Descendants of Johann Klopp
Greg W. Lasley
The Descendants of Johann Klopp

The Klopp/Clopp family genealogy

My Great Great Grandmother was Rebecca Klopp who lived in Berks Co., PA in the 1800s. Prior to November, 2002, I had virtually no information about the Klopp line of my family, but through the kind generosity of John Klopp in Pennsylvania, Sharon Beth "Betsy" Klopp in Virginia, Mary Clopp Bobbitt in Missouri, Dave Rigney in Louisiana, and Geoffrey Decker in Kansas, I have been able to flesh out this family to some extent. The register report here shows the descendants of Johann Klopp for 12 generations. I hope other Klopp researchers will find some of the information here of use. Living persons in this report will be identified by name only. There are certainly mistakes in some of this data so I welcome and encourage any corrections.

Recent additions to this file courtesy of Jennifer West, Lisa Price, Ann Cusano, and James L. Garrett, Jr.

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