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Berry Family DNA Project - Participants
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       1. Wayne Autry Berry*, Wayne

       2. Roger Mathew Berry*, Roger

       3. Bobby Von Berry* (Becky Westerfield), Becky

       4. Brent Berry* (Solveig Berry), Solveig

       5. Sterling Price Berry*, Sterling

       6. Walter C. Berry*, Jr., Walter

       7. James Leon Berry*, Jim

       8. Billy Wayne Berry* (Carolyn F. Paulson), Bill or Cookie

       9. Laurence Berry*, Laurence

     10. Philip Berry (Roberta), Philip or Roberta

     11. David James Berry*, David

     12. Jonathan Berry* (Jayme Berry), Jayme

     13. David Wilson Berry*, David

     14. Walter Gorton Berry, Jr.* (Leslie Berry McLeod), Walter or Leslie

     15. Frederick Milo Berry* (Wendy McNally), Frederick or Wendy

     16. Richard Treemond Berry*, Richard

     17. William Thomas Berry, Jr.*, Bill

     18. Wiley Person Berry, Jr.*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Ben

     19. Alan Lindsay Berry*, Alan

     20. Harold Brooks Berry*, (Raymond Kirkland), Brooks or Raymond

     21. Jesse Thomas Berry*, (Nena Ramsey Smothers, Eva Berry Yarborough), Jesse or Nena or Eva

     22. Jean Donald Berry*, Don

     23. Kenneth James Landon Berry*, Daniel

     24. Daniel Kenneth Berry*, Daniel

     25. James Alexander Daniel Berry*, Daniel

     26. Robert Andrew Daniel Berry*, Daniel

     27. Charles Redmon Berry*, Charles

     28. James Dennis Berry*, Dennis

     29. James Arthur Berry* (Eloise A. Dalrymple), James or Eloise

     30. Dennis Doyle Berry*, Dennis

     31. Dennis Edwin Berry* (Barbara Berry Vierra), Dennis or Barb

     32. Lewis Cosby Berry* (Carmen Berry Blevins), Carmen

     33. Craig Edmond Berry*, Craig

     34. Walter Michael Berry*, Mike

     35. Dane Eaton Berry*, Dane

     36. Paul Dean Berry* (Robert Berry), Bob

     37. Keith Boyd Berry* (Carol Vass, Beth Crow), Carol or Beth

     38. Michael James Berry* (Julia Hopkins), Mike or Julia

     39. John Allen Berry*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Allen or Ben

     40. David Kyle Berry*, Dave

     41. Clay Johnson Berry, Jr.*, Clay or Genealassie

     42. John Emmitt Charles Berry*, (Janice), Janice

     43. Robert Osmand Berry*, (Melissa), Melissa

     44. Jeffery Byron Berry*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Jeff or Ben

     45. Wendell Berry* (Jim Carpenter), Jim

     46. Robert Barnwell Berry*, Bob

     47. Jerry Lee Mabe* (Jim Carpenter), Jim

     48. Larry Andrew Berry*, Larry

     49. Brian Joe Lobley Berry*, Brian

     50. Brian Stuart Berry*, Brian

     51. Thomas Willard Berry* (William Carl Berry), Carl

     52. Christopher John Berry*, Christopher

     53. Floyd Raymond Berry*, Floyd

     m1. Betty Gouge Berry (mtDNA), Jim

     54. Keith Thomas Berry*, Keith

     55. John Edward Berry*, John

     56. Peter Charles Berry*, Peter

     57. David Herbert Berry* (Julia Hopkins, Karen Berry Meyers), Julia or Karen

     58. Cameron George Berry*, Cameron

     59. David Scott Berry*, Dave

     60. Patrick Fleetwood Berry*, Patrick

     61. Lawrence Ray Berry*, Larry

     62. Harold Orville Berry*, Harold and Sharon

     m2. Maryann Cardoza Berry (mtDNA), Maryann

     63. David Rex Berry, Rex

     64. Gerald Giles Berry*, Maryann

     65. Robert Bruce Berry*, Robert

     66. Charles Milton Berry*, (Susan Latour) Susan

     67. John Channell Norman Berry*, John

     68. Michael Dwain Berry II*, Michael

     69. Michael J. Beery*, Michael

     70. Charles Henry Berry III*, Chuck

     71. Edward Jay Berry*, (Karen) Ted or Karen

     72. Todd Andrew Berry*, Todd

     73. William Martin Berry*, Bill

     m3. Martha Louise Hall (mtDNA), Martha

     m4. M. Lewis (mtDNA), Mary Ann

     74. Norman Berry*, (Laverne Raisch, Madelyn Larkin) Laverne or Madelyn.

     75. Robert Leo Berry*, Robert or Marilyn

     76. D. F. Berry*, (Susan Berry) Susan

     77. C. E. Berry*, C.

     78. Michael Curtis Berry*, Michael

     79. William Anthony Barry*, Bill

     80. Kenneth Ray Berry*, Ken

     81. Rodney Fancher Berry*, Rodney

     82. Richard George Beery*, (Jenny Beery Collins) Rich or Jenny

     83. Kenneth R. Berry*, (Mike Berry) Mike

     84. Kevin G. Berry*, (Anne Young) Anne

     85. Gerald Lee Berry*, Jerry

     86. Ronald Berry*, (Anne Young) Anne

     87. James Nathaniel Berry, (Rose Berry) Nat or Rose

     88. BJ Berry*, BJ

     89. Dennis Raymond Berry, Dennis

     90. Arthur Yell Berry*, Artie

     91. John M. Berry*, John or Julia.

     92. John William Berry II*, John

     93. Grant M. Berry, Jr.*, Grant

     m5. Crystal Benita Sutton-Johnson, Crystal

     94. Mark William Berry, Mark

     95. Danny Berry*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Danny or Ben

     96. James Forrest Berry*, Jim

     97. James W. Berry*, (Toni Lake), Toni

     m6. Kathleen Street West (mtDNA), Kathleen

     98. Clifton Ray Berry*, (Gary Hallmark), Gary

     99. Gordon Edward Berry*, Gordon

   100. Jeffrey Scott Berry*, Jeff

   101. David Lee Berry*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), David or Ben

   102. James W. Berry*, Jim

   103. Donald Berry*, (Patrick Fleetwood Berry), Donald or Patrick

   104. Charles D. Berry*, Charles

   105. John V. Berry*, John

     m7. Frances J. Summers, Frances

   106. John Robert Berry*, (Norma Pink), (Patrick Berry), Norma or Patrick

   107. Keith Leslie Berry*, Keith

   108. Henry Berry*, (Jimmie Edwards), Jimmie

   109. Joseph Cecil Berry*, (Sue Badeaux), Sue

   110. Edward A. Berry*, (Susie Milam), Susie

   111. Paul M. Berry III*, Paul

   112. Alan Berry, Linda

   113. John G. Berry*, John

     m8. Kathryn Lynn Berry (mtDNA), K Lynn

   114. John Henry Barry*, Jack

   115. James David Berry, James

   116. Charles Berry, Jr.*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Charles or Ben

   117. Johnny Ross Berry*, (Kathy Berry Parks), Kathy

   118. Victor Lynn Berry*, Victor

   119. Emmett Raymond Berry*, (Susan Berry Atencio), Susan

   120. Donald H. Berry*, Don

     m9. Jeane Berry Borkenhagen, Jeane

   121. Douglas K. Barry*, Doug

   122. Billy James Berry*, Billy

   123. Harold Bernard Berry*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Harold or Ben

   124. William C. Stribling*, Bill

   125. Edgar Lewis Berry*, Edgar

   126. John Percival Berry*, (JoAnn Berry-Stephens), JoAnn

   127. James Russell Berry*, Russ

   128. Raymond E. Berry*, Raymond

   129. Matthew Casey Berry*, Matt

   130. Richard Norman Berry*, jim

   131. Bland Thurman Berry*, (Jeannette Berry Pemberton), Jeannette

   132. Brian James Berry*, (Brian J. L. Berry), Brian James or Brian J. L.

   133. James Carroll Berry, Jr.*, (Cynthia E. Berry), Cindy

   134. George Wesley Berry*, (Benjamin Berry Henderson), Ben

   135. Jerry Dean Berry*, (Terry Freek), Terry

   136. David Barry*, (Bill Barry), Bill

   137. Theodore David Berry*, Dave

   138. Charles Kever Hayes, Jr.*, Charles

   139. Samuel Tilton Berry*, Sam

   140. John Stephen Berry*, Stephen

   141. William Cole Berry*, (Bill Barry), Bill

   142. John Edward Berry*, John

   143. James Louis Amzi Berry*, (V. Cathy Berry Layne), Cathy

   144. Richard Webster Berry*

   145. John David Berry*, John

   146. Rodney Patrick Barry, Jr.*, (Susan Barry), Rod or Susan

   147. Donald F. Berry*

   148. David Fleetwood Berry*, David or Patrick

   149. Walter Oliver Barry, Walter

   150. Glen Barrie, Glen

   151. Kevin Barry, Kevin

   152. Christopher Scott Barry, Christopher

   153. Thomas Jeffery Barry, Tom

   154. Joseph Edward Barry*, Joseph

   155. Dennis Edward Barry, Dennis

   156. Dale L. Berry, Dale

   157. James Leroy Barry, Jim

   158. John Leo Barry*, John

   159. David L. Berry*, David

   160. Robert Crim Berry, Jr.*, Robert

   161. David Joseph Berry*, Dave

   162. Ralph Frederick Berry*, Ralph

   163. Curtis B. Berry*, Bill or C. E.

   164. Gordon Berry*, Gordon

   165. Roger Dale Berry*, Roger

   166. Kenneth Eugene Barry*, Ken

   167. John C. Barry* (Robert Berry), Bob

   168. Roger Dale Berry*, Roger

   169. Richard Allan Barry*, Rick

   170. Donald W. Berry* (Janet), Don or Janet

   171. Robert G. Berry*, Bob

   172. James Stephen Berry* (Jeanne Berry), Jeane

   173. Tommie E. Berry*, Tommie

   174. James Grover Barry* (Bill Barry), Jim or Bill

   175. Preston Lee Bell*, Preston

   176. Carlos Glen Bell*, Glen

   177. David C. Berry*, C. E. or Bill

   178. William Tyler Berry*, Will

   179. Glenn W. Milligan, Glenn

   180. Thomas Keith Berry*, Tom

   181. Jackie L. Berry*, Jackie

   182. James William Berry* (Megan Berry), Megan

   183. Clem Andrew Berry*, Clem

   184. Bryan Fleetwood Berry* (Patrick Berry), Patrick

   185. Patrick Joseph Berry*, Patrick

   186. Michael John Berry*, Mike

   187. Galen Stover Beery*, Galen

   188. Carl Milton Berry* (C. E. Berry), Chuck

   189. Clifford Andrew Berry*, Cliff

   190. Victor H. Berry*, Victor

   191. Claude Allen Berry*, Claude or Bill

   192. Stephen L. Berry*, Steve

   193. George R. Berry*, George

   194. Delmer W. Berry* (Karen McDonald), Karen

   195. George L. Berry* (C. E. Berry), Chuck

   196. Roland D. Berry* (Nita Berry), Nita

   197. David B. Berry*, David

   198. Roy Berry, Roy

   199. Robert Wellington Berry* (William F. Berry), Robert or Bill

   200. Michael John Berry*, Mike

   201. Ivan R. Berry*, Chuck or Bill

   202. Edward John Barry*, Edward, Chuck or Bill

   203. Max Armond Berry, Max

   204. Lee M. Berry, Lee

   205. John Edward Berry*, John

   206. Rodney Allan Berry*, Rodney

   207. Oliver Fleetwood Berry*, Oliver

   208. John Thomas Barry II* (Virginia Barry DeLong),Ginny

   209. Thomas Edward Berry*, Tom

   210. Ronald Stuart Berry*, Ron

   211. Charles J. O'Berry*, Chuck

   212. David John Berry (Patrick Berry), David or Patrick

   213. LaVerne Nelson Berry* (Wayne Smith), Wayne

   214. James Everett Barry*, James

   215. Greg Alan Berry* (Roxanne Berry Hogendorn), Roxanne

   216. Elmo Miron Barry* (Jo Hutcherson), Jo

   217. Donald Berry, Donald

   218. George David Berry*, Dave

   219. Gerald Berry* (Dina Keratsis), Dina

   220. John William Berry*, John

   221. Earl Keaton Berry* (Joyce Berry Goins), Joyce

   222. Michael (Berry) Discher*, Mike

   223. Kenneth Michael Berry* (Sharron Brace), Sharron

   224. Carlos Randolph Berry III*, Randy

   225. Kevin Michael Barry*, Kevin

   226. Martyn Frank Berry*, Martyn

   227 Alfred E. Berry* (Stephanie Varney), Alfred or Stephanie

   228 J. Dale Berry* (Sandee), Dale or Sandee

   229. Michael Berry* (Stephanie Blizzard), Stephanie

   230 James A. Berry* (Carol Vass), James or Carol

   231. Marvin Berry* (Ruth McDowell, Theresa Berry), Ruth & Theresa

   232. Michael Alan Barry*, Mike

   233. Ira Wayne Berry* (Sharron Brace), Wayne & Sharron

   234. Jerry Leon Berry*, Jerry

   235. John Anthony Berry*, John

   236. Shelby Dale Berry* (Dane Berry), Dane

   237. Ronald Evans Berry* (Jeane Berry), Ron and Jeane

   238. Willard N. Barry* (Jo Hutcherson), Jo

   239. Matthew Nicholas Berry* (Denise Benner), Denise

   240. John Dale Berry* (Bill Berry), Bill & Dale

   241. William D. Berry*, Bill

   242. James Brandon Berry*, Heather

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