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November & December 1862 - Letters from Elias Langille to his Parents.

Famous 4 Legged Chicken of Agar Langille 1892

Shooting of Arthur Langell - 1894 Oregon

Gideon Langille's Remains Found - 1905

March 1907 - Policeman Dies After Jump - Edward J. Langille

July 2, 1904 - Visit of Jacob Langille's Mother - Nova Scotia to Michigan

1913 Miss Ruth Langille

1924 - Double Drowning in Queens County - but Howard Langille wasn't one of them.

1923 Snow Storm - Elim Langilles
This newspaper article is on the Tancook Island website.
Plan to spend some time here -
there is Langille genealogy, old time photos and cemetery listings.

1926 - Mr. & Mrs. Albert Langille - Visit Falkland Ridge

1927 - Mrs. Anthony Langille

1927 - Bridgewater, Railway News

1927 - Laconia News, Nova Scotia

1927 - Mahone Bay News, Nova Scotia

1931 - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia - Langille visits

1932 Newspaper Articles - Bridgewater Bulletin

1933 Miss Mary Langille Sings

1934 - Lloyd Langille, Grade 9, Oratorical Honors

1934 - Mrs. Corey Langille's Visit

1934 - Barbara Langille has Appendicitis Surgery!

1935 Truck Kills Girls - Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

1935 - Honour Roll, Wellington School, Eastern Passage, NS

1941-1942 Langille Haunted House in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Leopold Langille's Wood Plane

Leopold Langille - Historic Trench - Northwest, Nova Scotia

Ethel Langille (nee Weir) Celebrates her 97th Birthday

Clarence Robert Langille - WWII News Article of Injury

90th Birthday Celebration ~ Myrtle L. Langille (nee Dwyer)
Myrtle L. Langille (nee Dwyer) celebrates her 101st Birthday in 2010

Remains of Jane Sutherland Simpson Langille Discovered - May 2001

Slander Suit ~ Eisenhauer vs. Langille

Shayla Langille (7) Cools off in Riverton

Howard Langille - Physical Director Y.M.C.A.

Maggie Langille's 99th Birthday

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