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County Wide References

New to Research in Wigtownshire? Start with our A Beginner's Tutorial to Research in Wigtownshire. [click here]

The rest of our county related resources, listed in alphabetical order

1684 Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff:
An excerpt from the 1684 Parish lists. Indexed by name and place. [click here].

1851 Heads of Household Index:
This index is presented both as a summary of surnames, and as individual parish indexes. [click here]

1855 Records: A Treasure Trove of Information:
Images and examples of 1855 civil registration records. [click here]

1855 Death Index:
All Wigtownshire deaths recorded in the 1855 civil records are recorded in this index, accompanied where possible by a transcription of the record. [click here]

Beauty of Wigtownshire
Photo galleries of Wigtownshire Parishes. [click here].

Chelsea Royal Hospital Discharged Soldier List:
An index of Wigtownshire discharged soldiers who appear in the records for the Royal Chelsea Hospital in London, gleaned from the Public Record Office's online catalogue of archives. [click here.]

Commissariot Record of Wigtown. Testaments 1700 - 1800:
An index to Scottish wills, or testaments. Until quite recent times wills were recorded by the local commissariot, in Wigtown for Wigtownshire and also Minnigaff in Kirkcudbright. No record is known of wills in this county before the year 1700, and when the following list was compiled by Francis Grant in 1904, a cut-off of 1800 may have been imposed to comply with a 100 year rule. [click here]

Deaths in Wigtownshire

Volunteers from the SCT-WIGTOWNSHIRE list have offered to share their resources, many of which are related to the entire county.
  • Parish Specific.    Census, Monumental Inscriptions and Old Parish Records. [click here]
  • Other Records.   Books, Surnames, Wigtownshire Free Press FICHE lookups, and Miscellaneous items including valuation rolls, directories, are available. [click here]

M'Kerlie Farms
M'Kerlie published "Lands and their Owners in Galloway"in the 1870s. Here we offer an index to Wigtownshire farm names and local surnames, based on his work. [click here].

Monumental Inscriptions
Transcriptions of Cruggleton, Kirkinner, Kirkmadrine, Penninghame, Sorbie, St. Ninians/Whithorn New and St. Ninians/Whithorn Old kirkyards. [click here].

Naming Patterns
Tradition naming patterns for Wigtownshire and other parts of Scotland. [click here]

Napoleonic Militia List:
A transcription of the Militia list for the Napoleonic Wars. [click here].

Nominal Dates of Coverage.
Reference charts for nominal dates of coverage for births, marriages & deaths. [click here].

OPRs (or Old Parish Records)
Brief explanation of what to expect from an OPR record, with images as visual demonstrations. [click here]

Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minigaff, 1684.:
Published in 1916, this book contains nominal rolls recorded in 1684 of all persons, male or female, over the age of 12, by parish, and domicile. [click here]

Place Names in Wigtownshire:
Compiled by Carrie Gulline, this is an index of place names found in the 1684 Parish lists, and the census. [click here]

Strays Index. An index of Wigtownshire strays. [click here].

Surname Spelling Variants:
A collection of surname spelling variants, gleaned initially from the 1684 Parish Lists Name Index, with subsequent additions from other sources. [click Here].

Travel between Wigtownshire and Ireland:
"Ower the Sheuch" - The narrow seas between Scotland and Ireland, have seen a steady stream of passages throughout their history, almost all unrecorded. Read more of this absorbing article. [click here]

War Memorials:
Transcription of War Memorials found in Wigtownshire. [click here]

Wigtownshire Free Press Announcements
Births, marriage, death indexes for the Wigtownshire Free Press. [click here].

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