Albertus Sellers & Winnie Langille
Winnifred Helen Langille & Albertus Sellers Family
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Winnie-Helen with her daughters & sisters Taken in 1914
Helen Winnifred 'Winnie' (nee Langille) Sellers
her daughter Geraldine 'Louise' on her knee.

Winnie's sister Marion,
with Winnie's 2nd daughter Adah.

Winnie's sister Lila,
with her husband Charles Hebert.
Sellers Family Taken in 1946

Helen Winnifred (nee Langille) Sellers with her daughter Adah

Geraldine 'Louise' (nee Sellers) Ferguson,
Helen Winnifred (nee Langille) Sellers,
Edith Jones (Louise's daughter),
Albertus Sellers (Winnifred Helen's husband),
Adah Winnifred (nee Sellers) Morgan.

Adah & Louise c1915 Adah & Louise Sellers
Adah & Louise - No More Pictures! Louise & Adah Sellers
Apparently their momma liked to dress them up
ever so cute,
with matching outfits & bows in their hair.
Sometimes one of the sisters just had
to let her opinion out!

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Thanks to Mike Morgan for these photos!

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