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Birth Records

Part of the Wigtownshire Pages' BMDs
Compiled & Coordinated by Grace Stevens

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Last update: November 2007

Agnew David 21 March 1817 Kirkcolm Andrew Agnew Helen McDoual
Agnew Elizabeth 15 November 1769 Kirkmaiden William Agnew Jean McDonall
Agnew James 23 July 1891 Inch James Agnew Margaret Crawford
Agnew Mary 20 June 1770 Stranraer Charles Agnew  
Agnew Robert 9 October 1770 Stranraer Alexr Agnew  
Airdrie John Phillips 22 May 1881 Penninghame Robert Airdrie Ellen Cecillia Phillips
Aitken Janet 7 July 1762 Stranraer Hugh Aitken  
Aitken Jean 29 September 1770 Stranraer Hugh Aitken  
Aitken Jean 9 July 1762 Stranraer Tho Aitken  
Alexander Agnes 30 July 1799 Inch Thomas Alexander  
Alexander Elizabeth 30 September 1759 Kirkmaiden David Alexander Jane McCulloch
Allan Hannah 21 April 1890 Penninghame unknown Margaret Allan
Allan Joanna Anna Maria 25 February 1735 Stranraer Daniel Allan  
Allan Margaret 12 July 1901 Penninghame unknown Elizabeth Gulline
Allen Emma Greig 13 April 1867 Stranraer John Greig Mary Allen
Allen Jessie 4 July 1870 Stranraer   Mary Allen
Allen John Greig 13 April 1867 Stranraer John Greig Mary Allen
Allen Margaret 29 March 1872 Stranraer   Mary Allen
Andrew Janet Comrie 4 May 1878 Kirkcolm John Andrew Jessie Blackwood
Angus Thomas 7 May 1778 Stranraer John Angus Mary Logan
Ardrie Hugh Bell 14 July 1867 Kirkcolm Adam Ardrie Helen Eagles
Baillie Ann 9 December 1783 Stoneykirk William Baillie Elizabeth Maitland
Barradale Alexander 19th January 1854 Mochrum Peter Barradale Mary Lauder
Beattie John 6 October 1831 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries John Beattie Janet Smith
Bell Catherine 20 August 1874 Newton Stewart James Bell Agnes Bell
Bell James 28 September 1845 Blairbui James Bell (deceased) Janet Mitchell
Bell John 12 October 1890 Mochrum Joseph Bell Elizabeth Hill
Bell Maggie Elizabeth 10 June 1889 Mochrum James Bell Jessie McKinnell
Bell Mary Kelly 26 December 1896 Mochrum Henry Bell Elizabeth Kelly
Bell William 10 October 1890 Mochrum James Bell Jessie McKinnell
Bell William Henry 30 April 1864 Mochrum Henry Bell Annie Cormick
Bell Maggie Moodie 22 May 1889 Wigtown Hugh Bell Sarah McGill
Bicketts Gavin 12 August 1886 Mochrum John Bickett Jemima Melville
Biggam Alexander 21 May 1872 Leswalt John Biggam Janet Muir
Black Margaret Wallace Heron 28 August 1886 Mochrum Alexander Black Jane Heron
Blackwood James 18th April 1854 Mochrum James Blackwood Elisabeth McGaw
Blain Elizabeth 16th June 1853 Mochrum John Blain Mary McCulloch
Blain Robert 12 May 1830 Old Luce Thomas Blain Margaret McKelvie
Blair Elizabeth 30 May 1762 Stranraer Geo Blair  
Bogue Margaret 21 September 1831 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries George Bogue Alice Taylor
Bonner Janet 17 September 1808 Kirkcolm Jospeh Bonner Isabella Stewart
Boyd ? 27 May 1759 Kirkmaiden Alexander Boyd Grizel McCulloch
Boydes Hugh 14 October 1799 Inch John Boydes  
Boyes Mary Hannah 11 December 1874 Inch Robert Bissett Boyes Agnes Lavery
Bredan John 16th January 1854 Mochrum James Bredan Janet Litterick
Broadfoot Andrew 24 Jun 1845 Balcraig Alexander Broadfoot Janet Heron
Broadfoot Elizabeth 11th April 1846 Mochrum William Broadfoot Sarah Gordon
Broadfoot Margaret 16 May 1861 Whithorn David Broadfoot Isabella Hannay
Broadfoot May 26 May 1800 Whithorn George Broadfoot Jean Broadfoot
Brown Daniel Duncan 29 June 1860 Old Luce David Brown Jane Cameron
Bryce James Alexander 10 May 1900 Sorbie William George Bryce Bessie Marshall McCracken
Bryden Jane 21 January 1832 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries John Bryden Margaret Cowan
Buchanan Helen 5 May 1806 Stranraer William Buchanan Mary McCredie
Buchanan Mary 7 May 1762 Stranraer Jas Buchanan  
Burke Mary 24.July 1862 no address Illegitimate Mary Burke
Burns Catherine 16 August 1871 Mochrum John Burns Bridget Holland
Buyers William 31 March 1847 Old Luce William Buyers Sarah McGhee
Cairns William Thomson 16th September 1853 Mochrum John Cairns Mary Thomson
Callie Alexander Campbell 14 March 1869 Mochrum John Callie Jane Campbell
Campbell Andrew 6 August 1770 Stranraer John Campbell  
Campbell Elizabeth 1 May 1778 Stranraer James Campbell Mary McBryde
Campbell Hugh 8 November 1819 Kirkcolm John Campbell Margaret Blain
Campbell Jane 6 April 1818 Kirkcolm Andrew Campbell  
Campbell Jean 24 March 1781 Stoneykirk Archibald Campbell Martha Orr
Campbell Peter 15 March 1877 Newton Stewart David Campbell Jessie Nicholson
Campbell William 22 April 1778 Stranraer Thomas Campbell Janet McCredie
Campble Margaret 11 September 1808 Kirkcolm Ezekial Campble Elizabeth McCubbin
Cannon James 31 December 1867 Mochrum - Helen Cannon
Carnochan Alexander 30 March 1817 Kirkcolm Alexander Carnochan Agnes Guffog
Carnochan Allen Stevenson 28 August 1855 Portpatrick Andrew Carnochan Jane Tweedie
Carnochan Archibald 26 October 1817 Kirkcolm Peter Carnochan Mary Ann Barclay
Carnochan Elizabeth 19 November 1871 Leswalt John Carnochan Elizabeth Gracie
Carnochan Elizabeth (altered to Isabella Johnstone) 28 August 1855 Portpatrick Andrew Carnochan Jane Tweedie
Carnochan Mary Ann 27 April 1809 Kirkcolm Peter Carnochan Mary Ann Barclay
Carnochan William 26 September1879 Kirkmaiden Nevin Carnochan Sarah McCormick
Carson Agnes Jane 5 December 1874 Old Luce William Carson Je? Reid
Cathcart Jessie Connie 5 May 1870 Kirkcolm James Cathcart Jessie Wright
Cauchie Thomas 14 February 1847 Old Luce James Cauchie Katherine Pirrie
Cavan Jas 21 April 1842 Kirkcolm John Cavan Margt Hogg
Chalmers Mary 9 October 1759 Kirkmaiden William Chalmers Mary Douglas
Clark David Alexander 15 December 1896 Mochrum James Fulton Clark Jemima Broadfoot
Clave James 2 June 1875 Mochrum Robert Clave Annie Smith
Clon Wm 3 September 1799 Inch Samuel Clon  
Clucherty Barbara Mary 4 April 1880 Wigtown   Isabella Clucherty
Clure Jenny 19 January 1800 Whithorn John Clure Agnes Herron
Coats Hamilton 24 April 1799 Inch John Coats  
Coid Alexander Thompson 17 April 1856 Glasserton James Coid Jane Wylie
Collins Mary Ann 26 April 1836 Stranraer James Collins Margaret Martin
Colvin Mary Martin 28 December 1896 Mochrum unknown Agnes Colvin
Conchie Isabella 30th September 1851 Mochrum George Conchie Mary McNeil
Conlan Susan 11 January 1865 Stoneykirk John Conlan Mary Johnston
Conning Alexander 5 May 1800 Whithorn Charles Conning Jean Dunse
Copland Elizabeth Muirhead 23 May 1889 Wigtown Edward Copland Elizabeth Muirhead
Cosh John Stewart 7 Jan 1867 Glasserton William Cosh Elizabeth Laverie
Cosh Mary 24 July 1845 Glasserton William Cosh Mary Connell
Cousins Alexander 15th December 1853 Mochrum William Cousins Mary Henny
Cowan Janet 10 May 1806 Stranraer George Cowan Martha Barker
Coyd Mary Elizabeth 29 January 1871 Mochrum - Elizabeth Ann Coyd
Craig Susanna 16 December 1817 Kirkcolm Alexander Craig Janet Kerr
Craig Susanna 6 March 1800 Whithorn John Craig Mary Ogg
Cram? Minnie 19 March 1783 Stoneykirk John Cram? Elizabeth Bell
Creily James 10 January 1818 Kirkcolm ? Creilly Janet Nielson
Croney Peter 13 March 1867 Mochrum Peter Croney Mary Melville
Cumming Robert Christopher James 21st March 1853 Mochrum James Cumming Mary Honeyman Nicolson
Cummings Elizabeth Ann 23rd March 1846 Mochrum Peter Cummings Isabella Harkens
Cummings Thomas 6 November 1798 Inch Bryce Cummings  
Cunningham Agnes 22 February 1803 Stranraer Andrew Cunningham Janet McBryde
Cunningham Andrew 11 June 1801 Stranraer Andrew Cunningham Janet McBryde
Cunningham Caroline 22 December 1805 Stranraer Andrew Cunningham Janet McBryde
Curran James 20 September 1799 Inch James Curran  
Cutcheon Agnes 29th May 1857 Mochrum Hugh Cutcheon Mary McCormick
Cutcheon Robert 29th May 1857 Mochrum Hugh Cutcheon Mary McCormick
Dalrymple William 11 August 1845 Dowies Thomas Dalrymple Marion McCartney
Diamond Jean 15 October 1795 Kirkmaiden James Diamond Agnes Smith
Dickson Annie 7 September 1871 Mochrum - Annie Dickson (deceased)
Dickson Elizabeth Annie 24 May 1875 Mochrum Thomas Dickson Margaret Glen
Dickson Elizabeth Annie 28 April 1871 Mochrum Thomas Dickson Margaret Glen
Dickson Helen Routledge 13th July 1844 Mochrum Thomas Dickson Jane Blain
Dickson John 23 April 1864 Mochrum Thomas Dickson Margaret Glen
Dickson Maria Jane 27 December 1867 Mochrum Thomas Dickson Margaret Glen
Dickson Thomas 28 January 1871 Mochrum - Helen Dickson
Dickson Thomas 31 March 1873 Mochrum * Mary Dickson
Dickson Thomas 7 March 1869 Mochrum Thomas Dickson Margaret Glen
Dixon Annie 8 March 1867 Mochrum - Jane Dixon
Dixon James 30th November 1859 Mochrum Henry Dixon Margaret McGuffie
Dixon William 13 January 1821 Mochrum Anthony Dixon Catherine Rutledge
Dixon William 19 March 1873 Mochrum Henry Dixon Margaret McGuffie
Donelly Thomas 29 August 1889 Inch Patrick Donelly Annie Stewart
Dorman Margaret 25 August 1836 Stranraer John Dorman Grace Milligan
Dornan David George 3 April 1878 Wigtown James Dornan Eliza McKay
Dougan Mary Jane 4 February 1871 Mochrum Archibald Dougan Jessie Brodie
Dougan Jane McWilliam 2 October 1868 Whithorn Archibald Dougan Jessie Brodie
Douglas Agnes 4 November 1799 Inch David Douglas  
Douglas Martin 13 January 1838 Wigtown Thos Douglas May Butler
Douglas Nathaniel 8 May 1778 Stranraer William McDowall Isobel Kinked
Douglas Peter 12 March 1856 Glasserton James Douglas Helen Harper Crawford
Drysdale Francis 7 August 1875 Penninghame Malcolm Drysdale Eliza Jane Cannon
Drysdale Jane 22 May 1878 Kirkcolm   Elizabeth Drysdale
Drysdale Marion Mary 3 September 1896 Inch William Drysdale Jeanie McKenzie Scott
Dunn George 25 October 1862 Newton Stewart William Dunn,Joiner Jane Hannah
Dunn Robert 25 October 1862 Newton Stewart William Dunn,Joiner Jane Hannah
Eagar Andrew 5th July 1844 Mochrum Archibald Eagar Elizabeth Cavan
Eaglesham John 2 December 1808 Kirkcolm John Eaglesham Isabella Nielson
Eaglesham Thomas 11 September 1819 Kirkcolm John Eaglesham Bell Nielson
Edgar Robert 25 July 1836 Stranraer David Edgar Isabella Whiteside
Female McDavid 25 December 1877 Penninghame Hugh McDavid Agnes Murray
Ferguson Ann 18 December 1829 Old Luce Thomas Ferguson Mary Craig
Ferguson George 3 August 1901 Penninghame Robert Ferguson Annie Shennan
Ferguson Hugh 13 November 1851 Mochrum Robert Ferguson Grace Conchie
Ferguson Mary Minoch 27th February 1854 Mochrum Robert Ferguson Grace Conchie
Findlay William 22 March 1873 Mochrum Robert Findlay Elizabeth McMaster
Findlay William Trevor 28 January 1879 Newton Stewart Thomas Findlay Jessie Jane Agnew
Fortay Elizabeth 7 October 1798 Inch   Jean Fortay
Foster Agnes 27 September 1799 Inch John Foster  
Foster Robert 2 October 1808 Kirkcolm Robert Foster Janet Tarbet
Fraser Andrew 13 July 1876 Wigtown Andrew Fraser Jessie Ada Milligan
Galbraith Agnes 10 March 1847 Old Luce James Galbraith Isabella Clumpha
Galloway Hugh 16 May 1759 Kirkmaiden James Galloway Grizal Chalmers
Gebbie John 2 April 1735 Stranraer John Gebbie  
Geddes Agnes 26 October 1860 Newton Stewart Thomas Geddes Jessie McClure
Geddes Helen 10 August 1854 Penninghame Thomas Geddes Jessie McClure
Geddes Jane 21 April 1856 Garlieston Sorbie Thomas Geddes Jessie McClure
Geddes John 12 August 1862 Lochanoff? St Thomas Geddes Jessie McClure
Gibson Geo. Melvin 31 July 1836 Stranraer Peter Gibson Margaret Millar
Gibson Jane 9 September 1855 Stranraer William Gibson Elizabeth Gibson
Gibson John 19 January 1800 Inch Richard Gibson not stated
Gibson John 6 March 1782 Stoneykirk William Gibson Elizabeth Rodie
Gibson Mary 5 July 1795 Inch Richard Gibson Mary Auld
Gibson William 18 February 1802 Barnosloch? Richard Gibson not stated
Gibson William 26 April 1845 Craigduh William Gibson Sarah Shearer
Gordon Janet McLaghlan Caven 15 August 1900 Inch Oliver Downie Gordon Mary Cavern
Gracie Mary Ann 9 December 1866 Leswalt Rachel Gracie
Gracie Peter 28 June 1869 Kirkcolm Rachel Gracie
Guffog Agnes 16 June 1842 Kirkcolm Antony Guffog Agnes Hannay
Gulline Samuel 27 May 1900 Sorbie Peter Gulline Maggie Richardson
Hainan Mary Fulton 1 March 1873 Kirkcolm Thomas Hainan Elizabeth Fulton
Hall George 7 January 1867 Glasserton - Jane Hall
Hall Hamilton 6 April 1856 Glasserton Hamilton Hall Elizabeth Milsap
Hall John 5 June 1799 Inch John Hall  
Hall William 17 July 1799 Inch William Hall  
Halliday Robert 19 February 1873 Kirkcolm Thomas Halliday Jane Sprott
Halwray Peter 30 August 1799 Inch   Agnes Roper
Hannah Agnes 27 December 1881 Kirkcolm   Agnes Hannah
Hannah Hellen 27 November 1769 Kirkmaiden John Hannah Janet Galloway
Hannah Margaret 17 November 1869 Stranraer James Hannah Margaret Reid
Hannay Agnes 8 February 1808 Kirkcolm Alexander Hannay Agnes Rule
Hannay Margaret 12 February 1800 Whithorn Thomas Hannay Agnes Stewart
Hartley James 11th November 1843 Mochrum John Hartley Ann McClung
Hartley John 16th May 1851 Mochrum John Hartley Ann McClung
Hartley Margaret 23rd November 1846 Mochrum John Hartley Ann McClung
Hartley Sarah 13th April 1848 Mochrum John Hartley Ann McClung
Hawthorn John 6th June 1846 Port William Robert Hawthorn Jane McMichael
Henderson Susan Chesney 13 November 1869 Stranraer William Henderson Jane Chesney
Hews Agnes 7 May 1800 Whithorn John Hews Margaret Patterson
Hiddleston James 13 September 1831 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries James Hiddleston Grizel Crosbie
Higgins John 1 September 1862 Old Luce John Higgins Janet McIlwrick
Hill John 23rd June 1846 Mochrum George Hill Margaret McDouall
Holloway Grace Wilson 22 January 1867 Stranraer William Holloway Agnes Reid
Hughan Alexander Walter 13 March 1880 Wigtown James Hughan Sarah Jane Whitehouse
Hume Margaret 11 May 1808 Kirkcolm James Hume Margaret Agnew
Irvine Sarah Smith 11 October 1890 Mochrum Alexander Irvine Margaret Smith
Irving Thomas 5 September 1883 Newton Stewart Samuel Irving Ellen McLean Lawrie
Jamieson Alexander McMillan 15 August 1886 Mochrum unknown Grace Jamieson
Jamieson Hugh 14 July 1862 High St. Wigtown Charles Jamieson Elizabeth Roney
Jeso Mary 12 January 1882 Kirkcolm William Jeso Mary Wright
Jinkins Gabriel 16 October 1759 Kirkmaiden Samuel Jinkins Grizel Ranton
KcKie Elizabeth 23 March 1778 Stranraer Andrew McKie Elizabeth M Cants
Kean Anthony 31 October 1800 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean David 12 November 1759 Sorbie James Kiand  
Kean Elizabeth 10 November 1806 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean James 11 October 1805 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean Janet 18 July 1796 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean Jean 28 March 1794 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean Maitland 22 January 1815 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean Mary 9 March 1804 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kean William Snodgrass 20 June 1812 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
Kelly Edward 31 October 1864 Blairbuy (Glasserton) Hugh Kelly Elizabeth Thompson
Kelly Elizabeth 15 February 1868 Blairbuy (Glasserton) Hugh Kelly Elizabeth Thompson
Kelly Helen 23 November 1862 Blairbuy (Glasserton) Hugh Kelly Elizabeth Thompson
Kelly James 19 October 1845 Stellock Hugh Kelly Mary Ann Hamilton
Kelly Margaret 7 February 1874 Mochrum William Kelly Elizabeth Marshall
Kelly Robert Cumming 23 August 1857 Blairbuy (Glasserton) Hugh Kelly Elizabeth Thompson
Kelly Thomas 15 March 1861 Blairbuy (Glasserton) Hugh Kelly Elizabeth Thompson
Kenedy Andrew 7 June 1762 Stranraer Alexr Kenedy  
Kennedy Mary Anne 8th June 1844 Port William Moses Kennedy Ellen Lindsay
Kerr Agnes 15 April 1819 Kirkcolm Niven Kerr Janet Agnew
Kerr Agnes 5th August 1853 Mochrum William Kerr Elisabeth Colvin
Kerr Alexander 21 December 1862 Mochrum James Kerr Sarah Thomson
Kerr David 10 November 1831 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries Edward Kerr Elizabeth Paton
Kerr David 7 January 1799 Inch James Kerr  
Kerr Elizabeth 19 July 1867 Kirkcolm John Kerr Jane Watson
Kerr Elizabeth 30 August 1808 Kirkcolm Robert Kerr Elizabeth Wither
Kerr John 9 May 1900 Newton Stewart Hugh Kerr Elizabeth McGuffie
Kerr Robt 15 May 1842 Kirkcolm Chas Kerr Nancy McMeckan
Kerr William 30 August 1799 Inch William Kerr  
Kessie Hugh 26 September 1862 Old Luce William Kessie Elizabeth Prentice
Lamon Jane 29 August 1845 Kidsdale Peter Lamon Mary McAvoy
Lanaghan John 2nd May 1859 Mochrum Thomas Lanaghan Margaret Scott
Laurie Mary Jane 18 June 1874 Newton Stewart James Laurie Mary Ann Johnson
Lennox Andrew 31 July 1819 Kirkcolm Peter Lennox ? Nixon
Lightbody Edward 1 March 1880 Kirkmaiden George Lightbody Sarah Bowman
Little Helen 9 May 1871 Mochrum James Little Elizabeth Black
Little Janet McChlery 27 May 1799 Inch Joseph Hamel Little  
Loch William 2 November 1799 Inch William Loch  
Lockhead Jemima 2 November 1869 Stranraer James Lockhead Maggie Moodie
Logan John 21 January 1800 Whithorn Peter Logan ? Kelly
Loggan Agnes 15 August 1808 Kirkcolm John Loggan Margaret ?
Lomond George 4 May 1864 Mochrum William Guard(?) Lomond Helen Irvine
MacGregor Jessie Connie 28 January 1888 Stranraer Angus MacDonald MacGregor Jessie McCrea
Male Finnegan 24 February 1891 Old Luce John Finnigan Catherine Higgins
Maltman John 20th October 1853 Mochrum Edward Maltman Helen Hill
Manson Janet 2 May 1842 Kirkcolm Jas Manson Sarah W Muldroch
Marshal Jane 22 February 1830 Kirkcolm Hugh Marshal Mary Carnochan
Marshall Margaret 25 May 1889 Mochrum unknown Mary Marshall
Marshall Mary 12 December 1862 Mochrum William Marshall Margaret Neil
Marshall Mary 4 March 1874 Mochrum Alexander Marshall Mary Hannah
Martin Agnes 14 September 1874 Stranraer Alexander Martin Jane Gibson
Martin Robert 22 December 1734 Stranraer Robert Martin  
Maxwels Janet 12 November 1770 Stranraer James Maxwels  
McCaig Charles 12 August 1836 Stranraer Robert McCaig Mirain Gillespie
McCaig Elizabeth 6 November 1892 Inch James McMeiken McCaig Jessie McKellor Hunter
McCallum Helen 25th June 1846 Mochrum Village Robert McCallum Charlotte McLure
McCartney Annie 26 December 1877 Penninghame William McCartney Janet Parker
McChlerie John 8 November 1759 Kirkmaiden John McChlerie Janet ?
McChlery Jane 28 August 1799 Inch Robert McChlery Isobel McKechie
McChlery Jane 30 July 1799 Inch Robert McChlery Jane McKachie
McClean James 24 November 1808 Kirkcolm    
McClean James 8 December 1859 Glenluce James McClean Mary McCartney
McClelland Agnes Beggs 4 December 1874 Old Luce William McClelland Jessie Weir
McClelland Thomas 15 September 1871 Mochrum Alexander McClelland Christina McIllwraith(?)
McClumpha Janet 12 October 1795 Kirkmaiden William McClumpha Janet Hannah
McClure Agnes 1 August 1830 Kirkmaiden James McClure Elizabeth Taylor
McClure Elizabeth 29 April 1838 Kirkmaiden James McClure Elizabeth Taylor
McClure Helen 13 September 1840 Kirkmaiden James McClure Elizabeth Taylor
McClure James 22 October 1835 Kirkmaiden James McClure Elizabeth Taylor
McClure Janet 12 March 1817 Kirkmaiden James McClure Elizabeth Taylor
McClure Margaret 3 May 1824 Kirkmaiden James McClure Elizabeth Taylor
McClure Peter 5 May 1830 Old Luce Peter McClure Margaret Torrence
McColm Jeanie 4 January 1882 Kirkcolm Thomas McColm Maggie Helen Gibson
McComb Margaret 21 February 1784 Stranraer Andrew McComb Helen Agnew
McConnell Elizabeth 26 May 1877 Kirkinner James McConnell Elizabeth Stroyan
McConnell Isabella 21 September 1845 Glasserton John McConnell Mary Cornick
McCormick David McMeekin 30th May 1852 Mochrum Peter McCormick Agnes Camlin
McCormick John 6 November 1799 Inch William McCormick  
McCracken Elizabeth 27 August 1769 Kirkmaiden John McCracken Sarah Hannah
McCracken Jane 28 August 1769 Kirkmaiden William McCracken Elizabeth McCormick
McCrae Margaret 17 April 1808 Kirkcolm James McCrae Euphemia Gibson
McCredie Janet 11 January 1882 Kirkcolm John McCredie Susan Fraser
McCredie John 27th November 1859 Mochrum Henry McCredie Christina McColne
McCrellie Charles 13 July 1817 Kirkcolm John McCrellie Elizabeth Gibson
McCubbin Alexander 29 November 1808 Kirkcolm James McCubbin Janet McIntyre
McCubbin David 16 June 1860 Old Luce   Elizabeth McCubbin
McCubbin Grace Dougan 5 December 1874 Old Luce   Janet McCubbin
McCubbin Helen 4 August 1862 Old Luce   Elizabeth McCubbin
McCubbin Henry Neil 5 November 1896 Inch David McCubbin Elizabeth McCubbin
McCubbin Jean 10 March 1847 Old Luce Richard McCubbin Helen McCubbin
McCubbin John 7 June 1842 Kirkcolm John McCubbin Janet Galloway
McCubbin Wilemena 22 October 1803 Kirkcolm David McCubbin Jane Clumpha
McCulloch Alexander 14 November 1769 Kirkmaiden William McCulloch Mary McDonall
McCulloch Grizel 21 January 1800 Whithorn John McCulloch Janet McMaster
McCulloch Margaret 14 January 1819 Kirkcolm David McCulloch Elizabeth McCrae
McCulloch Margaret 20 April 1800 Whithorn William McCulloch Agnes Kenyon
McDonald Female 5 September 1881 Newton Stewart Alexander McDonald Hannah Johnston
McDonald William 4 November 1799 Inch ? McDonald  
McDonall Elizabeth 29 November 1769 Kirkmaiden John McDonall Rosina McLing
McDonell Archibald 9 November 1769 Kirkmaiden James McDonell Sarah McBryde
McDowall Agnes 2 April 1778 Stranraer James McDowall Helen McCorkie
McDowall Agnes 16 February 1874 Mochrum William McDowall Annie Bradshaw
McDowall Andrew 30 November 1863 Portpatrick John Taylor McDowall Jane Carnachan
McDowall Andrew 7 December 1783 Stranraer James McDowall Jean McDowall
McDowall Hugh 26 November 1783 Stranraer James McDowall Sara Mean
McDowall Jean 26 June 1842 Kirkcolm Wm McDowall Grace Kerr
McEwan Catherine 24 August 1874 Stranraer James McEwan Catherine Wales
McGa John 19 June 1759 Kirkmaiden James McGa Margaret Adam
McGa John 22 November 1769 Kirkmaiden John McGa Margaret McDonall
McGa Margaret 24 July 1759 Kirkmaiden James McGa Agnes McGa
McGa Robert 5 December 1769 Kirkmaiden James McGa Agnes McGa
McGa Samuel 14 June 1759 Kirkmaiden Alexander McGa Janet Jamieson
McGa William 21 January 1760 Kirkmaiden Alexander McGa Janet McGa
McGaa Alexander 6 May 1799 Inch Hugh McGaa  
McGarva Martha Annie 17 February 1891 Old Luce Robert McGarva Maggie Anderson
McGarvie James 19 August 1900 Inch Robert McGarvie Barbara Clive
McGarvie Janet 3 December 1859 Old Luce Robert McGarvie Elizabeth Wither
McGarvie John 26 June 1860 Stoneykirk unknown Mary McGarvie
McGarvie Margaret 25 August 1879 Old Luce Robert McGarvie Margaret Anderson
McGarvie Peter Agnew 1 January 1878 Penninghame Robert McGarvie Maggie Anderson
McGarvie William 15 February 1880 Kirkmaiden unknown Sarah McGarvie
McGaw Elisabeth 8th January 1854 Mochrum William McGaw Margaret Broadshaw
McGenn Alexander 28th June 1844 Mochrum Peter McGenn Mary Shannon
McGenn William 22nd November 1853 Mochrum Daniel McGenn Nancy McLarney
McGhee Mary 8 June 1889 Mochrum James McGhee Jane McCubbin
McGill John 14 November 1819 Kirkcolm John McGill Margaret Paterson
McGregor Charlotte Helen 2 May 1836 Stranraer John McGregor Charlotte Kerr
McGregor John 2 April 1799 Inch Hugh McGregor  
McGuigan Francis 24 April 1900 Newton Stewart Alfred McGuigan Maggie Jane Doherty
McHir Charles 5 April 1735 Stranraer John McHir  
McIlwraith Jessie 21 April 1892 Newton Stewart   Grace McIlwraith
McIlwraith Joan 19 September 1881 Newton Stewart David McIlwraith Joan Scott
McIlwraith Mary Harris 1 May 1900 Newton Stewart   Mary McIlwraith
McIlwraith William 23 August 1860 Newton Stewart William McIlwraith Elizabeth Brown
McIntyre John 28 June 1799 Inch John McIntyre  
McKeand Ann 10 May 1837 Wigtown John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand Anthony 15 May 1832 Wigtown John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand Elizabeth Morrison 5 August 1834 Wigtown John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand George 4 February 1840 Wigtown John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand Jane 3 January 1842 Wigtown John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand John 24 January 1830 Penninghame John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand John 3 February 1799 Kirkinner David Kean Mary McWhirter
McKeand Margaret 10 February 1826 Penninghame John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand Mary 5 February 1828 Penninghame John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKeand Matilda Stewart Caird 9 August 1844 Kirkinner John McKeand Elizabeth Millar
McKenzie Alexander 11 May 1806 Stranraer Alexander McKenzie Agnes Gibson
McKenzie Thomas 22 September 1799 Inch James McKenzie Mary Beggs
McKenzies Andrew 15 January 1784 Stranraer Andrew Mckenzie Janet Sample
McKenzies John 31 December 1783 Stranraer Alexr McKenzies Rosana Ferguson
McKibbon Susannah 16 June 1759 Kirkmaiden John McKibbon Margaret Gibson
McKie Jane Bradley 23 August 1883 Newton Stewart James McKie Fanny McGill
McKie Jean 19 May 1778 Stranraer Gilbert Mckie Janet Morton
McKie John 24 September 1782 Stoneykirk James McKie Agnes Craig
McKie Robert Frederick 10 February 1891 Old Luce unknown Mary Helen McKie
McKie William McKinna 5th February 1854 Mochrum William McKie Jane Millhench
McKinna Elizabeth 22 March 1878 Wigtown William McKinna Elizabeth Reid
McKinna Elizabeth 31 January 1879 Newton Stewart Peter McKinna Isabella Agnew
McKinna Isabella 8 August 1875 Newton Stewart John McKinna Jane Dalgleish Tully
McKinna Jane Waugh 25 August 1874 Newton Stewart Peter McKinna Isabella Agnew
McKinna Lancelot William 6 August 1876 Wigtown William McKinna Elizabeth Reid
McKinna Margaret Oliver 8 June 1874 Newton Stewart John McKinna Jane Dalgleish Tully
McKinna Mary 11 May 1881 Newton Stewart Peter McKinna Isabella Agnew
McKinna Mary Graham 6 September 1883 Newton Stewart Peter McKinna Isabella Agnew
McKinna Peter 24 December 1880 Newton Stewart John McKinna Jane Dalgleish Tully
McKinna Peter McKeand 25 March 1880 Wigtown William McKinna Elizabeth Reed
McKinna Robert 29 December 1862 Stranraer Nathan McKinna Elizabeth Barr
McKinna Robert Alexander Dougan 11 March 1877 Newton Stewart Peter McKinna Isabella Agnew
McKittrick Jean 27 March 1735 Stranraer James McKittrick  
McLauchlan Margaret 19 May 1808 Kirkcolm William McLauchlan Ann Finlay
McLauchlan Alexander McClure 23 March 1877 Newton Stewart William McLaughlan Helen Stewart
McLaughlan Margaret 16 September 1874 Inch,Stranraer Henry McLauchlan Margaret Warren
McLean Ann 7 June 1836 Stranraer Wm. McLean Anne Porteous
McLean Susan Maggie 7 April 1892 Newton Stewart Andrew McLean Mary Ann Campbell
McMaster Andrew 14 April 1778 Stranraer Andrew McMaster Mary McMaster
McMaster Elizabeth 12 March 1799 Inch Hugh Mcmaster  
McMaster John 25 October 1783 Stranraer John McMaster Mary Linn
McMaster Mary Hunter 23 June 1895 Inch John McMaster Jnr Margaret Stewart Mitchell
McMaster Thomas 9 May 1799 Inch Thomas McMaster  
McMaster Williamina 15 December 1735 Stranraer Robert McMaster  
McMechan Grizel 17 April 1762 Stranraer John McMechan  
McMeekan Robert 26 April 1762 Stranraer Gilbert McMeekan  
McMeikan Alexander 28 January 1818 Kirkcolm James McMeikan Jean Johnston
McMeikan David Wallace 3 October 1873 Leswalt Robert McMeikan Mary Main
McMickan Janet 8 April 1808 Kirkcolm Alexander McMickan Elizabeth Dorman
McMillan Patrick 13 January 1818 Kirkcolm   Agnes McMillan
McMurrie Alexr 17 October 1770 Stranraer Jas McMurrie  
McMurrie Janet 1 October 1770 Stranraer Daniel McMurrie  
McNeil Hugh Lewis Taylor 27 April 1806 Stranraer Hugh McNeil Elizabeth Camblin
McNeillie James 1 July 1808 Kirkcolm John McNeillie Elizabeth Gibson
McNeillie Mathew 20 May 1806 Stranraer Andrew McNeillie Mary Earles
McOriston Eliza Jane 11 May 1872 Stranraer John McOriston Margaret Hamilton
Mcredie Isabella 16 October 1845 Barwinnock Andrew McCredie Sarah Milligan
McShean Robert 9 July 1762 Stranraer Will McShean  
McTaldroch Alexander 12 August 1790 Kirkmaiden James McTaldroch Elizabeth Spence
McTaldroch Alexander 12 July 1791 Kirkmaiden Alexander McTaldroch Agnes Spence
McTaldroch Alexander 2 June 1769 Kirkmaiden William McTaldroch Janet McGa
McTaldroch Alexander 6 April 1746 Kirkmaiden Thomas McTaldroch Janet McCulloch
McTaldroch William 23 September 1793 Kirkmaiden Alexander McTaldroch Agnes Spence
McTaldroch William 25 January 1772 Kirkmaiden Hugh McTaldroch Elizabeth McT
McTaldroch William 28 February 1768 Kirkmaiden William McTaldroch Janet McGa
McTaldroch William 4 May 1755 Kirkmaiden Thomas McTaldroch Janet McCulloch
McTier Henry Stuart 5th August 1846 Mochrum William McTier Jane Blain
McWhirter Agnes 26th May 1844 Mochrum Anthony McWhirter Elizabeth McKeand
McWhirter Margaret 4 September 1769 Kirkmaiden Patrick McWhirter  
McWhirter Mary 23 February 1772 Stoneykirk Patrick McWhirter Mary Kimmin
McWilliam Helen Milroy 26 August 1891 Inch Thomas McWilliam Janet Tully
McWilliam James 27 January 1799 Inch Andrew McWilliam  
McWilliam James McGuffie 4 January 1867 Mochrum Hugh McWilliam Elizabeth McGuffie
McWilliam Janet Buglass 19 June 1895 Inch Thomas McWilliam Janet Tully
McWilliam Jean 12 September 1798 Inch Hugh McWilliam  
McWilliam John 27 May 1799 Inch Alexander McWilliam  
McWilliam Margaret 7 June 1808 Kirkcolm Robert McWilliam Jane McMickan
McWilliam Margaret Oliver 10 September 1889 Inch Thomas McWilliam Janet Tully
McWilliam Robert Alexander Dougan 26 October 1892 Inch Thomas McWilliam Janet Tully
McWilliam Wm 1 June 1842 Kirkcolm Alexr McWilliam Mary Alexander
McWilliam Thomas William Bedlington 20 August 1900 Inch Thomas McWilliam Janet Tully
Mean James 4 October 1808 Kirkcolm John Mean Elizabeth Hamilton
Mean Robert 29 October 1817 Kirkcolm John Mean Elizabeth Hamilton
Melville Agnes 30th November 1859 Mochrum Village John Melville Mary Muir
Melville Agnes Gavina 25th October 1879 Elrig Village Illegitimate Jemima Melville
Melville Elizabeth Murray 14th July 1846 Eldrig Village Gavin Melville Agnes Pike
Melville Gavin 16th July 1861 Mochrum Village John Melville Mary Muir
Melville Gavina 31st May 1857 Skate Farm, Mochrum Gavin Melville Agnes Pike
Melville Jemima 17th April 1859 Skate Farm, Mochrum Gavin Melville Agnes Pike
Melville Margaret 28th January 1854 Skate Farm, Mochrum Gavin Melville Agnes Tait
Melville Matthew 2nd August 1844 Eldrich Village Gavin Melville Agnes Pike
Melvin Elizabeth 26 June 1836 Stranraer James Melvin Helen Morrow
MgGhee Agnes 28 April 1845 Balcraig Thomas Mcghee Mary Mitchell
Milby Alexander Murray MacGregor 27 October 1892 Inch Robert Milby Sarah Grey
Milligan Alfred Baden-Powell 15 May 1900 Sorbie George Milligan Grace Galloway Paterson
Milnae James 17 April 1783 Stoneykirk James Milnae Elizabeth McCracken
Milroy Andrew 16 December 1859 Old Luce William Milroy Janet Wilson
Milroy Gordon 26 May1889 Wigtown James Milroy Annie Gordon
Milroy John 10 October 1795 Kirkmaiden James Milroy Elizabeth Milroy
Milroy Margaret 23 January 1811 Kirkcowan Peter Milroy Elizabeth McWilliam
Moffat Hugh 25 April 1778 Stranraer Henry Moffat Marion Duff
Morison William 16 July 1781 Stoneykirk Alexander Morison Elizabeth Campbell
Morrison James 9 February 1809 Kirkcolm James Morrison Agnes Wither
Muir James 25 March 1800 Whithorn David Muir Elizabeth Shan
Muir John 7 December 1783 Stranraer John Muir Margaret Shimming
Murdoch James 27 December 1818 Kirkcolm David Murdoch Christiana Hamilton
Murray Isabella 6 April 1778 Stranraer John McMurray Elizabeth Hall
Murray James 2 January 1881 Newton Stewart John Murray Agned McDonald
Murray James 24 August 1860 Newton Stewart   Agnes Murray
Murray James 3 September 1896 Inch James Murray Mary Cain
Murray Maggie Jane 13 July 1891 Inch James Murray Mary Cain
Murray Thomas 12 January 1806 Stranraer William Murray Jean McDowall
Murray William 23 June 1872 Leswalt William Murray Mary McHarg
Murray William 9 October 1806 Stranraer William Murray Jean McDowall
Niblo Margaret 28 April 1819 Kirkcolm Archibald Niblo Mary McDowall
Nicholson David 14th July 1844 Mochrum David Nicholson Mary Vans
Nicholson Helen Anne 25 August 1845 Physgill John Nicholson Margaret Broadfoot
Nicholson James Caig 30 March 1869 Mochrum - Jane Nicholson
Nicholson Jessie Jane Paterson 28 April 1890 Penninghame William Nicholson Robina Paterson
Nicolson Janet 18th April 1853 Mochrum David Nicolson Mary Vance
Niel Alexander 23 July 1843 Kirkcolm John Niel Mary Carnochan
Oliver Hugh 30 June 1860 Old Luce George Oliver Ellen Clarke
Paterson Elizabeth 28 April 1819 Kirkcolm William Paterson Margaret McCrae
Paterson James 8 January 1865 Stoneykirk Anthony Paterson Hellen Alexander
Paterson Jean 18 October 1782 Stoneykirk Samuel Paterson Jean McBoam
Paterson John 14 September 1769 Kirkmaiden Jno Paterson Jean Templeton
Paterson John 20 October 1795 Kirkmaiden Samuel Paterson Janet McColm
Paterson Margt 25 June 1842 Kirkcolm Wm Paterson Janet Roger
Patrick William Wright 19 September 1896 Stranraer David Patrick Jane Dillon Wright
Patterson John 25th July 1844 Mochrum Andrew Patterson Sarah McKinnel
Pollock James 13 March 1800 Whithorn Thomas Pollock Mary Dickson
Porteous William McMillan 26 January 1882 Kirkcolm Robert Porteous Jane McMillan
Porter James 28 March 1847 Old Luce Hugh Porter Jean McMaster
Prentice John Brown 3 May 1878 Leswalt James Prentice Isabella Brown
Purdie Annie Rattray 28 July 1901 Penninghame John Fulton Purdie Barbara Scott Purdie
Purdie Nathaniel 30 January 1888 Stranraer David Purdie Susan McMeekin
Quigley Agnes 12 April 1878 Leswalt Edward Quigley Janet McCrorie
Quigley Alexander (twin) 28 November 1874 Leswalt, Stranraer Edward Quigley Janet McRory
Ramsay Hannah 24 February 1880 Kirkmaiden Robert Ramsay Grace McMaster
Rankin Thomas 19 December 1862 Stranraer Alexander Rankin Sarah Wright
Reid Female 7 September 1860 Newton Stewart William Reid Eliza Buchanan
Reid John 16 August 1836 Stranraer James Reid Agnes Thomas
Reid Wm 14 May 1842 Kirkcolm ? Reid Marion Logan
Rennie James 21 June1877 Kirkinner Samuel Rennie Agnes Christie
Rennie Jane Taylor Boyd 12 September 1896 Stranraer Samuel Rennie Jane Taylor Boyd
Retchie Elizabeth 14 January 1818 Kirkcolm Robert Retchie Margaret McMeikan
Rice John Mair (illegitimate) 2nd June 1846 Mochrum Lawrence Rice Anne Mair
Richardson Margaret Isabella 13 May 1861 Whithorn William Richardson Mary Thomson
Robertson David Alexander 21 July 1875 Newton Stewart Thomas Robertson Jane Beddie
Robertson James Duncan 2 July 1874 Newton Stewart John Robertson Mary Low
Rodgers Edward 19 March 1867 Mochrum Samuel Rodgers Elizabeth Lamond
Ropat(?) Peter 30 August 1799 Inch   Agnes Ropat(?)
Ross Andrew 2 February 1818 Kirkcolm John Ross Rosanna Foster
Ross Andrew 9 February 1808 Kirkcolm Robert Ross Jane Wallace
Ross Euphemia 1 August 1819 Kirkcolm John Ross Helen Crokat
Ross John 24 November 1817 Kirkcolm John Ross Helen Crook
Ross Thomas 19 May 1808 Kirkcolm William Ross Mary Stevenson
Routledge Catherine 1st July 1853 Mochrum John Routledge Flora Sutherland
Russel John 17 July 1770 Stranraer John Russel  
Russel Mary 14 June 1806 Stranraer Alexander Russel Mary McBryde
Saunders Mary 15 August 1879 Old Luce William Saunders Jessie Wallace
Shaw David 18 April 1735 Stranraer Thomas Shaw  
Shaw John 2 February 1735 Stranraer Henry Shaw  
Shaw Robt 25 June 1842 Kirkcolm John Shaw Martha Knox
Shennan Margt 17 October 1770 Stranraer Wm Shennan  
Shields Isabella Patricia 20 November 1863 Portpatrick Archibald Shields Euphemia McKenzie
Sloan Margaret 4th May 1854 Mochrum Peter Sloan Margaret Goudie
Small Jannet 12 March 1817 Kirkcolm Alexander Small Jannet Baillie
Small Mary 31 July 1819 Kirkcolm Alexander Small Janet Bailie
Smith Elizabeth Christina 20 June 1899 Sorbie William Smith Jessie McCubbin
Spence Agnes 16 August 1758 Kirkmaiden John Spence Jane McCulloch
Spence James 21 November 1769 Kirkmaiden John Spence Jean McCulloch
Spiers Robert 4th January 1854 Mochrum Thomas Spiers Agnes Murray
Stanhope Margaret 18th June 1844 Mochrum Alexander Stanhope Mary Anne Gillespie
Steven William 9 September 1798 Inch John Steven  
Stewart Agnes 29 December 1862 Mochrum John Stewart Agnes Anderson
Stewart Agnes Brown 5 April 1870 Kirkcolm William Stewart Margaret Foster
Stewart John 15 August 1808 Kirkcolm Peter Stewart Letitia Bunton
Stewart John 26 April 1801 Stranraer Hay Stewart Janet McDowall
Stewart Margaret 19 September 1808 Kirkcolm Alfred (?) Stewart Mary Mc?
Stewart Peter 24 March 1806 Stranraer Alexander Stewart Jean McGaa
Stewart Robert 18 January 1866 Leswalt James Stewart Sarah McGraw
Stewart William 20 October 1845 Knock Thomas Stewart Agnes Pelligrew
Stroyan William 6 August 1879 Old Luce Thomas Stroyan Mary Findlay
Swan James 18 December 1831 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries William Swan Mary Beck
Sweetin Sarah 28 June 1895 Inch James Sweetin Jane French
Tait Thomas 10 October 1799 Inch James Tait  
Tannock Mary 1 June 1808 Kirkcolm William Tannock Jane McCrae
Templeton John 20 June 1877 Kirkinner David Templeton Janet Hughes
Templeton Mary 4 October 1798 Inch James Templeton  
Thomson Annie Isabella 27th August 1853 Mochrum Hugh Thomson Sarah Armstrong
Thomson Margaret 20 December 1831 Kirkmahoe, Dumfries John Thomson Janet Carson
Thomson Mary 22 April 1871 Mochrum - Mary Thomson
Thorborn Jean 17 November 1799 Inch Andrew Thorburn  
Thorburn Agnes 25 April 1892 Newton Stewart David Thorburn Jessie Briencliff McGill
Thorburn Helen 10 January 1799 Inch William Thorburn  
Thorburn Jean 28 February 1799 Inch William Thorburn  
Thorburn Stewart 24th January 1854 Mochrum James Thorburn Janet McComb
Todd William 25 April 1872 Stranraer Robert Todd Janet Moffet
Vernon Agnes 22 July 1876 Wigtown John Vernon Agnes Cowper
Wales Maria 15 November 1874 Stranraer Robert Liddel Wales Maria O'Neill
Walker John 4 May 1890 Penninghame Hugh Walker Sarah McKenzie
Walker William 20 September 1795 Kirkmaiden John Walker Agnes Kniblo
Wallace Alexander 5 September 1795 Kirkmaiden Daniel Wallace Janet Jamieson
Wallace Annie Anderson 17th April 1853 Mochrum Alexander Wallace Elizabeth Anderson
Wallace David 29 July 1759 Kirkmaiden Patrick Wallace Elizabeth Kniblo
Wallace James 16 January 1784 Stranraer Robert Wallace Janet Wallace
Waterston Grizel 26 March 1806 Stranraer Michael Waterston Mary McBryde
Watson Sarah 12 September 1819 Kirkcolm Thomas Watson Mary Ferguson
Welsh Jane McCubbin 4 October 1873 Leswalt David Welsh Anne McCubbin
West Margaret 8 April 1735 Stranraer James West  
Whanell Sarah Dick 24 May 1861 Whithorn William Whanell Agnes Dickey
White Henry 5 January 1881 Penninghame Henry White Annie Brown Maxwell
Whiteside John 2 June 1836 Stranraer Thomas Whiteside Helen Sloan
Wilson Edward William 5 February 1879 Newton Stewart Edward Wilson Mary Grace Bassett
Wilson Jean 2 April 1735 Stranraer John Wilson  
Wilson Robert Alexander 8 April 1878 Wigtown James Wilson Grace McKinlay
Wilson William 16th April 1859 Mochrum Village Illegitimate Elizabeth Wilson
Wright Agnes 13 April 1819 Kirkcolm James Wright Janet Kerr
Wright James 6 August 1817 Kirkcolm James Wright Jannet Kerr
Wright James 6 May 1806 Stranraer Archibald Wright Elizabeth McDowell
Wright William 6 January 1808 Kirkcolm Samuel Wright Elizabeth Robertson
Wylie Alexander 26 August 1889 Inch John Wylie Sarah Lindsay
Wylie Sarah 5 Feb 1867 Glasserton   Jessie Wylie
Yates William 31 July 1874 Newton Stewart John Yates Mary Williamson
Young Hugh 8 October 1836 Stranraer William Young Helen Alexander
Young Isabella 2nd March 1854 Mochrum Alexander Young Mary Gavine Ritchie
Young James 3 January 1784 Stranraer Adam Young Agnes Aitken
Young Jane Dalrymple 3 December 1874 Stranraer Robert Young Jane Rodie Jeffrey
* Note in margin - Paternity of child found by Sec (See?) of last, see Reg of Cor Entries Vol 1 (6?) of 34, May 4th 1873

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