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Edward J. Langille
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Policeman Dies After Jump
Tried to reach a ferryboat and broke his nose - blood poisoning followed.
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New York Post on March 18, 1907

Edward J. Langille, a policeman, 28 years old, who lived at 622 West Twenty-second Street, died in St. Johns Hospital in Long Island City yesterday. On Friday night Langille went to Astoria to visit a young woman to whom he was engaged to be married. He hurried to catch the 9 o'clock ferry boat. The boat was just leaving the slip. He ran and jumped for it, but missed his footing and fell into the water, striking the rudder. The bones of his nose were broken. He seemed to be recovering, but yesterday morning blood poisoning developed and he died in a few hours.

Thank you to Bob Langill.

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