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What Makes a Good Researcher?

How a Professional Can Help
by Alistair Cameron
A good researcher has to be cost-effective and this necessitates familiarity with the various sources, some of which are little known. While beginners tend to concentrate on births, marriages and deaths, a professional will know of many other kinds of sources, some being specific to the particular district where a family lived.

A good researcher gives a report which is logically compiled, and from the sequence of the "finds" and the tactics used, the client soon learns some of the tricks of the trade. In a sense the client is receiving an education at the same time as the family connections are being proved.

A good researcher, after completing a commission, may suggest further searches. This is not merely a ploy to win further income! It will express a competent view as to whether further research would be productive.

Finally I'll quote Sue P. McKean: "Good luck with your quest for your ancestors. And remember: Good researchers may cost more but bad researchers cost most."

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