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Eva Moore Briggs

         Abraham Venable Moore, son of Abraham Moore and Elizabeth Blalock, was born September 22, 1850 in Hurdles Mill, Person County, North Carolina, died at home in Person County, North Carolina
On  July 18, 1923 and was buried  at Wheeler's Primitive Church Cemetery in Person County. He was
the grandson of William “Billy” and Penelope “Ellie” Cobb Moore and Robert and Elizabeth Blalock.
      Venable  was married  in Person County on December 26, 1872 to Nancy Jane Russell “Nannie” Hawkins by Elder James A. Burch. She was the daughter of  William Calvin Hawkins and  Artelia Frances Jane “Fannie” Breeze and granddaughter of  John and Jane “Jenny” Burch Hawkins and Richard and Nancy McBroom Breeze.  Nannie was born born 29 December 1852 in Bushy Fork, Person County and died 24 July 1917 in Person County.. She became  a member of Wheeler's Primitive Baptist Church in 1889and  that is where she was laid to rest in the church cemetery..  
        There were six children born to this union,  They are as  follows: John Thomas Calvin Moore, Mary Frances Moore, Arena Elizabeth Moore, Walter Knox Moore, William Abraham Moore, Ernest Edgar Moore, Eva Dale Moore, and Fitzhugh Lee Moore.
         John Thomas Calvin Moore was born November 6, 1873, in Person Co., and died when he was about five months old, April 4, 1874.  He is buried in the Moore Family Cemetery at Bushy Fork, Person Co., N.C.
         Mary Frances Moore, “Aunt Mamie”, was born March 26, 1875. She never married, lived most of her life with her parents, later in life lived with her brother, Ernest Moore and visited with her other brothers and sisters for two weeks or more at a time. Everyone looked forward to Aunt Mamie's visits.
She died December 27, 1949 Person Co, N.C. and is buried in the Wheelers Baptist Church Cemetery, at Bushy Fork.
          Arena Elizabeth “Renie” Moore was born July 7, 1877 in Person Co., and died September 16, 1936 in Gilmer (present day Greensboro), Guilford Co., N.C.  She is buried  at the Midway Cemetery, Rankin Road, Guilford Co., N.C.  Renie was of the Primitive Baptist faith all her life, being a great believer in the Apostle Paul she named one of her children Paul.  She was a community worker, a member of the Home Demonstration Club, a great neighbor, hard working, kind, loving mother and a good disciplinarian. According to the children she carried a “big stick,”  when she wanted  s switch she would have the child who needed to be disciplined to go get one for her and they had better bring back a good one.  She taught the children to cook, to believe in God, to be strong, hard working, and loving individuals.
       On November 12, 1899 in Person Co., N.C.,  Renie married Charles Vernon Briggs, a farmer, son of George Kerr and Martha Shepard Coleman Briggs, who were both born in Person Co... Renie and Charlie lived with his father, George and his step-mother and aunt, Sallie Coleman Briggs in Gilmer, Guilford Co., N.C., when they were first married. Renie contacted TB and her daughter Molly, a nurse, came home to nurse her mother until she died. Then Molly returned to Texas to work as a nurse in a TB Sanitarium, where she came down with TB sixteen years later and died.
        Renie and Charlie had eleven children all born in Gilmer (Greensboro), Guilford Co., N.C.  Their children are as follows:
Jennie Mae Briggs born 28 December1902 in, died 22 March 1995 Laguna Hills, Orange Co.,
       California married first  16 June 1919 Harvey J. Davis (div.) second 15 June 1929 in N.C.
       to William Raeford “Jake” Thomas born 17 July 1900 Sanford, N.C.died May1986 in Laguna
       Hills, California, no children. Jennie Mae taught school in Person Co. after her divorce,
       and before she met Jake. Jake was an Elon University alumi. He was a commercial artist, and
       designed the logo for Bassett Furniture, and designed furniture in California. Both are buried in
Jesse Moore Briggs born 28 September 1902 died 12 April 1986 in Wilmington, N.C.married 1
        April 1936 to E. Clyde Beck born 21 December 1902 died August 1972 and both died and were
        buried in Wilmington, N.C.  They had  one daughter.
  (3) Samuel Kerr Briggs born 2 May 1904 died 4 March 1974 in Greensboro, N.C., buried
        Westminister Gardens, Greensboro married 7 June 1941 Florence Bowman  born 11 August 1912
        in Guilford Co., died  1 July 2001 in Greensboro. They never had children.
  (4) Charles Vernon Briggs, Jr. born 31 August 1905 died 23 January 1990 in  Reidsville  married 26
        June 1933 to Frances Craig born 21 September 1910 in Gastonia, N.C., daughter of John and
        Mary Glenn Craig, died 23 January 1995 in Reidsville. Both are buried at Speedwell Presbyterian
        Church Cemetery in Rockingham Co., N.C... They have three daughters (two are twins).
  (5) Howard Lorenzo Briggs, Sr. born 20 January1907 in Guilford County, N.C. and died 11 January  
        2001 in Reidsville, Rockingham County, N.C., buried in Greenview Cemetery in Reidsville  with
        his infant grandson, Patrick Luke Briggs, born and died 14 April 1972, and the Burtons. He
        married on 17 September 1935 at the First Presbyterian Church in Reidsville to Lucy Wray
        Burton,  daughter of Daniel Coleman  Burton, Sr.and Alice Thornton Williams.  Lucy was born
       1 November 1912 in Reidsville.  Howard and Lucy have two sons, Howard Lorenzo “Buddy”
        Briggs and George Burton “Gab” Briggs two granddaughters and  fourgrandsons and one great-
 (6) Mollie Frances Briggs born 12 January1909. and died 1 June 1952 in Texas and is
       buried at Midway  Cemetery, Guilford Co., N.C. with her mother, father, brother and Briggs
       Grandparents. She was a nurse and never married.  
 (7) Margaret Lorence Briggs was born 12 July1910  and died 8 April 1994 in Drexel Hill,  
       Pennsylvania. She  married Charles Walter “Walt” Batts and they had one son and
       two daughters.
(8)  Wilbur Ernest “John” Briggs born 7 June 1912 married on 1  August 1936 to Daisy Brown and
       they had one son.
(9)  Paul  Fields “Mike” Briggs, Sr. born 30 January1914 married 22 August 1936 in Conway, S.C. to
       Mary Alma Stackhouse and they have  one son and two daughters.
(10)George Kent Briggs born April 20, 1916 died April 25, 1917 in Guilford
       Co., N.C. was buried in Midway Cemetery, Guilford Co., N.C.   
(11)William Holt Briggs born 2 October 1919 died  25 April 2003 Winston-Salem, N.C. married on
       15 October 1943 in Sacramento, California to Ethel Raymer. Holt and Ethel have two sons and
       one daughter.
        Walter Knox Moore was born 21 February 1879 near Bushy Fork and died 14 February 1941 in Hurdle Mills, Person Co. Knox, at age 27, married 26 December 1906 in Person County, Zelma Cornelia Whitefield, age 17, daughter of John and Cornelia O'Briant Whitefield , Married by Elder James A. Burch.  She was born 10 September 1889 near Roseville in Person County and died 1 January 1969 in Hurdle Mills.  He was selected as “Master Farmer of Person County” in the thirties and served in World War I. Knox died at age sixty-two, leaving Zelma with five minor children still living at home. Zelma successfully raised the children at home and out lived Knox by twenty-eight years. They were both members of  Wheeler's Primitive Baptist Church and both were buried there in the Church Cemetery.
         Knox and Zelma had  thirteen children,  all born in Person County. They are:
      (1) Walter Lawrence Moore born 10 March 1908,  died 5 April 1970 in Granville Co.,
            N.C., never married.
      (2) Elbert Lee Moore born 29 September 1908, died 25 August 1963 in Roxboro married
            24  December 1914 in Roxboro, N.C. to Mary Sue Ballenger born 24 December 1914 , died
             1972 in Roxboro, no children.
      (3) Mabel Elizabeth Moore born 17 September 1911, died 3 June1989 in Roxboro married Andrew
            Jackson Hester, Jr., son of Andrew Jackson and and Patty Holeman Hester, born 20 August  
           1906, died 19  January 1987 in Durham, Durham Co., N.C. They have a son and a daughter.
      (4) Nancy Cornelia Moore born 18 January 1914, died 12 December 1980 in Roxboro married
           Charles Caviness Wilkerson born 24 December 1909 and died 11 August 1997 in Roxboro.  
           They had a daughter and two sons.
     (5) Wayne Knox Moore born 12 January 1916, died 24 May 2001 in Hurdle Mills married Ruby
            Elizabeth Rimmer born 11 February 1916, died 27 June 1996 Durham, Durham Co., N.C.
            They have a daughter and a son.
     (6) Zelma Lloyd Moore  born 9 September 1918 married first George Edward Crumpton (div.), they
           had two sons, she married second , Stewart Clyde Mitchell born 11 August 1926 , died October
           1985 Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., N.C.  They have a daughter.
     (7) Vera Mae Moore born 10 July 1920, died 27 May 1999 in Hurdle Mills  married Charles James
           White born 4 March 1921, died 28 May 2002 in Hurdle Mills.    They have two sons and three
            daughters (girl twins).
     (8) Elva Geneva Moore born 8 July 1922, died 7 June 1969 in Greensboro, N.C. married Ralph
           Nerry Beaver died  3 January 1962. They have   four  sons.
     (9)  David Ray Moore born 11 June 1925 married Gene Stratton Porter Blanchard.  They have
            one son.   
    (10) James Earl Moore born 1 September 1927 married Virginia Kay Roberts. They have three
    (11) Mary Ruth Moore born 18 July 1929 married Robert Archie Gentry . They have one daughter
           and  three sons.
    (12) Eva Sallie Kate Moore born 9 February 1931  married Jackie Robert Cox and they have two
           daughters and a son.
    (13) John Henry Moore born 2 October 1933 married Billie Jean McDowell and the have one son  
           and two daughters.
          William  Abraham Moore was born June 7, 1881 in Bushy Fork, Person Co., N.C.. He died when he was twenty-four months old, 5 August 1883 in Bushy Fork and was buried in the Moore Family Cemetery.
           Ernest Edgar Moore born 15 October 1883 in Bushy Fork died 12 January 1952 married in 1910 Lora Dale Long, daughter of Daniel long and Mary Hurdle,  born 24 August 1884  died 15 November 1957  in Person Co.. They had six children, as follows:
    (1)  Curtis Abram Moore born 21 November 1913 died 1987 in Hurdle Mills married Jennie Lee
          Whitfield born 13 September 1916.  They had one son and  four daughters.  
     (2) Janie Frances Moore born 5 September 1916 in Person Co. married Coy Wood Tilley born
          20 January 1920 died 1953.  They had one son.   
     (3) Ollie Daniel Moore 17 August 1918 married Hazel Reynolds and they have two daughters and
           two sons.
     (4) Foy Evelyn Moore 21 December 1919 married Horace Eugene Faulkner, Jr. born 21 June 1921
           and they have one son and one daughter.
     (5) Rupert Ernest Moore 22 November 1921 married Janelle Horten 3 April 1926 and they had
           three daughters and one son.
      (6) Herbert Everette Moore 26 July 1926 , married Mary Sue Blalock born 21 May 1935 and they
            have two sons.
            Eva Dale Moore  was born 15 September 1885 in Bushy Fork, Person Co., N.C. and died 12 October 1962 in Durham Co., N.C.. She was married 28 November 1915 in Person Co. to Patrick Henry Briggs, son of George Kerr Briggs and Martha Sheperd Coleman Briggs. Eva and Arene married brothers.  
             As a young man, Pat was a  breakman for the Norfolk and Western Railroad, and then traveled and worked for the Barnum Bailey Circus. He came back to Person County and was asked by his Briggs Aunts to help run their farm, which he did. Then he met Eva , who lived close by. They fell in love and were married. Eventually his Aunts died and he inherited a portion of the farm and bought out the others shares.  Eva and Pat raised  two daughters and three sons on this farm which had originally belonged to his grandparents, Samuel and Jenny Briggs.  
             To this union were born two daughters and three sons as follows:
      (1)  John Eddie Briggs  4 October 1916 in Hurdle Mills, died 12 August 1983 in Roxboro married
             13 December 1955 Geraldine Wilson born 13 December 1936 in Person County,and died
             16 May 1978 in Roxboro.  They had two sons and one daughter.
      (2)  Nannie Mae Briggs, born 25 September 1918 in Hurdle Mills and died 23 November 1995 in
             Raleigh, Wake Co., N.C., married 12 January 1946  Lawrence Daniel Brandon,  
             Sr., son of Daniel Brandon  and Mary Lawrence.  He was born 20 March 1917 in Durham
             Co., N.C.and died 23 October 1994 of lung cancer at home in Wake Forest, Wake Co.,
             N.C. Nannie was a teacher at Wake Forest Elementry School and Lawrence was
             a dairy farmer.  They have two sons, Lawrence Daniel “Dan” Brandon, Jr.  born 7 March 1947   
             in Forsyth Co., N.C.  and Frank Donald Brandon born 17 December 1957 in Durham
             Co.,  N.C.  Dan Brandon married 23 March 1967 at West Raleigh Presbyterian
             Church, Raleigh N.C. to Nancy Louise Haais, daughter of Frank Haais and Maxine
             Ellingsworth.  She was born 26 April 1947 in Long Island, N.Y..  Presently Nancy works
             for Food Lion and Dan is retired from Dairy Farming because he suffered a near fatel stroke
            several years ago. Nancy and Dan have a daughter, Lynn Michell Brandon born 12 September
             1967 in Wake Co., N.C.. Lynn married 20 April 1996 in Wake Co., N.C. to Clifton Nolan  
             Lowery, Jr.,  born  18 November 1966 in Wake Co., N.C., son of Clifton Nolan Lowery and
            Judith Marie Marshall. Lynn and Clifton have two children born in Wake Co., NC,  Rachel
            Lowery  born 27 August, 1998 and Austin Grey Lowery.  She is an underwriter for an
            insurance company and he is a mechanic.
            Frank Brandon married 16 April 1983 to Lisa Cox  born 26 November 1960.  He is an    
            Electrician. Frank and Lisa  have two children, Richard Daniel Brandon  born 13 November
            1984 and Allen Michael Brandon born 29 Fenruary 1988.
      (3) Mary Belle Briggs born 9 June1920 married 21 March 1942 in Harnett Co., NC to Bruce
            Forrast  Pope born 23 March 1921, and died 22 October1972 in Durham Co., N.C.  Bruce was
            a farmer. They have  three children,
      (4) Patrick Henry Briggs, Jr. 1921 married Edith Smith Hawkins 1929, died 1997 and they had one
            daughter Penny Eva Briggs born and died 20 June 1966.  
     (5) George Kenneth Briggs, born 30 January 1923 married Blanche Crabtree and they had two  
           daughters and three sons.
            Fitzhugh Lee Moore was born 14 January 1888 in Hurdle Mills, Person Co., N.C. and died 26 April 1974 in Hurdle Mills. He was  married 11 December 1910 to Bera Mae Bradsher, daughter of Robert and Annie Rimmer Bradsher. She was born 17 May 1891 in Bushy Fork, Person Co., N. C. and died 5 November 1962 in Hurdle Mills.  
             Hugh was a member of Wheeler's Primitive Baptist Church for fifty-two years, serving as deacon and clerk for forty-seven years.  In addition to his church work he won the Master Farmer of Person County award four times and was named Father of the Year in the county.  He was a member of the Hurdle Mills School Board for many years and served two terms as a County Commissioner, and fought in World War I.             
          Hugh and Bera Mae brought ten children into this world. They are as follows:
Edna Lorena Moore born 10 July 1912 in Hurdle Mills married  1934 to Fletcher Allen Shoe, born 19 June 1902 in Mebane, Alamance Co., and died 29 July 1978. They have one daughter.
Mary Francs Moore born 18 June 1914 in Hurdle Mills married 27 December 1935 in Roxboro, N.C. to Carl Egbert Hester, Jr. son of Carl Hester and Ara Wilkerson.  They have two sons.
Annie Lee Moore born 19 April 1916 in Hurdle Mills and died 7 September 1970 in Roxboro. Annie married 17 November 1936 in Yanceyville, Caswell Co., N.C. to Linwood Hassell Bowes born 22 May 1913  and died 4 May 1974 in Roxboro..They had one son and one daughter.
William Hassell Moore born  born 22 May 1918 in Hurdle Mills married 20 July 1946 in Jacksonville, Florida to Mary Francis Oliver daughter of Samuel Oliver, Sr. and Sarah Walker. Mary was buried at The Chapels Hills Memory Gardens, Jacksonville , Florida. They have four daughters. Hassell married Anita Lucille Harris Smith.
 Ida Mae Moore born 20 September 1920 in Hurdle Mills married  27 September 1942 to Daniel L. Matthews, Jr. . He was born 16 November 1922 in VA. They have three sons.  
Alvin Vernon Moore, a farmer, was  born born 9 June 1922 in Hurdle Mills and died 16 September 2002 in Person Co., buried at Wheeler's Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, married 4 November 1942 in Hurdle Mills to Emma Agusta Roberts, daughter of Waldo and Eva Roberts. She was born 30 August 1924 and died 25 October 2000 in Garner, Wake Co., N.C. They had one daughter and one son.
Gilbert Hugh Moore was born 4 March 1925 in Hurdle Mills and died 13 April 2002 in Wilson, N.C. and was cremated. He held a career in sales  and management, holding the positions of district manager for American Foods, vice-president of Buncker Hill Meat Packaging Company, assistant to the president of  Piedmont Community College and district manager of Valspar Corporation. He was a member of the First United Methodist Church, a Mason and Shriner. He married 31 December 1948 in Elizabeth City, N.C. to Lavonna Deel, born 9 May 1924 in Dickerson Co., VA.  They have three daughters and one son.
Robert McCrutchen Moore born 21 April 1928 in Hurdle Mills married first 1 January 1947 in Hurdle Mills to Margaret Ann Hawkins, daughter of William and Frances Long Hawkins. She was born 29 April 1929 in Hurdle Mills and died 11 December 1985 in Roxboro. They had four sons. Robert married second 29 March 1986 in Roxboro to Mary Lou Jordan, born 1 August 1940 in Person Co.
Dewey Lane Moore born 3 August 1931 in Hurdle Mills married first Turrid Slatten and married second in 1950 to Doris Sullivan.  
Nancy Thomas Moore born 5 July 1935 in Hurdle Mills married 1 January 1954 in Hurdle Mills to Charles Carlton Painter, son of Aubrey and Della Long Painter. He was born 14 April 1930 in Person County. They live in Charlotte, N.C. and have two daughters and one son.