Descendants of C. Sutton Hardy
Greg W. Lasley
The descendants of C. Sutton Hardy
The Hardy Family Genealogy

My GGG grandfather was C. Sutton Hardy who was born in North Carolina ca. 1772 and died in Mississippi in 1853. He was the son of Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy II. He came to Mississippi in the mid 1830s, settling in what is now Clay County near the town of West Point. This register report concerns the descendants of Sutton Hardy for 8 generations. There are several other Hardy family trees available on the Internet that carry this line back into the 1600s in England, but I will not repeat all that information here. One of the Hardy sites available is B. J. 's Hardy site at:
but a search on Google or some other search engine for Hardy genealogy or Anthony Hardy will reveal numerous other sites.

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I have added a good deal of material to this site with the help of other Hardy researchers. Some of these folks include: Virginia "Jenny" Ellis, Belinda Melton (B. J.) Hughes, Jack Elliott, Jr., Jaelyn Hardy, Betty Hardy Stewart, and Jeremy Lynn Brown. Living persons in this report will be identified by name only. I welcome any corrections, additions, or other help.

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