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Book Lists

The following books are recommended by members of the SCT-WIGTOWNSHIRE list. Any favorites of general interest to the group are welcome. Please e-mail Crawford with your suggestions. Title and author as a minimum, publisher and date almost a necessity.
For modern books, please include the ISBN, usually found with the copyright date etc. To view a list of booksellers, click here

As the on-line availability of books is increasing rapidly, especially in the USA, we are extending the list to include this mode of access. If you would like us to add any favorite, please include a URL with your suggestion, and if possible, note where it may and may not be available.

Introductory and General

Tracing your Scottish Ancestors (revised edition)
Author: Cecil Sinclair
ISBN: 0-11-495865-3
Surveys the vast range of material in the National Archives of Scotland, formerly SRO, also the GROS. Great tool for tracing Scottish ancestors.
A History of Scotland
Author(s) or Editor(s): J.D. Mackie
Publisher & Date: Dorset Press, New York, 1964 & 1978
ISBN (or LCCN): 0-88029-040-4
Much good detail from Roman times to 1970. J.D. MacKie was Professor of Scottish History and Literature in the University of Glasgow, 1930-1957
The History of Scotland
Author(s) or Editor(s): P. & F.S. Fry
Publisher & Date: Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1982
ISBN (or LCCN): 0-7100900-1-3
An introductory history for the general reader.
A History of the Scottish People 1560 - 1830
Author(s) or Editor(s): T.C. Smout
Publisher & Date: Scribner's, New York 1969
ISBN (or LCCN): 75-92624
Excellent and very readable classic of Scots social history. How our forefathers lived and worked.
The Scottish Nation 1700-2000
Author(s) or Editor(s): Thomas M. Devine
Publisher & Date: Viking, New York, 1999
ISBN (or LCCN): 0670888117
An excellent economic, social, and cultural history of Scotland. What life in Scotland was really like, right up to the reinstitution of the Scottish Parliament in 2000.
Scotland: the Story of a Nation
Author(s) or Editor(s): Magnus Magnusson
Publisher & Date: HarperCollins, London, 2000 and Atlantic Monthly Press, New York, 2000
ISBN (or LCCN): 0871137984
A big, well written history of Scotland from its early origins to 1800. (The last two hundred years are covered sketchily.) Magnusson uses Sir Walter Scott’s Tales of a Grandfather as a template on which to build his history. A good read.
How the Scots Invented the Modern World: the True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World & Everything in It
Author(s) or Editor(s): Arthur Herman
Publisher & Date: Crown Publishers, New York, 2001
ISBN (or LCCN): 0609606352
A convincing (and entertaining) argument that, without the contribution of Scotland and Scots to education, science, history, and political thought, Western civilization would not exist, at least not as we now recognize it.

Galloway Oriented or Otherwise Specialized

Galloway, A Land Apart
Author(s) or Editor(s): Andrew McCulloch
Publisher & Date: Birlinn Limited, Edinburgh, 2000
ISBN (or LCCN): 1-84158-027-9
A thorough and up-to-date history of Galloway, from prehistoric times to the 1990s.
A History of Dumfries and Galloway
Author(s) or Editor(s): Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart, M.P.
Publisher & Date:
Highways & Byways of Galloway and Carrick
Author(s) or Editor(s): Rev. C.H. Dick
Publisher & Date: MacMillan & Co., Ltd., London, 1916, 1924*
* A more recent publication is available through GC Publishing
Sketches and Anecdotes of the Royal Burgh of Whithorn
Author(s) or Editor(s): Gordon Fraser
Publisher & Date: 1877
Wigton and Whithorn: Historical and "Descriptive Sketches, Stories and Anecdotes, Illustrative of the Racy Wit & Pawky Humour of the district".
Tales of Galloway
Author(s) or Editor(s):
Publisher & Date: Mainstream Publishing Company Ltd, Edinburgh 1979
The definitive collection of Galloway folk tales.
Scottish Covenanter Stories (tales from the killing times)
Author: Dane Love
ISBN: 1-897784-98-8
'Martyrs' graves' in Southern Scotland tell of Covenanter persecution. 50 folklore tales tell of government's religious demands, of secret meetings and of horrific punishment in the name of conformity.
Galloway: Land and Lordship
Author(s) or Editor(s): R.D. Oram & G.P. Stell
Publisher & Date: Scottish Society for Northern Studies, Edinburgh, 1991
ISBN (or LCCN): 0-9505994-6-8
Professional historians' papers on developing aspects of Galloway history.

Books Available for On-Line Viewing

Galloway and the Covenanters
Author(s) or Editor(s): Alex. S. Morton
Publisher & Date: Alexander Gardner, Paisley 1914
Held by : Cornell University Library
URL : http://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924029476003/cu31924029476003_djvutxt/
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