Wigtownshire Pages : Birchman M.I. Index, Cruggleton, Kirkmadrine

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Cruggleton & Kirkmadrine MI Names Index

Typed & compiled by Randy and Lynda Chapple.
Originally recorded by J.E. Birchman
April 2003


Please note this is a surname only index. Numbers beside each surname indicate the location of the grave as per the original map drawn by J.E. Birchman. Numbers enclosed in a bracket indicate a surname used as a middle name as was customary during the 19th century. To ask for a lookup, please return to the Birchman/Chapple Memorial Inscription page, using the navigation found at the top of this page.


Broadfoot 6
Hanna 5
Kerlie 6
McCredie 5


Alison 1
Brown 8
Bryce 11
Douglas 4-7-8-13
Dunsmore 1
Furneaux [8]
Grant 14
Hannah 9-14
Hendrie 6
Lockhart 1
McGouane 13
McGowan 3-11
McHarg 8
McKenna 3
McKerlie 12
Pitts 8
Walker 1