The Leemhuis family roots, history and ancestory from Holland and Germany to the US.

A Short History of the Leemhuis - Leemis Family from Edo and Henrietta 1842 and a probable history from 1572. The Leemhuis Leemis Family Roots, Ancestry, and Genealogy, with Descendants and Leemhuis Leemis family history. Based on the notes of John P Leemhuis from 1970. It is based on the notes of Mable Leemhuis daughterof John H Leemhuis 3rd son of Edo.

Preface - the pages are yellow of his booklet. I inherited it from my husband Charles William Leemhuis who loved it and wanted it passed on.

Preface November 1970

John P. Leemhuis

This is in memory of my beloved husband Charles William Leemhuis who always told me his was a direct descendent of William of Orange.

CHARLES W LEEMHUIS Born 22 Dec 1937 Died 28 May 1997 Phoenix, AZ


I suppose it is a human trait for anyone not named Smith, Jones or Brown, when traveling, to look for one's family name in a local telephone directory- at least I have always done this. It didn't take me long to learn, however, that I must be one of a very rare breed because there is no one named Leemhuis in New York, none in Philadelphia, Not a one in Boston and so it wen on - London, Paris, Rome etc. produced no better results.

Not to be discouraged, I persevered; and on day, I opened a phone book in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and, low and behold, all kinds of Leemhuises. Not sufficiently inquisitive, not speaking Dutch and having better things to do (or so I thought at the time) I do not try to contact any of the "clay houses" on their own home ground.

Recently, and through a series of coincidences, I have been able to assemble certain information, which - whether fact or fiction- tells a rather full story of the Leemuis Family which I would like to share with ANY other member of our "rare breed">

Part 1

Dutch or German?

I always grew up thinking I was of German ancestry (not that it really made a difference). I had somehow heard that my ancestors had come from Germany and true enough Edo Leemhuis came to the United Stated from Germany in 1842 (sometimes spelled L-e-e-m-i-s or Leemis but rarely spelled right are his descendants.


We will see that the sojourn in Germany lasted for four generations and the origins were, indeed, in Holland.


The following little essay may be described as "from source or sources" unknown. I am transcribing it verbatim as it came into my hands. It may be accurate or it may have been conceived by a horse thief relative hoping to impress a genealogically inclined judge.


"The name Leemhuis originated at a time when in Holland and nearly all other countries family names were given to the nobility. The first documentary evidence of that name is dated 1572 A.D. when a man by that name was among the Guesen, who on April 1st took the city of Brielle at the mouth of the Mans River. This heroic deed was followed by a war of rebellion against Spanish tyranny by which the citadel of Vlissingen, the largest pat of Zeeland and most of the cities of Holland were liberated.


On July 18, 1572 a representative meeting was held in Dordrecht, during which Price William of Orange (Oranien) was chosen as their leader. A federation was formed under his leadership for the defense of liberty. It seems that William formed a sort of cabinet in which Henderick Leemhuis was appointed "kriegeraad" or councilor of war.


Leemhuis was of very humble origin. He was born in a village near Haarlam and followed his father in the humble office of community shepherd. Leemhuis lived in a cabin built of clay (lee-huis) and took care of the cows, goats, sheep and geese which people of the village pastured upon the Common or communal pasture.


When Leemhuis became rich and famous William of Orange conferred upon him a coat of arms, the heraldic device was a house (huis) built of clay (leem). The choice of this design was in keeping with the fashion of the time, which entailed a love of changing tokens of humility into tokens of honor. The "Guesen" for instance, got their honorable name from the fact that many of them were "ragged" when they joined their band. Just so, a certain ship, whose father was a wagon maker had a wheel in his coat of arms.


The original seal, bearing the coat of arms, namely a hut of clay surrounded by grass and reeds with geese flying around is in possession of my family the Rev. Leemhuis of Rome NY together with the document evidence of the above statements.


It is to be assumed that all branches of the Leemhuis family originate in this Henderick Leemhuis. At present, most of the descendants are living in the City of Groningen, Holland and the Provice of Grtoningen as well as Weener Ostfriesland Germany and surrounding territories.


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Traceable History of the Leemhuis Family



If you have information you would like to add or want to help with this Leemhuis family tree. I am looking for more pictures. I am looking for a crest or coat of arms picture for the website of the Leemhuis family. Do you have more to add or promotion ideas. My husband wanted everyone to have this information.

Using the 1870 Census I was able to verify that Edo Leemhuis lived in Ellicottsville New York about 1870 and was 59 years old at the time. He was a CLERGYMAN by occupation at that time. He says his place of birth was Hanover (Hannover) Germany so I have the documentation and it no longer legend.

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Note: The Rev. H.J. Leemhuis, pastor of Trinity Evangelical Church for 17 years, has resigned, effective in three months.

He was ordained to the ministry in Dallas, Texas in 1902 and has served pastorates in Texas and Illinois before coming to Rome. Dated June 15th 1988, the Daily Sentinel Tabloid Tales.