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Marriage Records

Part of the Wigtownshire Pages' BMDs
Compiled & Coordinated by Grace Stevens

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Last update: November 2007

Male Surname Forename Female Surname First Name Date of Event Place Comments
Agnew Andrew Kerr Agnes 18 June 1837 Kirkcolm  
Alexander William McGarvie Jannet 30 September 1869 Kirkmaiden  
Alexander John Crookshanks May 17 November 1785 Stoneykirk  
Alison Samuel Glover Helen 19 June 1834 Alticry  
Anderson Andrew McKenna Maggie 26 December 1872 Low Malzie f. Andrew Anderson m. Janet Stewart; f. Alexander McKinna m. Margaret Blain
Anderson Bann McChlery Mary 18 April 1829 Stoneykirk  
Angus William McCoslney Jane 4 March 1816 Stoneykirk  
Armstrong Richard Notts Agnes 20 July 1800 Leswalt  
Bell James Money Agnes 4 June 1880 Mochrum  
Bell James McKinnell Jessie 20 April 1882 Mochrum  
Bell William Stanhope Margaret 18 February 1921 Mochrum  
Bennet Mathew Aitken Margaret 9 May 1828 Inch  
Biers Samuel Davidson Elizabeth 30 November 1759 Stoneykirk  
Bindloss Charles Henry Graham Catherine 26 September 1908 Wigtown f. Edward William Bindloss m. Charlotte; f. Thomas Graham m. Alice Jean
Birch Thomas McCreadie Jessie 30 April 1915 Penninghame  
Blain James Cruickshank Margaret 19 January 1854 Stoneykirk  
Boyes James Hannah Mary 22 & 29 Nov 1829 Hamilton, Lanark Lived & had family in Stranraer
Boyes Robert Laverie Agnes 10 July 1871 Old Luce James Boyes & Mary Hannah, William Laverie & Esther Reid
Broadfoot Andrew Melville Sarah 14 June 1870 Elrig Village gf:Alexander Broadfoot, gm. Janet Heron, bf:Gavin Melville, bm:Agnes Peak
Brown James Carnochan Janet 26 June 1831 Kirkcolm  
Bruce William Stevenson Mary 20 September 1799 Leswalt  
Bruce William Begs Jean 6 May 1800 Leswalt  
Bryde John Gill Janet 10 August 1854 Mochrum Rev A Young
Buchan William McDowall Jenat 29 January 1761 Stranraer  
Bullock William MacRobert Helen 26 January 1802 Leswalt  
Button Edward George McGeoch Elizabeth Allison 20 November 1914 Challoch f. Edward George Button m. Susan Upcroft; f. William McGeoch m. Elizabeth Allison
Campbell William Harrison Sarah 7 April 1837 Leswalt  
Campbell Archibald Cruikshanks Jane 1 December 1815 Stranraer  
Campbell Andrew Elizabeth Allison 2 January 1888 Stranraer  
Campbell George Logan Mary 19 December 1865 Stranraer  
Carlile Robert McKinna Margaret 2 July 1869 Stranraer f. Robert Carlile m. Margaret Shank; f. James McKinna m. Margaret Byres
Carnochan John Gracey Rachel 31 July 1871 Leswalt  
Chambers Joshua Thompson Janet 19 June 1797 Whithorn  
Cleland James McLean Grace 2 June 1828 Stranraer  
cMcGarva John Anderson Jane 24 July 1888 Old Luce  
Cochran Alexander Paterson Agnes 19 November 174 Stoneykirk  
Cochran Alexander McGaw Janet 31March 1767 Stoneykirk  
Cochran Alexander McWilliam Grisal 5 May 1789 Stoneykirk  
Cochran Hugh Parkar Elisabeth 9 May 1758 Stoneykirk  
Cochran John McNish Kathrine 9 July 1747 Stoneykirk  
Cochran Robert Clerk Helen 13 December 1796 Whithorn  
Cochran Samuel McDowall Grace 10 April 1819 Stoneykirk  
Cochran Samuel McCubbin Catherine 26 July 1836 Stoneykirk  
Cochran Thomas Linwood Elisabeth 21 Marc 1818 Stoneykirk  
Cochran William Wallace Elisabeth 29 July 1755 Stoneykirk  
Cochran William McGaw Jean 20 February 1765 Stoneykirk  
Cochrane James Jamieson Barbara 9 September 1869 Kirkmaiden  
Coid Charles McCornick Margaret 1 June 1854 Mochrum Rev A Young
Corkran John Cruickshank Jean 13 April 1841 Stoneykirk  
Cox Hugh Muir Elizabeth 8 June 1806 Penninghame  
Crawford James Bunton Mary 22 May 1808 Kirkcolm  
Crawford John McDowall Elizabeth 16 April 1816 Stoneykirk  
Creddie John Wilson Helen 3 June 1828 Stranraer  
Cronie Peter Melville Mary 9 October 1856 Skate Farm gf:James Cronie, gm:Jean Sproat. Bf:Gavin Melville, bm:Agnes Peak
Crookshanks John Cochran Margaret 30 July 1754 Stoneykirk  
Crookshanks John Cochran Margaret 30 July 1757 Stoneykirk  
Crookshanks William McGuffog Jean 26 December 1771 Stoneykirk  
Cruickshank James Fergusson Marion 25 February 1841 Stoneykirk  
Cruickshank John Kennedey Anne 25 July 1792 Portpatrick  
Cruickshanks James Hannah Elizabeth 14 October 1823 Stranraer  
Cruickshanks James Heron Margaret 28 September 1829 Stranraer  
Cruikshank James Davidson Elizabeth 13 July 1798 Stoneykirk  
Cruikshanks William Paterson Jane 29 November 1828 Stoneykirk  
Crukshank William McMaster Margrat 16 February 1805 Stoneykirk  
Curran Peter Robertson Mary 5 December 1872 Mochrum  
Dalziel William Muir Agnes 18 April 1851 Penninghame  
Davitt Arthur McGarva Egrace 12 June 1908 Kirkcowan  
Dickson Anthony Routledge Catherine 2 January 1820 Kirkinner dau.William Routledge, Milldriggan
Dickson Peter Adair Jane 9 June 1868 Kirkcowan  
Dickson Thomas Kelly Grace 8 January 1892 Mochrum  
Dickson Thomas Glen Margaret 5 July 1860 Mochrum  
Dickson Thomas McGarva Jeannie 10 June 1904 Kirkcowan  
Dickson William Carlisle Mary 8 January 1856 Penninghame  
Dickson William Routledge Mary 17 August 1854 Mochrum Rev A Young
Digny Patrick McClure Agnes 11 December 1851 Kirkmaiden  
Dillin John McChlery Margaret 11 December 1780 Stoneykirk  
Dochardy Dennis Kerr Mary 8 February 1802 Leswalt  
Douglas Thomas Dickson, MS McClure Grace 4 July 1873 Mochrum  
Douglas William Muir Agnes 11 January 1850 Penninghame  
Dunce John Robertson Elizabeth 21 April 1828 Stranraer  
Dunce John McCulloch Margaret 28 December 1760 Stranraer  
Dunse John Fleming Mary 16 August 1796 Whithorn  
Edgar Archibald Campbell Janet 29 December 1874 Mochrum  
Ellis John McSkellie Mary 15 March 1760 Stoneykirk  
Erskine David McCulloch Janet 23 June 1864 Old Luce f. William Erskine m. Susan Murchie; f. James McCulloch m. Sarah
Erskine William Davies Jessie 23 July 1860 Newton Stewart f. William Erskine m. Isabella; f. Edward Davies
Ewart John Cochran Charlotte 13 October 1838 Stoneykirk  
Ferguson Hugh Callie Mary 29 Setpember 1856 Mochrum gf:William Ferguson, gm:Silsabeth Blair. Bf:James Callie, bm:Elisabeth McGuffie
Ferries William Walker Mary 30 June 1908 Newton Stewart f. David Ferries m. Jane McGarva; f. James Walker m. Isabella Legerwood
Findlay Alexander Kerr Jane 23 February 1892 Mochrum  
Findley James McWilliam Jannet 3 January 1808 Kirkcolm  
Finnie Hugh Neaves Gunning Margaret 7 January 1921 Kirkcowan  
Fraser John McGuffie Mary 22 August 1854 Mochrum Rev Peter Young, Wigtown
Galloway Alexander Niven Jane 25 February 1844 Kirkcolm  
Galloway John Palmer Grace 13 November 1856 Kirkmaiden f. James Galloway m. Elizabeth Nibloe; f. Adam Palmer m. Susan Main
Galloway William Dawson Rachel 11 December 1808 Kirkcolm  
Gibb John Heron Agnes 6 June 1870 Mochrum gf: Alexander Gibb, gm:Jane Gibson. Bf:Johm Heron, bm:Margaret McTier
Gibson Alexander Cochran Mary 29 November 1757 Stoneykirk  
Gibson James Hannah Elisabeth 4 Dec 1860 Garliestown Alexander Gibson & Janet Broadfoot, Andrew Hannah (dec) & Stewart McCreadie
Gibson Robert Bryce Hannah 3 April 1836 Kirkcolm  
Gibson William Patterson Hellen 24 October 1796 Whithorn  
Gibson William McDonald Euphemnia 10 Oct 1891 Old Luce John Gibson & Agnes Murdoch, Matthew McDonald & Mary Paterson (dec)
Gilespie John Clark Mary 18 June 1837 Kirkcolm  
Gilmore Patrick Donelly Agnes 22 July 1860 Newton Stewart f. James Gilmore m. Rose; f. John Donelly m. Sarah Higgins
Goodwin James McCaul Jessie 20 April 1854 Mochrum Rev A Young
Gray James Comb Agnes 29 October 1843 Kirkcolm  
Griffin Jon Marshal Janet 8 April 1834 Old Mill  
Guffog Thomas Lin Mary 31 January 1761 Stranraer  
Gulline Peter Richardson Maggie 30 December 1887 Glasserton  
Gulline Samuel Allan Margaret 9 February 1921 Kirkcowan  
Hall George Dickson Annie 12 June 1891 Auchengaillie  
Hall Henry Nicholson Mary 4 July 1872 Mochrum  
Hannah John McChlery Margaret 23 April 1854 Penninghame  
Hannah John Green Jane 5 June 1868 Kirkcowan  
Hannah William Hastings Elizabeth 10 May 1881 Kirkcowan  
Henderson Alexander Turner Margaret 14 July 1844 Kirkcolm  
Henry Hugh Pedly Margaret 24 January 1837 Leswalt  
Hills Alexander Crukshank Jean 25 February 1797 Stoneykirk  
Hislop John McMaster Jean 3 August 1759 Stoneykirk  
Hodkinson Daniel Patterson Janet 13 January 1874 Newton Stewart f. George Hodkinson; f. William Paterson m. Mary Heron
Holloway William M Reid Sarah 19 July 1895 Inch  
Holloway William M Murray Margaret 05 June 1914 Penninghame Both widowed at time of marriage
Holloway William Reid Agnes 1 April 1858 Stranraer  
Houston John Wither Agnes 13 July 1759 Stoneykirk  
Howie Alexander Murray Janet 1 August 1854 Mochrum Rev W Dunlop, Port William
Humphry James McCrae Helen 4 October 1760 Stoneykirk  
Jinkins Frances Auld Janet 3 September 1837 Kirkcolm  
Johnston George McKinna Isabella 28 January 1904 Newton Stewart f. George Johnston m. Charlotte Thom; f. Peter McKinna m. Isabella Agnew
Johnston John Thompson Elizabeth 17 January 1837 Leswalt  
Johnston John Dalziel Grace 4 March 1834 Glentriplock  
Jonston Hamilton Cruckshank Agnas 26 October 1799 Stoneykirk  
Keachie John Reid Agnes 1 April 1858 Stranraer William Holloway Hugh Reid
Keachie Robert Sprot Margaret 3 September 1837 Kirkcolm  
Kean John Agnew Agnes 3 December 1808 Kirkcolm  
Kellie William Crookshanks Mary 27 May 1794 Stoneykirk  
Kelly Alexander Bell Margaret 28 October 1886 Penninghame  
Kelly Hugh Thompson Elizabeth 20 November 1856 Blairbuie (Glasserton) gf:John Kelly (dec), gm: Helen McPherson (dec) bm:Elizabeth McKnight (Dec)
Kelly James Dickson Jane 28 November 1872 Mochrum  
Kennedy David McColm Ellen 12 May 1834 Stranraer Ship Master
Kenyon Hugh Dickson Helen 31 December 1874 Mochrum  
Kerr Alexander Simson Robina 24 March 1834 Clone  
Kerr John McQuaid Isabella 28 April 1882 Mochrum  
Kerr Joseph McGouch Jane 28 January 1904 Newton Stewart f. Timothy Kerr m. Mary Jane Morgan; f. David Findlay m. Mary
Kiltie John Vernon Maggie 23 December 1887 Glasserton  
King Robert Thompson Margaret 19 June 1797 Whithorn  
Kyle Alexander Craig Elizabeth 7 February 1808 Kirkcolm  
Lamont John McKinna Agnes 27 June 1862 Kirkinna f. James Lamont m. Sarah Kerr; f. Peter McKinna m. Janet Turner
Laverty John Murray Katy 14 October 1862 Newton Stewart f. Patrick Laferty m. Mary McGrace; f. Patrick Murray m. Bridget McMahon
Lawson Hjames Marsall Janet 11 November 1801 Leswalt  
Lennox John Marshall Elizabeth 1 June 1904 Kirkcowan  
Little William B. McDonald Hannah 5 January 1906 Newton Stewart f. Nathan Little m. Margaret Jane; f. Alexander McDonald m. Hannah Johnston
Lockhart Anthony Gibson McKie Martha 23 July 1915 Mochrum  
Love Thomas McMunn Rosina 6 February 1760 Stoneykirk  
Love William Nicholson Elizabeth 1 July 1873 Mochrum  
Lowrie John Craig Mary 9 June 1864 Old Luce f. John Lowrie m. Mary Ann; f. Joseph Craif m. Ellan Gardiner
Lundy John McChlery Mary 18 March 1827 Stoneykirk  
Marshall John Melville Elizabeth 25 June 1874 Elrig Village gf:Robert Marshall, gm:Esther Stanhope. Bf:Gavin Melville, bm: Agnes Peak
Maxwell Alexander Kelly Elizabeth 12 June 1896 Kirkmaiden  
May James Rennie Frances 26 August 1862 Kirkinna f. James May m. Susan Broadfoot; f. Samuel Rennie m. Jane Key
McCaa John Hannay Janet 20 December 1841 Old Luce Page 409 of OPR of Old Luce
McCaig John Cochran Margaret 11 July 1777 Stoneykirk  
McCaig Robert Nicholson Gowan Mary Jane 4 January 1924 Kirkinner  
McCaig Samuel Coid Maggie 8 June 1880 Mochrum  
McCanion John Lawrie Margaret 7 June 1796 Whithorn  
McCartney James Muir Jean 11 December 1738 Penninghame  
McCaw Andrew Dunce Agnes 13 September 1796 Whithorn  
McChlery James Torbert Isabel 23 December 1762 Stoneykirk  
McChlery James Cavan Grisal 1 December 1768 Stoneykirk  
McChlery John Wallace Jean 8 January 1761 Stoneykirk  
McChlery John Jamieson Janet 12 December 1845 Stoneykirk  
McChlery John Livingstone Elizabeth 25 February 1838 Penninghame  
McChlery Robert Cochran Mary 13 July 1796 Stoneykirk  
McChlery Robert Wither Susan 4 May 1769 Stoneykirk  
McChlery Robert Watson Susan 21 October 1824 Stoneykirk  
McChlery Thomas Ross Martha 31 July 1818 Stoneykirk  
McChlery William Milwain Jean 30 July 1747 Stoneykirk  
McChlery William Paterson Jane 10 March 1819 Stoneykirk  
McClean Jacob Auld Margaret 8 October 1837 Kirkcolm  
McClelland Alexander Wilson Jeannie 14 January 1916 Mochrum  
McClew David Gifford Grace 12 October 1886 Penninghame  
McClure James McTeer Susan 25 April 1854 Kirkmaiden  
McClymont Samuel Coid Jane 22 November 1872 Mochrum  
McComb James Thomson Elizabeth 18 August 1844 Kirkcolm  
McCormick William Cairney Annie 14 March 1884 Old Luce  
McCrachan John McChlery Ann 14 December 1775 Stoneykirk  
McCracken Michael Cochran Elizabeth 29 April 1755 Stoneykirk  
McCracken Thomas Cruickshanks Mary 27 November 1826 Stranraer  
McCrae Alexander Kie Grizal 10 January 1797 Whithorn  
McCrae John Dunce Mary 11 July 1797 Whithorn  
McCree Alexander Cochran Margaret 15 October 1837 Kirkcolm  
McCubbin Andrew (Rev) Dedd Mary 29 October 1837 Kirkcolm  
McCubbin William Fulton Elizabeth 30 September 1832 Kirkcolm  
McCulloch David Davidson Margaret 19 November 1843 Kirkcolm  
McCulloch David McChlery Janet 23 April 1747 Stoneykirk  
McCulloch Ross Cruckshanks Elizabeth 13 February 1806 Stoneykirk  
McCutcheon John Thomson Jane 29 May 1888 Mochrum  
McDavid James Irvine Margaret 30 December 1855 Penninghame  
McDonald Donald McKinna Elizabeth 25 January 1906 Newton Stewart f. Angus McDonald m. Elizabeth Dickie Brownlee; f. Peter McKinna m. Isabella Agnew
McGarva Andrew Love Jane 17 November 1893 Mochrum  
McGarva Andrew Wilson Blair Jessie Mary 30 April 1924 Kirkinner  
McGarva James Stewart Jessie 28 July 1915 Mochrum  
McGarva Robert Orr Agnes Aitken 1 June 1881 Kirkcowan  
McGarva Robert Thomson Elizabeth 10 June 1887 Mochrum  
McGarva Robert Alexander McDowall Jeannie 2 March 1906 Sorbie  
McGarva William McTear Mary 4 June 1915 Penninghame  
McGarva William Stewart Mary 1 May 1925 Kirkcowan  
McGarvie Andrew Airdrie Mary 24 April 1884 Old Luce  
McGarvie John Alexander Martha 26 June 1896 Kirkmaiden  
McGarvie William Wither Gibson Agnes Jane 2 September 1903 Old Luce  
McGechie Thomas McDougall Alexa 5 January 1837 Leswalt  
McGill John McGill Marion 8 August 1759 Stoneykirk  
McGinn James Dickson Janet 4 October 1873 Mochrum  
McGraw John Stewart Jean 28 April 1844 Kirkcolm  
McGuffog John McChlery Margaret 27 November 1759 Stoneykirk  
McIlwraith David Scott Joan 17 October 1862 Newton Stewart f. David McIlwraith m. Elizabeth Neil; m. Ann Scott
McKeachie William McChlery Ann 9 June 1831 Stoneykirk  
Mckelvie William Thorburn Jane 11 January 1816 Stoneykirk  
McKennon James Kerr Agnes 3 December 1837 Kirkcolm  
McKenzie John McWhirter Ann 27 May 1828 Inch  
McKerlie John Holloway Mary 2 August 1867 Stranraer  
McKie David Conning Janet 1 November 1760 Stoneykirk  
McKie William Agnew Janet 23 April 1837 Kirkcolm  
McKinna Alexander Steele Mary 1 October 1870 Kirkcowan f. William McKinna m. Ann Stroyan; f. William Steele m. Elizabeth Wallace
McKinna L Hannah Sarah 11 November 1908 Wigtown f. William McKinna m. Elizabeth Reid; f. Andrew Hannah m. Sarah Houston
McKinna Nathan Barr Elizabeth 27 June 1860 Newton Stewart f. Robert McKinna m. Elizabeth Erskine; f. Robert Barr m. Ann Pearson
McKinna Peter Agnew Isabella 28 January 1874 Knockbrae Toll f. Robert McKinna m. Elizabeth Erskine; f. John Agnew m. Jane Waugh
McKnight David McKnight Elizabeth 7 October 1904 Kirkcolm  
McLauchlan Hugh Doherty Mary 18 January 1877 Kirkinner  
McMaickan James McChlery Margaret 4 December 1771 Stoneykirk  
McMaster Andrew Kennedy Elizabeth 17 January 1816 Stoneykirk  
McMaster James Harris Isabella 24 March 1844 Kirkcolm  
McMeikan William Agnew Margaret 17 January 1808 Kirkcolm  
McMickan Thomas Murray Isabella 30 April 1875 Kirkcolm f. James McMickan m. Maria Watson; f. James Murray m. Eliza Mosgrove
McMillan Anthony McChlery Isabel 28 November 1785 Stoneykirk  
McMillan Hugh Edgar Elizabeth 14 August 1856 Kirkmaiden f. John McMillan m. Jean Petticrew; f. John Edgar m. Agnes McGuffog
McMillan John McChlery Ann 7 August 1842 Penninghame  
McNarin John Logan Katherine 3 May 1760 Stoneykirk  
McNish John McGill Elizabeth 29 February 1760 Stoneykirk  
McQueen James McClure Mary 25 June 1843 Kirkcolm  
McQuilton William French Euphemia 24 December 1837 Kirkcolm  
McSkimming John McGrava Susan 25 November 1904 Kirkcolm  
McTalldroch Alexander Stewart Jean 25 April 1747 Kirkmaiden  
McTalldroch Alexander Spence Agnes 5 July 1784 Kirkmaiden  
McTalldroch William McGa Janet 21 July 1766 Kirkmaiden  
McTear Thomas Hall Jane 5 January 1877 Kirkinner  
McWilliam Fergus McChlery Elisabeth 6 May 1790 Stoneykirk  
McWilliam Thomas William Gibson Jane 26 November 1926 Kirkmaiden f. Alexander McWilliam m. Janet Rice; f. Alexander Gibson m. Jane McMillan
Melvil Gavin Peak Agnes 24 February 1834 Carseduchan  
Melvin James Morrow Helen 7 July 1834 Stranraer Baker
Menzies Robert McKelvie Helen 16 October 1815 Stoneykirk  
Milligan John Cormick Isabella 12 March 1802 Leswalt  
Milroy John Donan Elizabeth 3 May 1796 Whithorn  
Milroy John McCormick Mary 10 June 1908 Kirkcowan  
Milroy Patrick Milroy Jannet 6 April 1809 Portpatrick  
Milroy Thomas McGill Ann 3 February 1833 Kirkcolm  
Milroy William Muir Susan 2 December 1859 Penninghame  
Monteith Chas Dunn Adams Janet 7 July 1834 Stranraer Shoemkr
Moore James McChlery Isabela 13 December 1829 Stoneykirk  
Moore John Gibson Janet 1 February 1829 Kirkcowen OPR Entry
Morgan Thomas Kilban Mary 2 June 1834 Stranraer Commander of H. M. Revenue Cruiser "Mary"
Muir Andrew Findlay Mary 23 November 1828 Penninghame  
Muir James McMarrow Ann 21 January 1844 Kirkcolm  
Muir John McComb Mary 22 Aprtil 1740 Penninghame  
Murdoch Alexander Muir Elizabeth 1 January 1806 Penninghame  
Murray Charles Cairns Mary 8 December 1893 Mochrum  
Nae Peter Muir Mary 15 July 1804 Penninghame  
Neilson Alexander Erskine Jane C. 30 November 1892 Newton Stewart f. Robert Neilson m. Elizabeth Boyd; f. James Erskine m. Elizabeth Sinclair
Neilson James Cochran Jean 11 January 1779 Stoneykirk  
Nicholson William McGarva Agnes 16 December 1904 Mochrum  
Niven John Shaw Elizabeth 20 March 1808 Kirkcolm  
Osborn James McMurtie Janet 22 December 1844 Kirkcolm  
Palmer Samuel Cunningham Annie 1 June 1875 Kirkcolm F. Samuel Palmer m. Martha Gray; f John Cunningham m. Jane Currans
Parkar John Cochran Jean 20 February 1780 Stoneykirk  
Parkar William McChlery Margaret 15 August 1775 Stoneykirk  
Parker William Cruikshanks Jane 29 May 1824 Stoneykirk  
Paterson James McAdam Jean 23 August 1759 Stoneykirk  
Paterson William Drynan Williamina 5 January 1845 Kirkcolm  
Paterson Andrew Moodie Mary 16 November 1869 Stranraer f: William Paterson m. Ellen Carnochan f. James Moodie m. Agnes Edgar
Peterson Robert Morland Agnes Moore 24 November 1926 Kirkmaiden f. William Peterson m. Zillah Taylor; f. John Morland m. Helen Kennedy
Pirrie Adolphus Manson Agness 14 April 1834 Glenluce  
Potts David Reid Neill Lizzie 2 September 1903 Old Luce  
Rafferty Mickle McNeil Elizabeth 1 July 1870 Kirkcowan f. Michael Rafferty m. Bridget McKivetts; f. James McNeil m. Margaret Polland
Rainie Alexander Cochran Margaret 3 May 1757 Stoneykirk  
Rice Neil McQuiggon Elizabeth 28 June 1869 Stranraer f. John Rice m. Agnes Hernon; f. James McQuiggon m. Elizabeth Bogle
Robertson Alexander W. McKinna Mary G. 17 September 1919 Newton Stewart f. Thomas Burnie Robertson m. Jane Beddie; f. Peter McKinna m. Isabella Agnew
Roddie John McGarva Jane 17 Feb 1888 Mochrum  
Rodie William McChlery Elisabeth 29 June 1769 Stoneykirk  
Ross John Cochran Elisabeth 16 February 1819 Stoneykirk  
Scott Alexander McIlwraith Joan 24 July 1908 Newton Stewart f. Samuel Scott m. Mary Burns; f. David McIlwraith m. Joan Scott
Shank Patrick Harkness Mary 30 April 1837 Kirkcolm  
Shearer James McIntyre Jane 6 June 1837 Leswalt  
Sherrar Andrew Spence Sarah 7 February 1760 Kirkmaiden  
Sherry Andrew Wallace Annie 8 october 1919 Newton Stewart f. Robert Sherry m. Janet McKie; f. Robert Wallace m. Jessie McQueen
Skimming Keith Carter Bell Maggie Elizabeth 20 December 1907 Mochrum  
Smith John McChlery Jean 10 June 1768 Stoneykirk  
Smith Peter Kilpatrick Jessie McWilliam 5 January 1906 Sorbie  
Smith William McClure Elizabeth 8 December 1853 Kirkmaiden  
Spence David Cameron McGibbon Mary Rodger 14 March 1923 Inch f. David Spence m. Sarah Cameron; f. John Hamilton McGibbon m. Mary Rodger
Spence John McCulloch Jane 25 April 1747 Kirkmaiden  
Stanhope Alexander Marshall Margaret 1 July 1873 Mochrum  
Stevens William McMillan Martha 2 August 1796 Whithorn  
Stewart Duncan Patterson Janet 24 October 1796 Whithorn  
Stewart William McTaggart Margaret 11 September 1797 Whithorn  
Stewart James McGraw Sarah 7 December 1863 Inch f. William Stewart; m. Jane Smith; f. Robert McGraw; m. Elizabeth Kirk
Templeton John Torbert Marion 1 May 1755 Stoneykirk  
Thompson Daniel Grier Jane 16 December 1815 Stoneykirk  
Thompson William Douglas Annie 14 September 1888 Mochrum  
Thomson Alexander Waddington Clara 7 December 1892 Newton Stewart f. Samuel Thomson m. Mary Ann Hamilton; f. John Waddington m. Agnes Irving
Thomson William Kelvie Margaret 25 August 1796 Whithorn  
Torbert John Gibson Mary 13 Mach 1770 Stoneykirk  
Torbet James McCrae Margt 2 July 1808 Kirkcolm  
Torrance Archibald Main Agnes 14 December 1769 Kirkmaiden  
Tweedale James Lawrie ? 30 May 1796 Whithorn  
Vernon William Gilchrist Margaret 28 June 1796 Whithorn  
Wallace Abraham Wright McWilliam Helen Milroy 1 June 1923 Inch m. Annie Wallace; f. Thomas McWilliam m. Janet Tully
Wallace Daniel McEwen Janet 4 June 1837 Kirkcolm  
Wallace Robert McDonall Janet 28 December 1769 Kirkmaiden  
Walls Robert McIlwraith Jessie 26 November 1914 Newton Stewart f. Anthony Walls m. Helen Smith; m. Grace McIlwraith
Warren James Holloway Bessie 10 April 1891 Stranraer  
Watson William MacEwan Helen 19 March 1801 Leswalt  
White Hugh Corkran Janet 13 December 1759 Kirkmaiden  
Williamson John McMickan Jane 28 June 1887 Mochrum  
Wilson William Smith Sarah 2 February 1845 Kirkcolm  
Wright James Chrighton Barbara 24 October 1796 Whithorn  

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