fish, and
Gramma, taught us how to fall off a boat without spilling a drop of a drink. (She was famous for that one)

She could drive a boat, a truck, a car, and park a large trailer as well as anyone else.
I admired her attitude, and open opinions.
She had a vast knowledge of many different area's and in her latter years, could have won Jeopardy 20 times over. She said her knowledge, came from her love of reading, and the hours she spent on Crossword puzzles.
(she said they were better teachers than schools sometimes)

One thing I can always remember my Grandmother, saying,
was that it was more important to like someone, than to love, since love can be easily given, and taken back,
I rarely heard the words I love you it was always I like you.

Written by her granddaughter - Patricia Geib

Willow Line

I would do anything

Proudly dedicated to Phyllis Rebecca Baggs
Aug 10 1917 � April 30 2000

I would give anything
For one more hour
I would do anything
For one more day
To hear you voice,
To feel your touch
I would do anything.

You fill my dreams
I can almost touch you,
You fill my heart,
No room for sorrow.
To feel your touch
To hear your voice
I would do anything,

Memories, fill my mind,
Days of old,
And times gone by.
Happiness and Sorrow
To hear your voice,
To feel your touch
I would do anything.

You may be gone,
But you are not forgotten
You live in my dreams
And in my heart
But to feel your touch
To hear your voice
I would do anything.

Willow Line

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