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This site was created out of fear of losing my hosting. My name's Dawn LeForce & I currently have a website for family located at http://theleforces.com. I own that domain name for a while but it's the hosting that worries me.

The thing is I have a very large family & we're everywhere. I was given a family book but it's choppy & was only completed so far. It talks about Caumont de la Force of France but not if or how we're related. We could be related to the Delaforces of France? Through research of my own I've learned there is a difference between the two & they're not related. They were all from France & all Huguenots but that's about all they had in common.

Next in my family book we jump to Rene LaForce who's actually Dr. Renald Rene LaForce from France. The book talks about him but not how we get from him to us here in Oklahoma. The first LeForce in OK was John Bradley LeForce. I have a newspaper report on him where he says his dad's name was Ranney LeForce. But he don't talk about his mom or his siblings. Through research of my own I've managed to link Dr. Renald Rene LaForce I to Ranney LeForce. Although I'm confused about Rene III's wives & other children & any help on that would be greatly appreciated.

My family book was created in the late 80's I believe. So many have died or been born since then. I'm looking for cousins to help me work on our tree...for our kids & their kids. I have free php/mysql family tree software on our site now. I thought I could move it here but can't without a database. So I've moved it to: http://leforce.tribalpages.com. Tribal pages is a free site...we can add all the people we want...but I could only upload 50 pics & have 30 uploaded so far. I've also started us a free message board at Ancestry.com here: http://boards.ancestry.com/surnames.le-20-force/mb.ashx. So far I'm posting newspaper reports & obits there...things I might have trouble posting in family tree software. If you'd like to add to them please do so.

Why am I using free? Because it shouldn't go anywhere. You can take all the time in the world to get the info. Why am I bringing it online? Because my own father & brothers live all over the US...no telling where I've got cousins? Anybody with a computer & net access - or even a library card - can sign up for Tribal Pages & edit or add to our family tree info. You can sign up for Ancestry.com & post messages on our message board...many LeForce's & LaForce's already have accounts there. And I'm certain we'll find a free place to share family pics...if I haven't already.

If you're my cousin & would like to contact me about working on our tree together...please do so at dwhandd at gmail dot com. Thank you. :=)


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