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The Wigtownshire Pages were originally designed by Leigh-Ann Evans-Elliott, with much content input by Crawford MacKeand, who is now managing them. Please use the e-mail address below if you have resources to donate, queries or concerns. All your comments are welcome.

Crawford MacKeand

We regret that we are not able to respond to individual research queries. We hope that the information on our site will help further your search, and we will continue to add items which we hope will be of general value in Wigtownshire's history and genealogy.

The Wigtownshire Pages originated from the Sct-Wigtownshire-L mailing list, which was started and formerly managed by Wayne G. Hannay, and is now managed by Mary Richardson, with Bruce McDowall and Crawford MacKeand. Communications for the list managers should be addressed to SCT-Wigtownshire-admin@rootsweb.com