Train Station - Tatamagouche, Colchester County, NS
Tatamagouche Train Station
Tatamagouche, Colchester County, Nova Scotia
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Tatamagouche Train Station

When I visited Tatamagouche last summer I took photos of the train station.
It is used now as a bed and breakfast and is so quaint!
This is where my grandfather Agur and many other Langills would have left Tatamagouche to to the the states.
The parlor photo is the upstairs living room of the train station where a family lived.
They took care of the train and ran the ticket office.
The blue door is the window where a passenger would buy a ticket.
I learned that there were two waiting rooms downstairs.
One for the men while they waited for the train, and one for the women.
It was set up that way because the men didn't want the women around...their language and most unappealing for women to hear.
The women at that time breast fed and wanted their privacy too. They even had separate ticket office windows.


Inside Train Station Blue Nook Ticket Window
Couch in Train Station Parlor of Train Station
Red Brick House These photographs provided by Elizabeth Vogelsang!

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