Descendants of Nicolaus Adam
Greg W. Lasley
The Descendants of Nicolaus Adam
The Adam & Adams family genealogy

My mother's maiden name was Adams. This register report shows the descendants of Nicolaus Adam, my 6G grandfather, for 10 generations. I will add to this information as more becomes available. Visit my page on the Bernhard Adam Cemetery (one of Nicolaus' sons) at:

Visit my main Lasley family genealogy page at:
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Other Adam & Adams researchers and descendants have provided a great deal of information which is incorporated into this report. These folks include David Adams, Suzy Bettac, Jim Karpowich, Bonnie Yuhas, Alice Rhoda, Sharon Ballman, and Donald Detemple. My thanks to all of them! I welcome any additions, corrections, or other information about this line of the Adams family. Living persons in this report will be identified by name only.

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