Edo and Henrietta leemhuis 1810 to 1892 a Leemhuis family history

Traceable History from 1810

Edo and Henrietta

The following would appear to be rather reliable. Its source is an undated letter in my possession written by Mable Leemhuis daughter of John H. Leemhuis, third son of Edo, and in rewritten form recalls his reminiscences

Photo at left is of Edo Leemhuis 1810-1892


Edo Leemhuis (1810-1892) was born in Ostfriesland, which was then German territory and on the boarder of Holland. He was the youngest of three children having one brother one sister. Neither of them married. His great grandfather started a thread shop making thread by us of a windmill. His father continued the mill, as did his brother.


Perhaps, accused of being a crazy Dutchman because all his family was interested in was windmills he went to college and because a school teacher. He taught in the city of Aurich, Germany.


Edo married Henrietta Bohlsun (1818-1892) in Aurich in 1842. Her grandfather was a French Huegenot - an officer in the French Army. He left France when her father was 15 years old and bought an estate near Bundelade on the shore of the North Sea. Her father inherited the estate where Henrietta was born. Edo and Henrietta often in the afternoon would sit on the porch and drink their tea and "smoke pipes".

When Henrietta lived there a terrible storm broke the dikes on the North Sea and flooded the land for miles around. The family had to be evacuated from a second story window. There were 4 boys and 4 girls in the family. Henrietta was the youngest of the girls. Edo married the second oldest and they lived together of about one year while he was teaching school in Aurich. When she died he married Henrietta, her sister.


Photo at left is of Henrietta Leemhuis 1818-1892

In 1842 shortly after their marriage, Edo and Henrietta left for the United Stated debarking from Hanover, Germany. Henrietta's father and four brothers and one sister accompanied them. After 31 days at sea, they arrived in the United Stated, landing in New Orleans. They went up the Mississippi River to Vincennes. Traveling by canal boat they went o Terre Haute Indiana where they lived for a couple of years.


Three of Henrietta's brothers left for California on a wagon train in 1848 that never reached its destination. They were never heard of again and presumed to have been lost to Indians.


Edo gave music lessons and taught at a parochial school. He did missionary work with a Lutheran pastor in the surrounding territory. He organized the Lutheran Church in Lafayette Indiana and was its first pastor.


Bruno S was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1845. Peter L. was born in Lafayette Indiana in 1851 and John H in Lafayette in 1852.


Edo and Henrietta moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1853 where he taught at a large parochial school for three years. Frank G was born in 1854. They moved to Wolcottsburgh, New York and Edo because the first pastor of the Lutheran Church was Gerhadena F was born.


Several years later they moved to Wolcottsville in New York where Johanna H, Augusta and Katherine were born. Born also were Henreich and Edo Both Henreich and Edo died as infants.


They lived in Wolcottsville for about 12 years and moved to Buffalo New York where Edo taught in a parochial school for several years. From there they moved to Ellicottsville New York where he was the first pastor for 10 years. Their final move was to north east Pennsylvania where he was also pastor for many years.


Of the 10 children 8 survived to old age.

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