Greg Lasley & Cheryl Johnson Family Genealogy
Greg W. Lasley
This collection of American families includes the ancestors, relatives, and extended family of Greg Lasley & Cheryl Johnson of Dripping Springs, Texas. The site is set up with both "family cards" and "person sheets." You can click on a person in the index and it will take you to the "family card" of that person. From there you can click on the person's name and go to the "person sheet" which may have more information including notes, etc. Any person with a photo will have a tiny camera icon next to the name. If you click on that camera icon, it will take you to a full sized photo(s) of that person. At the bottom of each "person sheet" will be a link to take you back to the "family card". Have fun and explore!

The primary surnames contained include: Adam/Adams, Exum, Hardy, Klopp/Clopp, Lasley, Shilling, Sutton and Westbrook. Less common, but no less important surnames include: Clarkson, Durant, Elliott, Harrison, Johnson, Jordan, Mewborn, Munson, Oberlin, Parrott, Stephens, Wooten, and many others. Please refer to the index for a complete list. I welcome and encourage any additions or corrections to the data presented here.

One of the most fascinating aspects of reading through this material is realizing the role our ancestors played in the history of America. Many members of our family arrived in America during the days of the early colonies. For example, my 8th and 9th great grandparents, George & Sarah Sutton and Nathaniel & Lydia Tilden came to America in 1635 and were members of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. Also, my 7G grandfather, George Durant, was Attorney General and Speaker of the House of Burgesses of the Province of North Carolina. He is widely credited as being the "Father of North Carolina." My 5G and 6G grandfathers, Hans Adam Shilling and Nicolaus Adam, arrived in America in the early 1700s aboard sailing ships, determined to begin new lives for themselves in the New World. My Exum and Hardy ancestors originally arrived in Virginia and North Carolina in the 1600s; later generations of Hardys and Exums traveled by wagon train from North Carolina to Mississippi in the 1830s to live on land that had recently been ceded by the Chickasaw Indians to the United States. Some of the Adams and Shillings arrived in Pennsylvania in the early 1700s and are still there, while other branches of those families moved to Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and beyond as the country expanded westward in the 1800s. We have ancestors and relatives who fought in every American war from the American Revolution to the current war in Iraq. Our family has had preachers, farmers, teachers, judges, college professors, police officers, musicians, inventors, slave holders, and even an armed robber. Some members of our family got caught up in the "California Gold Fever" of the 1850s while others were some of the early pioneers in Texas, Oklahoma, Montana and other western locations. We have lots of honorable people who are our ancestors and a few "outlaw" types as well. In short, our ancestors were all part of America and its varied history.

I freely share this information with other genealogists in the hopes of helping others investigate their own family history. I have another web page at:
which contains register reports for several of the families in this file including Adam/Adams, Exum, Hardy, Klopp/Clopp, Lasley, and Shilling. Please visit that site if you are interested in information on those families.

Many other researchers have contributed information and sources to me that have greatly aided my family research. Among the principal contributors are:
Adam/Adams: Jim Karpowich, David Adams, Alice Rhoda, Bonnie Yuhas, and Donald Detemple
Klopp/Clopp: Geoffrey D. Decker, John Klopp, Betsy Klopp, and Mary (Clopp) Bobbitt, Dave Rigney
Exum: Trae Sommer, June Hatten, Barbara Exum Higgins, and Mary Makima
Hardy: Virginia "Jenny" Ellis, Belinda M. Hughes, Jack Elliott, Jr., Jaelyn Hardy, Jeremy Lynn Brown, Gayle Hardy, and Betty Hardy Stewart
Lasley: Billie Chapman, Jack Elliott Jr., Claude Lasley, Jr., Jimmie Dee Norris and Laurie Norris Kelley
Shilling: Lee Sulzberger, Tracy Shilling Noling, Roxanna Stevens, Bonnie Yuhas, Jim Shilling, Jamie Sanchez, Wesley Shilling, and Lois Whitehead
Westbrook: Rose Ann Parks, Mary Makima, Jack Elliott, Jr.

My sincere thanks to them all!

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