July 4, 1887  to May 19, 1960
  Daughter of Carl Andersson and Hedwig Lundin.
 from Munka-Ljungby Parish, Backarne.(a village) Sweden.

  • Gottfrid, dob Dec. 14,1888,
  • Olga Terisia,dob June 19,1893,
  • Lilly Maria Fridenborg,dob Feb 29,1896,
  • Oskar M., dob ABT 1898,
  • Elda Wallborg, dob ABT 1902
  • Carla Elvida, dob Nov 13,1905. All the locations are in an area near Angelholm, SWEDEN At the Christianing Jons Andersson & Ingrid Strable were named as Godparents on July 17th, 1887, they are also the parents of Carl Andersson. Carl Andersson was a factory worker in 1887. They had moved back to Munka Ljungby Parish Nov 9, 1886. On Nov. 29, 1887 they moved to Hillarp. Gottfrid Isidor was born here, Dec. 14, 1888. On April 12, 1889 they moved within the parish district, Olga was born and died the same day, April 27, 1890. They moved to Laholm parish , Bonarp (a village) Oct. 24, 1890.
    Blenda's mother, Hedwig Lundin died here on July 19,1892.
    Olga Terisia is born, June 19, 1893, before Carl’s marriage to Augusta Elfrida Strale Nilsson on August 20, 1893.
    They move to Veinge parish Nov. 3, 1893. Either #1 Bolarp or #2 Bakeborg.
    Lilly Maria Fridenborg is born Feb. 29, 1896 here. Carl has rented a small farm here and worked on a larger farm. On Nov. 22, 1898, Blenda Ingeborg (age 11) is sent to Munka-Ljungby to be the foster daughter of Svante Phillip Eriksson and Elise Andersson (Carl's sister and brother -in-law)at # 11-14 Backarne, a farm. The rest of the family moves to Munka-Ljunby, Aug. 2, 1905.
    Blenda Ingeborg stays with the Eriksson's until she leaves for Amerika ( America) October 2, 1905. (18 yrs old) Carla Elvida, born Nov. 13, 1905, Gottfrid, now almost 17, Olga Terisia, 12 yrs, Lilly Maria Fridenborg, 9 yrs, Oskar M., almost 7, Elda Wallborg, 3 1/2 yrs. old. On Oct. 8, 1908 the family moves back to Veinge parish. SS Ivernia Oct. 8,1905 part 5, Passenger #1537, is Blenda Ingeborg Andersson. SS Ivernia in Vol 1 at On October 15, 1910 Blenda married Oscar Frank (Gustafson) Leedberg in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Oscar came to America in 1893 on the SS Scythia, as passenger name, Frans Oscar Gustafson. SS Scythia in Vol 3 at They had 12 children. Clarence, Lennart, Alice, George, Ethel, Norman, Waldo,(my Father), Edna, Mike, Chester, Kenneth and Greta. My grandmother died May 19,1960 in North Chelmsford, MA
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