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1855 Death Records

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Compiled by Randy Chapple
January 2003

Last updated: 19 March 2003

1855 was the first year of mandatory Civil Registration, and it was the only year to contain so much data for each death. All the Wigtownshire deaths have been recorded in this index with the possible exception of those late entries which did not make it into the Registry books before they closed December 31, 1855. This would occur when the death was not registered until after Jan 1, 1856, and thus would appear later in the 1856 register.

Remember when you are reading the transcription that

Information on an 1855 Death Certificate:

Caution: A transcription by nature is prone to omisions and errors. We urge our site users to remember that this is a finding tool, and that good research requires that you look at the film for your own satisfaction. Unlike the OPR (Old Parish Record) Transcriptions, Meg did not have the advantage of an independent proofing team.

Acknowledgement: The Wigtownshire Pages are grateful to Meg Greenwood, & Randy Chapple for this offering.

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Sample Death Certificate
Below is a sample death record. Typically the record spanned two pages. This is a snippet from the right hand side of a page. Click on the image to view it in more detail.

death record image