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Monumental Inscriptions

Typed and Compiled by Randy and Lynda Chapple
Originally Recorded by J.E. Birchman

The following Monumental Inscriptions were initially recorded by J.E. Birchman in the late 1970's or the early 1980's. In his desire to share the information he had recorded in the local Kirkyards he gave freely of himself and his work to those that sought him out. He produced a map, drawn to scale, of each Kirkyard with all Tombstones numbered as per his transcriptions showing their location and other topographical features.

The following parish M.I. recordings have been carefully been typed and compiled by Randy and Lynda Chapple. In the same spirit of generosity, Randy has offered to perform lookups for the following parish transcriptions.

First browse through the kirkyards listed below.

To request a lookup, please email Randy Chapple, following the directions below:

  1. Write MI LOOKUP - Kirkyard - Name in subject line.
  2. In body, type the surname you're looking for in CAPS, followed by the KIRKYARD name and the specific M.I. NUMBER(S)