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est. July 2003

This is an open access project. The purpose of this DNA project is to create a data bank of Berry DNA which can be cross referenced to help Berry genealogy researchers connect with genetic cousins.

Our goal is to make information available through which the various Berry lines can determine whether further research is likely to include other lines or whether a relationship with other lines is genetically excluded.

We are concentrating on the Y Chromosome Tests. They must be done by males with the surname BERRY (all spellings, e.g., Barry, Berrey, Beery, Bury, Bieri, Beury, Berre, Berrie, Berrye, Beaury, O'Berry).  We recommend that at least 25 markers be tested, with a strong preference for 37. We have had several instances in which a 12-marker test indicated a possible relationship that turned out not to be the case when additional markers were tested. We do, however, also accept and display mtDNA results.

To help you choose your test and testing company ISOGG has prepared a handy chart comparing testing companies on several factors at   ISOGG Chart.

If you would like to join our Project, links directly to Family Tree DNA and DNA Heritage are available on our 'Sign Up' page to get the group rate. You may also join the project even though you have already tested with another laboratory, or wish to do so. Contact Jim Berry so we may exchange information.

This Berry Family DNA genealogy project is coordinated by jim berry and Carol Vass both of whom are volunteers with no financial interest whatsoever in your testing.

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Privacy or Identity Theft Concerns?

               The Y-Chromosome DNA, which is what is being tested, is a minute bit of your DNA spectrum, and one of the least exclusive bits.

               Barring mutations of any of the different markers making up this bit, within my Berry surname my Y-DNA is EXACTLY the same as my sons', my father's, my uncles', my male cousins', ALL my male ancestors' and ALL their male descendants', however far removed. As you might imagine this will comprise a whole heap of people, both living and dead. That's what makes it so good for genealogical research and so poor for paternity or forensic DNA purposes.

               No one has ever even suggested to me any credible nefarious purpose that my Y-DNA marker numbers could be used for and I've been able to imagine none.

               Given that I believe the above to be true, the Berry Family DNA Project site presents this information in the open format manner it does on the belief that it is the way most helpful to all Berry researchers.
                                                                                                                                             - jim berry


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