Frans Oscar Gustafson LEEDBERG was born November 4, 1874, the son of Gustaf Ericksson and Christine Jonasdotter, in the parish of Furuby, village of Karestad, district of Kronoberg, Sweden.

Oscar married Blenda Ingeborg Andersson October 15, 1910 in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Blenda Ingeborg Andersson came to America on the SS Ivernia arriving in Boston, Mass. on October 18, 1905.

They had 12 children.
Carl(Clarence)Oscar, Lennart William, Alice Alfhild Engeberg (Harper), George Roland, Ethel Lennia (Morse, Keane), Norman Wesley, Waldo Sidney (my father), Edna Beatrice (Morse), Harry(Mike)Melvin, Chester Gerold, Kenneth Howard, and Greta Maria Dorothy (Daniels).

My grandfather died 1956 in North Chelmsford, Mass. USA
He was the youngest of 6 children. SIBLINGS:
Carl August Gustafsson, dob Aug.18, 1859, Otto Lorens (Kjell) Gustafsson, dob Oct. 9, 1861, Johanna Mathilda Gustafsdotter, dob Dec. 18,1863, Ida Charlotta Gustafsdotter,dob Mar.9, 1866 and died at the age of 3, Ida Christina Gustafsdotter, dob July 21, 1870.

April 30, 1881 Carl married Ida Eugenia Johansdotter, Ida’s dob Nov. 1, 1858. (11 children) Axel Vilhelm, Elen Maria, Anna Teresia, Carl Gustaf Hugo, Vendia Natalia Jsulina, Knut Edvin, Augusta Othillia, Hildur Matilda, Klas Robert Teodor and two others.

Axel Vilhelm Carlsson (LEEDBERG), born Sept. 12, 1881 in Sweden. Axel died Dec. 23, 1963 in Minnesota, USA. Axel came to America Dec. 11, 1901. He also changed his name and joined his uncles, Otto and Oscar Leedberg. Axel married Selma Augusta Andersson July 21, 1914 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Selma died Sept. 12, 1923.

Alex's CHILDREN: Bernice (Leedberg) Reischel, dob Jan 17, 1917 to Oct. 2010. Luverne (Lee) William Leedberg, Nov. 21, 1981 to June 7, 1989

Bernice married Charles Reischel on July 24, 1914. Bernice and Charles had 7 children: Charles, born 1943, Robert born 1945, Thomas born 1948. Richard born 1952, Joseph born 1954, Mary Lee born 1957 and Laurie Lee born 1959.
Luverne (Lee) married Carolyn Hobson in 1948 (no children) He married Linda Nard in 1984. (no children)

Axel's second marriage, Agnes Helen Lind (dob:April 1924 - 1949) One Child, Clyde W. Leedberg. Axel third marriage to Eva M. Random,(dob:Jan 19,1898 - Sept 1972)

VENDIA NATALIA JSULINA CARLSDOTTER: Axel’s younger sister Vendia Natalia Jsulina Carlsdotter came to America in 1905 at the age of 16. May 21, 1910 She married Axel Gustafson in Ramey County, Minnesota.

She had 4 CHILDREN: George Gustafson, dob 1910 & died 1944, Kenneth Gustafson, dob unknown, died 1946, Ruth Lucille Gustafson, dob Dec. 11, 1922 & died June 1988 Luverne Gustafson, dob 1929.

OTTO LORENS: In 1879 Otto was a soldier and lived in Karestad where he adopted the soldiers name Kjell. He came to America on December 24, 1889 on the SS Servia, as passenger # 9 name Otto Tiell arriving at the port of New York. It maybe a misspelling on the ship's manifest. On November 20, 1895 Otto Lorens Leedberg married Anna Bertha Johnson, dob Sept.23, 1874, in Boston, MA.

They had 5 children. 1.Amy Martha Adeline born April 10, 1897 & died April 17, 1949, 2.Edith F. born July 14, 1898 & died Sept. 8, 1979, 3.Esther born July 1899, 4.Oscar(Ray)Richold born Feb. 16, 1901, died Jan. 3,1985, Oscar Ray married Theresa Maiellano, They have 6 children, Maryanne, Raymond, Richard, Robert, Lorraine and Linda. 5.Arthur.
Otto was living in Brockton, Massachusetts when he became a U.S. Citizen on October 16, 1905.

JOHANNA MATHILDA GUSTAFSDOTTER: Johanna Mathilda married Jonas Emil Ryden in Sweden about 1885. Their first child Hanna Emilia Maria Ryden was born, Dec. 7, 1885 in Sweden. Jonas E. Ryden came to America about August 1887 and resided in Minnesota. Johanna and Hanna joined him about November 1887.

They had 11 other children all born in Minn. Christine born Jan.17,1888, John born Jan. 1890, Sigrid born Dec. 1891, Herbert born Apr. 1894, Elmer Theodore born June 7, 1896, Axel born Sept. 1898, Carl J. Sept. 1899 (died before 1910), Jennie born 1901,Beda Caroline born Feb. 12, 1903, Lillian born 1905 and Norman about 1906(died before 1910).

IDA CHRISTINA GUSTAFSDOTTER: Ida Christina Gustafsdotter lived in Vaxjo Parish, Sweden in 1894. We have not further records of her whereabouts. go to Home Page
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