Descendants of Benjamin Exum
Greg W. Lasley
The Descendants of Benjamin Exum
The Exum Family Genealogy

My 4G grandfather was Col. Benjamin Exum who was born ca. 1750 in North Carolina. Col. Benjamin Exum was in the Second Company of Minutemen in 1775 in Dobbs County, North Carolina. He served in the North Carolina Senate from Dobbs County. Col. Exum has been designated a Patriot by the Sons of the American Revolution. See NSSAR Patriot Number 190801 and NSSAR 09746. Benjamin's grandson was Benjamin Henry Exum who was born in North Carolina in 1811, the son of Jesse Exum. He came to Mississippi in the early 1800s, settling in what is now Clay County near the town of West Point. This register report concerns the descendants of Col. Benjamin Exum for 9 generations. Living persons in this report will be identified by name only. There are other Exum family trees available on the Internet that carry this line back into the 1600s in England, but I will not repeat all that information here.

This report starts with Benjamin and ends ten generations later.

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