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Contexo.Info - A really great resource for anyone wanting to learn about the basics of DNA, Molecular Biology or Genetic Genealogy, ably assembled by Nancy Custer. Highly Recommended!!

DNAInteractive - Designed for teachers. Slides, filmstrips and interactive presentations explaining almost anything about DNA that you would like to learn.

DNA 101 - Blair DNA Project's attempt to take the extremely complex and confusing subject of Genetics and DNA and simplify it into layman terms.

Frequently Asked Questions - FTDNA answers to almost everything you might want to know about the subject.

Ethnoancestry's Unlocking Your DNA Archive - Links to answer any genetic genealogy question you could possibly ask.

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Each of the genetic DNA testing laboratories offers a different selection of markers -- many overlap, but some do not.  Many people will test with multiple labs so as to increase the total number of markers and thus make their Y-DNA profile even more discriminating.  If you think you might also be interested in additional testing, Mike Hebert has prepared a handy chart comparing the markers offered by each lab in   Y-DNA Testing Company STR Marker Comparison Chart, and ISOGG has prepared a chart comparing testing companies on several factors at    ISOGG Chart.   Or you can take a look at     Nelda's Chart.

If you have already tested for additional markers that are not shown on our Results page, contact jim berry and I will see that they are added.

Click the image to download this 28 page ebook in .pdf format.

Y-DNA Identity Security

While I'm sure that I don't know everything about it, I'll tell you what gives me comfort.

Click the 'yResults' tab above and take a look at the the Y-Chromosome DNA for Sterling Price Berry, No. 5, and me (Jim Berry, No. 7) - both exactly the same -- and our common ancestor is, at best, eight generations back for Sterling and nine generations for me. Barring mutations, each of the 25 allele numbers for all male descendents of our common ancestor ought to also be exactly the same. - As should those of each male in the direct line of each of us, and all male children of each male in the line.

What I'm really trying to say is that there's nothing really unique only to me in my Y-Chromosome DNA, nor in your's. It is shared by all males in your direct and related lines.

The Y-Chromosome DNA is not the same as that used in forensic and paternity testing to exclude almost everyone else in the world.


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