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Flora May Brower (18 Aug 1888 - 2 July 1949) was the daughter of William C. Brower Sr (17 Aug 1843 - 5 June 1925) and Martha De Ronde (4 Aug 1846 - 5 July 1937). The Brower family has lived in the Mayfield area of Fulton County since ca. 1814, although William C. Brower Sr lived in Gloversville in his waning years and died there. His daughter Flora apparently kept care of him, since she wrote some of the letters urging an increased pension for William C. Brower because of his deteriorating condition. (William served in Co. I of the 10th NY Calvary). It would seem that Flora was an interesting lady, she was married on 18 Dec 1907 at Cranberry Creek to Clarence Van Avery and separated after five years of marriage. She divorced Clarence on 22 Dec 1921 on the grounds of adultry. She purchased and lived with her mother in the old Mayfield Schoolhouse. In her final years Flora lived with her niece and her husband, Mr and Mrs Earl Blowers in Gloversville.

A few years ago while cleaning the attic in the Blowers house, we came across a keepsake box, lined with metal that contained many photographs that belonged to Flora. Very few of the photographs were marked and members of the family could only Identify a few of the persons in the photographs. It would seem that these photographs range in age from the 1870s to the 1930s and included tin-types and post cards. The purpose of this page is to share those photographs and hopefully someone can determine the persons pictured.

Clara and Flora Brower

This is a photograph of Flora May Brower and her older sister Clara that was probably taken ca 1894 to 1895.

The photographs have been organized into type and subject categories. The index pages for each type have thumbnail photos and the full size photograph can be viewed (where it is applicable) by clicked on the photographs with the blue borders. In some cases the photographs were small enough to place directly on the index page. Some of the images are rather large (up to 500 kilobytes) and may take a period of time to download unless you are using a high speed internet connnection; I have posted a note on those of large size.

This Web Site is currently under development (scanning photos and creating the web pages). There are many photographs to be added to this website. If you have any information on the photos or persons please contract me at : balt-genes @ verizon.net