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Miscellaneous Death Records

Recorded by Meg Greenwood and Mike Glynn

Updated: June 2004

*Note: Below are miscellaneous civil registration death entries transcribed by Meg Greenwood and Mike Glynn. They do not represent full transcriptions of the death entries for that year. These were originally posted on the Sct-Wigtownshire-L rootsweb mailing list.

1856 Deaths

DUFFIE, Patrick, 40 yrs - #32 Kirkmaiden – Patrick Duffie, (Pauper) (Married), died, March Sixth 1856, 8 hour AM,at Rhins of Galloway Poor House. Age 40 Years. Parents: Not Known Consumption, 9 Months, Cert. John Wallace, Surgeon Buried in New Cemetery at Stranraer Michael Jeffrey, Governor, Rhins of Galloway Poor House, Present Wm Galbraith (?), Registrar

FOSTER, Janet, 4yr10mos - #13, Kirkcolm – Janet Foster, Single. Died June First, 1856, 12.10 Mid, Stewarton, Kirkcolm. Aged 4 Years 10 months. Parents: John Foster, Tailor and Mary Foster MS CLAY. Died of Measles. Buried in Old Churchyard, Kirkcolm. John Foster, Father, Present Arch McKinney, Registrar

McCREA, Elizabeth, 64 yrs, - #14, Kirkcolm, Married. Died June First, 1856, 4.30. AM Jachren(?) Hill, Kirkcolm, aged 64 Years. Parents: John MCCREDIE, Farmer (Deceased) and Jean McCredie MS LEITCH (?) (Deceased). Died of Asthma, No Medical Attendant. Buried in New Churchyard, Kirkcolm. John McCrea, Husband, Present Arch McKinney, Registrar. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCREA, Marion, 80 yrs - #33 Kirkmaiden – Marion McCrea, (Pauper) (Widow), died March Sixth, 1856, 0hour PM, Rhins of Galloway Poor House, aged 80 Years. Parents: Not known. Cause of death, Chronic Bronchitis, 6 Months, Cert. John Wallace, Surgeon. Buried in Parish Church Yard, Leswalt Michael Jeffrey, Governor, Rhins of Galloway Poor House (Present) Wm. Galbraith (?), Registrar. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

McWilliam, Margaret , 56yrs - #31 Stranraer – Margaret McWilliam (married), died March 9, 1856, 10h p.m., Fisher St. Stranraer, aged 56 years. Parents: John McWilliam, Farmer (Dec) and Ann McWilliam MS MILVAIN (dec). Disease of the Heart some years which terminated in Dropsy. Cert. Robert Wilson, Surgeon, Buried in Parish Churchyard Leswalt. Thomas CARDIE, Husband, Present Wm.Galbraith (?), Registrar

PATERSON, William , 76 yr - #15, Kirkcolm – Married. Died June Seventh, 1856, 12. Midnight, Knockoyd (?), Kirkcolm, aged 76 Years. Parents: Not known. Died of Consumption, No Medical Attendant. Buried in Old Churchyard, Kirkcolm. Samuel Paterson, Son, Present. Arch McKinney, Registrar

1857 Deaths

ADAIR, Margaret 3y - Stranraer #26 - Margaret ADAIR, 3 years. Parents: John ADAIR, Ploughman & Agnes COATS. Died: April 16, Stoneykirk Rd, Inch of Disease of Spine, 2 weeks, certified John Orgill, Surgeon. Buried: Inch Parish Churchyard, certified John Brown, Sexton. Signed Alex'r COATS, Grandfather. Registered Apr 18, Stranraer, Wm Glabreath, Registrar.

AGNEW, Elixabeth 77y - Penninghame #48 - Elixabeth AGNEW, Farmer's wife, 77 years. Parents: Robert McCRACKAN, Farmer & Margaret BELL. Died September 21, 11 am at Cullrattan of Old Age and Decay of Nature, certified Wm Erskine, Surgeon -last saw deceased September 3. Buried Old Luce Churchyd, certified John McKie, Church Officer. Signed Peter AGNEW, son. Registered September 21, Newton Stewart, Jas B Dill, Regr.

ALEXANDER, Douglas 18y - Penninghame #28 - Douglas ALEXANDER, 18 years. Parents: Thos DOUGLAS, 'Horebreaker' & Minie McWHINNIE. Died June 21, 6am at Barncronan [?] of Phthisis, some years. Certified J Pearson - last saw deceased June 15. Buried Kirkcowan Churchyard. Signed Thomas DOUGLAS, Father. Registered June 22, Newton Stewart, Jas B Dill, Registrar.

CRONIE, Unnamed , 30min - Mochrum - #37 - Unnamed CRONIE, 30 minutes. Parents: John CRONIE, Agricultural Labourer & Mary Jane DAVIDSON. Died November 23, 0:30am at Portwilliam of Exhaustion previous to delivery, duration 13w in utero. Certd James McCormick, Surgeon-last saw deceased Nov 23. Buried Mochrum Churchyard, certified John CRONIE, Undertaker. Signed John CRONIE, Father. Registered Nov 23, Mochrum, D. M. Macfarland, Registrar.

HUNTER, James 42y - Stoneykirk - Entry #9 - HUNTER, James, Domestic Servant, single. Died Jeb 28 at Ardwell Inn, aged 42. Father John HUNTER, Contractor, deceased. Mother Mary SCOTT. Cause of Death was stomach cancer, several months. Buried Churchyard of Stoneykirk. Informant was Alexander HUNTER, brother.

KERR, John 14y - Stranraer #103 - John KERR, 14 years. Parents: John KERR, Shipmaster & Margaret AITKEN. Died November 21, 1:30pm at Sheuchan St, Leswalt of Tumour in the Abdomen, 6 mos. Certified John Orgill, Surgeon. Buried: Leswalt Parish Churchyard, certified Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Signed John KERR, Father. Registered November 24, Stranraer, Wm Galbreath, Registrar.

KERR, Alexander 81y - Kirkcolm - #5 - Alexander KERR, Farmer, widower, 81 years. Died January 30, 9pm at Stewarton, Kirkcolm of Old Age. No medical attention. Parents: Nevin KERR, Farmer deceased & Helen AGNEW deceased. Buried Kirkcolm Churchyard, certified Thos Watson, Undertaker. Alex'r KERR, son. Registered Feb 2, Kirkcolm, Arch'd McKinning, Registrar

LOCHRIE, James 84y - Penninghame - #29 - James LOCHRIE, Farm Labourer, widower, 84. Parents: Brain LOCHRIE, Shoemaker & Catherine McMULLAN. Died: June 18, 1am at Newton Stewart of Old Age, certified Wm Ersline, Surgeon-last saw deceased June 17. Buried Minigaff Churchyd, certified Peter Stroyan, Beadle. Signed Helen KELLY, daughter, her Mark [X]. Registered June 22, Newton Stewart, Jas B Dill, Registrar.

LOWRIE, Sarah, 75y -Inch - #4 - Sarah LOWRIE, widow, Feb 15, 5pm at Barnuttoch, 75 years. Parents: Alex'r McCRACKAN, Farmer deceased & Sarah CUMMING deceased. Cause unknown, no medical attention. Buried Stoneykirk Churchyard, Jas McCredie, Church Officer. Signed John DOWNIE, Son-in-Law. Registered Feb 18, Inch, Jas Lawrie, Registrar.

MATTHEWS, Alexander 1y6m - Inch - #5 - Alexander MATTHEWS, March 1, 5am at Cairnryan, 1 year 6 months. Mother Janet MATTHEWS, Domestic Servant, Caused by Inflamation of Lungs, 3 weeks. Certified John Orgill, Surgeon, Stranraer. Last saw deceased February 27. Buried Inch Churchyard, certified Alex'r MATTHEWS. Signed Alex'r MATTHEWs, Grandfather. Registered March 3, Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar.

MCCREA, John, 73 yr - #9, Kirkcolm, -John McCrea, age 73, Mariner (Widower), April Seventh 1857, 6 h PM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm, 73 years, Hugh McCrea, Crofter (Dec) and Jean McCrea MS SPRATT (Dec) “… and old age..) Cert.Robert Nelson, Surgeon Old Churchyard, Kirkcolm ---McCrae, Daughter, Present Arch McKinney, Registrar. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

McCUTCHEON,James 79y - Mochrum - #38 - James McCUTCHEON, Pauper, Game Keeper, Married, 79 years. Parents: John McCUTCHEON, Tailor deceased & Margaret 'HAVERON' deceased. Died November 22, 6 am at Morton Village of Pleurisy, a few days. Certified Jas McCORMACK, Surgeon, last saw deceased November 21. Buried Mochrum Churchyard, certified Pat'k RAVY, Undertaker. Signed Rosanna RAVIE, her Mark [X], daughter. Sandberrick Farm. Registered November 27, Mochrum, D.M. Macfarlane, Registrar.

MCDOWALL, Alexander, 25 yrs - #8, Kirkcolm – Alexander McDowall, Post Office Messanger (Single), died, April Fifth 1857, 9 h 30 m PM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm, aged 25 Years. Parents: William McDowall, Barn (?) Office to Earl of Stair and Isabella McDowall MS MCMEEKAN. Cause of death: Phthsis Pulmonalis 8 months, Cert. Old Churchyard Kirkcolm William McDowall, Father, Present Arch McKinney, Registrar

McGUIRE, Agnes 10y - Stranraer #27 - Agnes McGUIRE, 10 years. Parents: John McGUIRE, Spririt Dealer deceased & Agnes O'HARE. Died: April 20, 9:45am at Fisher St, Stranraer of Dropsy, 1 year. Certified Rob't Wilson, Surgeon. Buried: Sheuchan New Cemetery, certified John Walls, Undertaker. Signed Agnes McGUIRE, her Mark [X]. Registered Stranraer Wm Galbreath, Registrar.

McNISH, Mary 63y - Stranraer #104 - Mary McNISH, 63 years. Parents: 'Uthrate' McNISH, Baker deceased & Mary CARNOCHAN deceased. Died November 24, 11:30am at High St, Stranraer, cause not certified. Buried Bellevilla Churchyard, certified Wm Thomson, Church Officer. Signed Mary [unclear], niece. Registered Nov 27, Stranraer, Wm Galbreath, Registrar.

McNELLIE, Euphemia 8 y - Stoneykirk - Entry #8 - McNELLIE, Euphemia, single. Died Mar 3, 1857 at Altain, aged 8. Father John McNELLIE, Blacksmith. Mother Jannet CORKRAN. Cause of death was Consumption, 1 year. buried in the Churchyard of Stoneykirk. Informant was John McNILLIE, father. [note spelling difference in surname]

McWILLIAM, Agnes 61y - Stoneykirk - Entry #7 - McWILLIAM, Agnes, a dressmaker, single. Died Mar 2, 1857 at No. Portofspittal, aged 61. Father Fame McWILLIAM, Farmer, deceased. Mother Grace McEWEN, deceased. Cause of death Unknown, 2 years duration. Buried Church yard of Stoneykirk. Informant was Andrew McWILLIAM, brother.

MILNE, James 85y - Kirkcolm #6 - James MILNE, labourer, married, 85. Parents: unknown. Died: Mar 1, 1:30am at Balscalloch, Kirkcolm of Bronchitis and General Debility. Certified Robt [unclear] -last saw deceased February 27. Buried New Churchyard of Kirkcolm, certified Thos Watson, Undertaker. Signed Andrew McLELLAND, son-in-law.

MURRAY, Isabella 89y - Kirkcolm - #4 - Isabella MURRAY, Crofter's widow, 89 years. Died January 5, 12 noon at Stewarton, Kirkcolm of Old Age, no medical attention. Parents: Hugh MONTGONERY, Crofter deceased & Agnes QUIRK, deceased. Buried Kirkcolm Churchyard,certified Thos Watson, Undertaker. Signed John McINTYRE, Son-in-Law. Registered January 13, Kirkcolm, Arch'd McKinning, Registrar

MURRAY, James 74y - Mochrum #39 - James MURRAY, Joiner, widower, 74 years. Parents: Alexander MURRAY, Wheelmaker deceased & Agnes McCULLOCH deceased. Died November 25, 11 am at Portwilliam of Intus Susceptio, 8 days. Certified James McCormick, Surgeon-last saw deceased November 25. Buried Sorbie Churchyard, certified Arch'd MURRAY, Undertaker. Signed Archibald MURRAY, son. Registered November 27, Mochrum, [unclear] Ass't Regr.

MURRAY, Peter 57y - Penninghame - #30 - Peter MURRAY, Book Hawker, married, 57. Parents: Peter MURRAY, Drover & Janet SHYLAN. Died June 8, 3pm at Newton Stewart of Inflamation of Bladder, 2 years, certified W. Erskine -last saw deceased day of death. Buried Minigaff Churchyard, certified d Peter Stroyan, Beadle. Signed 'Murgaet' MURRAY, sister. Registered June 25, Newton Stewart, Jas B Dill, Registrar.

MURRAY, Hugh 66y - Penninghame #46 - Hugh MURRAY, Shoemaker, married, 66 years. Parents: John MURRAY, Farm Labourer & Mary COWAN. Died Sept 18, midnight at Newton Stewart of Old age and Decay of Nature. Certified Wm Erskine Surgeon -last saw deceased Sept 17. Buried Minigaff Churchyard, certified Peter Stroyan, Beadle. Signed John MURRAY, Brother. Registered Sept 21, Newton Stewart, Jas B Dill, Registrar.

MURRAY, Helen 81y - Stranraer #25 - Helen MURRAY, single, 81 years. Parents: James MURRAY, Ship Master deceased & Helen SHANNON deceased. Died: April 3, 2:34pm at George St, Stranraer of Chronci Bronchitis & Natural Decay, 3 months. Certified Rob't Wilson, Surgeon. Buried Stranraer Parish Churchyard, certified Alex'r Thorburn. Signed Jamima DAVIS, Neice. Registered April 6, Stranraer, Wm Galbraith, Registrar.

MURRAY, James 66y Stranraer - #105 - James MURRAY, Shoemaker, Married, 66 years. Parents: Thomas MURRAY, Gardener deceased & Mary McGREGOR deceased. Died Nov 28, 5am at Stoneykirk Road, Inch of 'Appoplexy', Not certified. Buried Leswalt Parish Churchyard, certified Robert Rodie, Undertaker. Signed James MURRAY, son. Registered December 1, Stranraer, Wm Galbreath, Registrar.

ROSS, Unnamed - Inch #6 - Unnamed ROSS, April 11, 9am at Carinryan. Mother Susan ROSS, Flowerer. Cause unknown, no medical attention. Buried Inch Churchyard, certified Gilbert ROSS. Signed Gilbert ROSS, Grandfather. Registered Apr 11, Inch, James Lawrie, Registrar

STEWART, James, 60 (?) yrs - #7 Kirkcolm – James Stewart, Tinsmith, (Married), died March Twelfth 1857, 2 h. PM, Glengoyne (?), Kirkcolm, aged 60 (?) Years. Parents: Hugh Stewart, Tinsmith (Dec) Margaret Stewart MS JOHNSTON (dec). Cause of death Diarrhea. Buried in New Church Yard Kirkcolm Sarah Stewart, Wife, Present Arch McKinney, Registrar

WATERSON, Elisabeth Ennes 66y - Penninghame #47 - Elisabeth Ennes WATERSON, Farm Servant's wife, 66 years. Died September 20, 8pm at Upper Barr of Diarrhea, 4 days. Parents: John ENNIS, Kilnman & Jane JOHNSTONE. Buried: Penninghame Churchyard, certified Hugh McCandlish, Beadle. Signed Alexander WATERSON, Husband. Registered Sept 21, Newton Stewart, A.M.Conckie, Assistant Registrar.


BIGGAN, Thomas 3 yr. - #12 Leswalt – Thomas Biggam. Died 27 June 1858, 9 h 0 m PM, Challoch, Leswalt. Aged 3 years. Parents: Thomas BIGGAM, Labourer and Margaret Biggam MS DIAMOND. Died of Croup after Measles, 4 days, Cert. John Orgill, Surgeon. Buried in Church Yard of Leswalt. Thomas Biggam, father, Present.

CAIRNS, William, 78 yr. - #5 Leswalt – William McCrea, Widower, Farmer. Died 28 February 1858, 7 h 0 m PM, Yarchesie (?)Leswalt. Aged 78 years. Parents: Bernard CAIRNS, Labourer (dec) and Margaret Cairns Ms MILVAY (dec). Died of General debility from Old Age, 10 weeks, No Medical Attendant. Buried in Church Yard of Leswalt. Williams Cairns, Son, Present

GALLOWAY, John, 53 yr - #18 Inch – John Galloway, Dairyman, (Married) Died July 28, 1858, 11h 6m PM, Clendrie, aged 53 Years. Parents: John GALLOWAY, Labourer (dec) Esther Galloway MS PATTERSON Die of Fracture of Spine, 11 Days. Buried Church yard of Inch. James Galloway, Son, Present

HANNAH, John, 75 yr - #17 Inch – John Hannah, Single, Inspector of Poor Died 9 July 1858, 8h 15m PM, Inch – Parks, aged 75 years. Parents: John HANNAH, Farmer,(dec) and Janet Hannah MS MCWATER (dec) Died of Chronic Bronchitis and Dysuria, 4 years. Buried in Church yard of Inch. James Henry, Nephew, Inch parks, Present

HENRY, Mathew, 14 yr. - #11 Leswalt – Matthew Henry. Died: 18 June 1858, 9 h 0 m AM, Lochnaw, Leswalt, Aged 14 Years. Parents: John HENRY, Labourer (dec) and Janet Henry MS WATSON. Died of Tubercular Phthisis, 8 months, Cert. Ebeneezer Fleming, MD. Buried in Church Yard of Leswalt. William Henry, Brother, Not Present.

HODGES, Sarah, 77 yr. - #6 Leswalt – Sarah Hodges,Labourer’s Widow. Died: 31 March 1858, 10 h 0 m, AM. (-----), Parish of Leswalt, aged 77 years. Parents: David MCBURNIE, Farmer (dec) and Sarah McBurnie MS MCNEILLIE (dec). Died of Natural decay and Diarrhia 3 weeks, Cert. Robert Wilson, Surgeon. Buried in Church Yard of Leswalt, David Hodges, son, Not present

MCCREA, Alexander, 84 yr - #4 Leswalt – Alexander McCrea, Widower, Farmer Died 19 February 1858, 8 h 30 m PM, Halfmark,Leswalt, aged 84 years. Parents:Alexander MCCREA, Farmer (dec) and Janet McCrea MS MCCREDIE. Died of Hernia, Many years. Buried in Church Yard of Leswalt Alex McCrea, Son, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCREA, Elizabeth, 29 yr. - #10 Leswalt – Elizabeth McCrea, (Single) Died: 31 May 1858, 5 h 40 m PM, Little -------, Parish of Leswalt, Aged 29 Years. Parents: Andrew MCCREA, Farmer Jane McCrea formerly HOOD MS BROWN. Died of Effusion of the Brain from debility, 8 months, Cert. John Orgill, Surgeon. Buried in Church yard of Leswalt. James McCrea, Brother, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

THORBURN, Grace, 47 yr. - #16 Inch – Grace Thorburn, Wife of a Woolen Dyer. Died 29 June 1858, 6 h 0 m PM, Innermessan(?), Inch. Aged 47 years. Parents: Andrew MCCRAE, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth McCrae MS MCCREDIE. Died of Chronic Bronchitis 2 years and 7 months, Cert. By Ebeneezer Fleming, MD..Buried: Church yard of Inch. Jazmes Henry, Nephew, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com


McCREDIE, Elizabeth, 66 yr - #26, Leswalt – Elizabeth McCredie, (Married), died 28 November 1859, 2H 55M AM. Challoch, Parish of Leswalt, aged 66 Years. Parents: John GIBSON, Labourer (dec), Mary Gibson MS WALLACE (dec). Died of Pneumonia, 8 Days. Buried in Church yard of Leswalt. Mary McCredie, Daughter, Present

RANKIN, Elizabeth, 24yrs – #27 Leswalt – Elizabeth Rankin, House Maid (Single), died December Second 1859, 1 H 0M AM, of Phthisis, 1 Year Kirkland Cottage, Parish of Leswalt, Aged 24 years. Daughter of Alexander RANKIN, Farm Servant, Elizabeth Rankin, MS MARSHALL. Buried in New Church Yard, Kirkcolm. Alexander Rankin, Father, Present at time of death.


RANKIN, Mary Wallace, 17 y – Leswalt #11, Mary Wallace Rankin, single woman. Parents: Alexander Rankin, Farm Servant, Elizabeth Rankin MS Marshall. Died August 3rd, 1860, Kirkland, Leswalt, of Phthisis, 5 Months, Buried New Church Yard of Kirkcolm, informant Alexander Rankin, Father, Present


CLEAVE, Agnes 96y - Mochrum - #16 - Agnes CLEAVE, widow of John CLEAVE, Weaver. Died April 6, 2:30pm at Port William, Mochrum aged 96. Parents John CAMPBELL, Crofter deceased & Ann SEATON deceased. Cause of Death, Old Age, not certified. Informant signed as Alexander CLEAVE, son, Eldrick. Registered April 9, Mochrum.

MORTON, John 74y - Mochrum - #17 - John MORTON, Pauper, formerly Farm Labourer, single. Died April 4, 0:30am at Myrton Village, Mochrum aged 74 of Asthma, 'for years'. Parents unknown, both deceased. Informant was D. M Macfarlane, Inspector of Poor, Mochrum. Reistered April 11 at Mochrum.

YOUNG, Reverend Alexander - Mochrum - #18 - Reverend Alexander YOUNG. Died April 1 at Manse of the Parish of Mochrum, Wigtown, aged 66. Parents [blank]. Cause of death was Disease of the Heart, length of illness undetermined. Death was instantaneous. James Dongles, MD, Portwilliam certifies cause of death but did not see deceased til after Death. Registered on the information of Ebenezer Black, Procurator Fiscal. Reg'd April 17, Mochrum.


DILL, David, 18y Kirkinner -#33 - David DILL, Farm Servant, single, 18 years. Died December 4, 9:30pm at Moor Park of Scarlet Fever, 4 days. Parents were James Dill, Labourer & Janet GRAHAM. Informant was James DILL, father, his Mark [X], residing in Wigtown. Regd Dec 4/Kirkinner/R. B. Mantle, Regr.

MARTIN, Mary 78y - Kirkinner - #32 - Mary MARTIN, married to Alexander MARTIN, Farmer retired. 78 years. Died Nov 23, 10:30pm at Campford of Infirmities of age. Parents were John BODEN, Farmer & Mary HERON, both deceased. Informant was John MARTIN, grandson, Registered November 29 at Kirkinner, R. B. Mantle, Registrar.

THOMPSON, Jane, 70y -Kirkinner - #31 - Jane THOMPSON, widow of Samuel THOMPSON, Farmer. Died November 21, 8pm at Barness, 70 years. Parents were William McCORNACH, Farmer deceased & Agnes MURRAY deceased. Died of General debility and [?type] cancer. Informant was James THOMPSON, son, registered November 22, Kirkinner, R B Mantle, Registrar.


ANDREW, Mary (Moore), 42 years - #6 Old Luce (Glenluce) Parish - Mary ANDREW, married to James ANDREW, Quarrier. Died March 11, 9:30pm at --yorrie? Old Luce aged 42y, dau'r of William MOORE, Coal Miner decd & Jane MOORE, ms [unknown] decd. Cause of death was -----and phelbitis [unclear], 4days. Informant was James "endres" Widower. Reg'd March 12 at Glenluce.

CUMMING, James , 33 - #24 - James CUMMING, Farmer, single, age 33y. Died Oct 20, 11am at Stenhouse, son of Alexander CUMMING, Farmer & Jane WYLIE. Died of Pthisis pulmonalis lasting some years. No medical attendant. Informant was his brother, Alexander CUMMING, who was present at the death. Registered Oct 23 at Garliestown. James Dunsmore, Reg'r.

DONNAN, John, 29 years - #3 Glasserton Parish - John DONNAN, joiner journeyman, single, 29y. Died Jan 9, 7am at Monrieth Village of Softening of the brain ? [yes, it has the question mark on the certificate]. Indefinite duration, cert'd John Douglas MD. Parents were George DONNAN, Formerly Innkeeper & Helen MILROY. Informant was George DONNAN, father. Reg'd Jan 11, Glasserton, John Steel, Reg'r.

HERON, Elizabeth, 87 years - #1 Glasserton Parish - Elizabeth HERON, single, 87y. Died Jan 2, 6pm at Crennan of Natural Decay, many years, no medical attendant. Parents were Peter HERON, Farmer, decd & Wilhelmina HANNAH. Informant was John BROWN, son of occupier. Reg'd Jan 3, Glasserton, John Steel, Reg'r.

McCRACKEN , James, 92 - #43 - James McCRACKEN, Farmer, widow of Mary JAMIESON. Died Oct 17, 12:15am at Moorpark, aged 92. Father was Thomas McCOSH, Farmer, dec'd & Jane McWHINNIE, dec'd. Frailty and Old Age was the cause of death, No medical attendant. The son, James McCOSH was the Informant. Reg'd Oct 28/Stoneykirk, Thomas Kennedy, Reg'r.

McLEAN, Robert, 3 weeks - #5 Old Luce (Glenluce) Parish - Robert McLEAN, illegitimate birth to Elizabeth McLEAN, Domestic Servant. Died Jan 31, 2:30am at Kilncroft, Old Luce age 3w. Cause of death was Bronchitis, 5d. Informant was Minie McLean, "Ant". Reg'd Feb 14 at Glenluce.

McMASTER, Helend, 56 years - #4 Old Luce (Glenluce) Parish - Helen McMASTER, single, 56y. Died Jan 28, 9:15pm at Glenluce of disease of Liver - obscure, duration many years. Informant was James PULLAN or PULLAR, Brother in Law. Regd Jan 30 at Glenluce.

STEWART, John, 56 years - #2 Glasserton Parish - John STEWART, messenger about Glasserton House, married to Grace McCONNELL. died Jan 3, 1:50am at Glasserton aged 56 of Influenza ending in continued Fever, 20 days. Cert'd D. White, MD. Parents were Wm STEWART, Game Keeper [domestic servant] decd & Elisabeth HENDERSON decd. Informant was Wm COSH, step-son. Reg'd Jan 5, Glasserton, John Steel, Reg'r.


HANNAH, Elizabeth, 86 yr. - #41B – Wigtown – Elizabeth HANNAH, Stocking Knitter formerly a Domestic Servant, Single. Died 2 November 1871, 2h PM, High Street, Wigtown. Aged 86 years. Parents: William HANNAH, Farmer (dec) and Ellen Hannah MS MILLIGAN (dec). Died of Age frailty. Jessie Hannah, Niece, Agnew Crescent, Wigtown, Present.

KIRK, Margaret. 81 yr. - #15 Kirkcolm – Margaret KIRK married to George Kirk, Principal Light Keeper (dec). Died 13 June 1871, 7h 10m AM, -----wall Light House, Kirkcolm, Aged 81 years. Parents: David FERRIER, General Dealer (dec) and Barbara Ferrier MS GRAY (dec). Died of Old Age and General Debility. Henry Murdoch, Son in Law, Present.

MCCREA, Hugh, 79 yr. - #14 Kirkcolm – Hugh MCCREA, Married to Margaret Cruickshanks Deceased, Died 10 June 1871, 6h 30m AM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm, Aged 79 years. Parents: John MCCREA, Joiner (dec) and Margaret MCKENNAN (dec). Died of (No Information listed). Helen McCrea, Daughter, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MATTHEWS, Andrew, 2 yr. 11months - #40B Wigtown – Andrew Matthews, Single, Illegitimate. Died 16 October 1871, High Street, Wigtown. Aged: 2 years 11 months. Parents: Euphemia MATTHEWS, Domestic Servant. Died of Scarlatina Miligna, 1 week. Alex. Matthews. Grandfather, Present

ROSS, John, 31 yr. - #13 Kirkcolm – John ROSS, Married to Marion WITHER deceased, Died 2 June 1871, 2h 30m PM, Knocknassie, Kirkcolm, Aged 31 years. Parents: John (?) ROSS (dec) and Mary Ross MS COBB (?) (dec). Died of Bronchitis and General Breathing ---. – Ross, son, not present.

WILSON, Margaret, 72 yr. - #42B – Wigtown – Margaret WILSON, Widow of John WILSON, Farmer. Died 3 November 1871, 2h 15m PM, Church Lane, Wigtown. Aged 72 years. Parents: Peter MCCRAE, Farmer (dec) and Janet McCrae MS MURDOCH (dec). Died of Cancer of Beast 1 year, Heart Disease. James Wilson, Son, West Kirkland Wigtown, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com


MCCREA, Andrew, 79 yr. - #12 Leswalt – Andrew MCCREA, Farmer, Widower of Jane BROWN. Died: 13 June 1872, 5h om PM, Little Caldenoch, Leswalt. Aged 79 years. Parents: JamesM’Crea, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth M’Crea MS MCNEILLIE (dec). Died of Old Age and General Debility. Andrew McCrea, Son. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

RAMSAY, John, 78 yr. - #10 Leswalt – John RAMSAY, Farmer, Widower of Janet ROSS. Died 30 May 1872, 11h 0m PM, Little Caldernoch (?). Leswalt. Aged 78 years. Parents: Peter RAMSAY, Farmer (dec) and Margaret RAMSAY MS BEATTIE (dec). Died of Old Age and Debility, 2 years. John Ramsay, Son, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

RODIE, Robert, 67 yr. - #11 Leswalt – Robert RODIE, Labourer, Married to Margaret KING. Died 4 June 1872. 5h 15m AM, Aldowan (?) Bridge, Leswalt. Aged 67 years. Parents: Robert RODIE, Farmer (dec) and Margaret Rodie MS WATERS (dec). Died of Inflamation and Cogestion of Lungs, 5 months. Margaret Rodie, Widow, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com


EDGAR, George, 5 months - #113 Stranraer – George Edgar, Single. Died 15 December 1873, 4h 30m AM, 4 Princes Street, Stranraer. Aged 5 Months. Parents: David Edgr, Fisherman and Agnes Edgar MS MONTTEITH (?). Died of Bronchitis, 3 weeks. Agnes Edgar, Mother, Present. John Ritchie, Registrar, Witness.

MCCREA, John, 91 yr. - #112 Stranraer – John McCrea, late Farmer, Widower of Elizabeth MCCREDIE. Died 17 December 1873, 8h AM, 22 Habour Street, Stranraer, Aged 91 years. Parents: James McCrea, Farmer (dec) and Margaret McCrea MS MCDOWALL (dec). Died of Old Age. David Turner, Grandson, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCULLOCH, Eliza, 89 yr. - #114 Stranraer – Eliza McCulloch, Widow of James McCulloch, Farmer. Died 13 December 1873, 3h – PM, Bellevilla House, Stranraer. Aged 89 years. Parents: John WALLACE, Farmer (dec) and ---- Wallace MS AGNEW (dec). Died of Fracture of neck of Thighbone, 6 days. Mac—Leary, Son in Law, Present.


ARMOUR, Robert, 5 weeks - #127 Stranraer – Robert Armour, Single, Died 7 September 1874, 6h – AM, 44 Sun Street, Leswalt, Stranraer. Aged 5 weeks. Parents: Maryann ARMOUR, Dressmaker. Died of General Debility. Maryann Armour, Mother, Present.

CRICHTON, Margaret, 87 yr. - #2 Kirkcolm – Margaret Crichton, married to John REID, Farmer. Died 19 January 1874, 10h AM, Druiddon (?), Kirkcolm, Aged 87 years. Parents: Frederick Crichton (dec)– and Margaret Crichton MS LINDSAY(dec). Died of Old Age and Debility, Several years. Wm. Crichton --, Grand Nephew,

COWAN, John, 84 yr. - #6 Leswalt – John COWAN, Farmer, married to Margaret MCNEIL. Died: 14 April 1874, 5h 30m PM, Auchaidie, Leswalt. Age 84 years. Parents: John COWAN, Farmer (dec) and Marion Cowan MS CARRUTHERS (dec). Died of Hypertrophy of Heart…Congestion to Lungs. John Cowan, Son, present

ESPIE, Mary, 83 yr. - #3 Kirkcolm – Mary Espie, widow of David HEWERTH (?), Labourer. Died 29 January 1874, 2h 10m PM, Weirstore(?), Kirkcolm. Aged 83 years. Parents: John ESPIE, Farm Labourer (dec) and Rebecca Espie MS BROWN (dec). Died of Old Age and Debility. Helen Espie, Sister in Law, Henry McRostie, Registrar.

FREEL, Francis, 76 yr. - #64 Stranraer – Francis FREEL, Labourer, Single. Died 23 March 1874, 1h –AM, Wigtownshire Poor House. Aged 76 years. Parents: Unknown. Died of Inflamation and congestion of Lungs, 1 1/2 months. Mc-----, Governor, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCLELLAND,or ROONEY Margaret, about 80 yr. - #128 Stranraer – Margaret Rooney or McLelland, Died: 20 August 1874, 8h –PM, Her own house, Hanover Square, Stranraer. Aged about 80 years. Parents: No information. Died of ---. Registration on the information of Alex McNeel Caird, Procurator Fiscal. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCRAE, Archibald, 62 yr. - #4 Leswalt – Archibald McCrae, Farmer, Married to Agnes MCMEEKAN, Died: 15 March 1874, 4h 0m AM, Halfmark, Leswalt. Aged 62 years. Parents: Alexander MCCRAE, Farmer (dec) and Janet McCrae MS HASWELL (dec). Died of Apoplexy, 8 hours. John McCrae, Brother. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCREA, Hugh, 16 yr. - #66 Stranraer – Hugh McCrea, Flesher, Married to Jessie MUNCHIE. Died 22 March 1874, 2h—AM, 8 Bridge Street, Stranraer. Aged 63 years. Parents: Andrew McCrea, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth McCrea MS MCCREDIE (dec). Died of Chronic Disease of Lungs of long standing. Jessie McCrea, Widow, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCREA, James, 68 yr, - #129 Stranraer – James McCrea, Coachman, married to Mary RALSTON. Died 12 September 1874, 8h 30m AM, 22 King Street, Stranraer. Aged 68 years. Parents: Andrew McCrea, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth McCrea MS MCCREDIE (dec). Died of Cancer of Stomach, 15 months, Diarrhera 10 days. Robert Shaw, Son in Law, Not present.

MCCRAE, William, 83 yr. - #1 Kirkcolm – William McCrae, Farmer, Married to Elizabeth KERR. Died 5 January 1874, 9h 45m PM, Ervie, Kirkcolm. Aged 83 years. Parents: Andrew McCrae, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth McCrae MS McCARDIE (dec). Died of Broncho-pneumonia, 7 days. James Torbet, Nephew by marriage, Present Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

ROONEY or MCLELLAND, Margaret, about 80 yr. - #128 Stranraer – Margaret Rooney or McLelland, Died: 20 August 1874, 8h –PM, Her own house, Hanover Square, Stranraer. Aged about 80 years. Parents: No information. Died of ---. Registration on the information of Alex McNeel Caird, Procurator Fiscal. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

THOMSON, William McDonald, 1 yr. - #5 Leswalt – William McDonald THOMSON, Single. Died 28 March 1874, Aucneel, Leswalt. Aged 1 year. Parents: Samuel THOMSON, Farm Servant and Elizabeth RENNIE. Died Chronic Bronchitis, 4 months. Samuel Thomson, Father.

WOOD, Janet Dalziel, 6 yr. 9 months - #65 Stranraer – Janet Dalziel WOOD, Single. Died 21 March 1874, 8h—AM, 33 Harbour Street, Stranraer. Aged 6 years and 9 months. Parents: William WOOD, Tailor and Agnes Wood MS ROSS. Died of Gastric Fever, 1 1/2 months. William Wood, Father, Present.


BLAIN, Mary, 85, Inch - #29 - Mary BLAIN, 85y, wid Peter BLAIN, died Dec 8 Invernessan, Inch daur of Alexander MURRAY & Agnes McGEOCH

DONNAN, Rosanna, 53, Inch - #28 - Rosanna DONNAN, 53y, marr David DONNAN, died Nov 26 Miekle Tongue, Inch daur of John McMASTER & Grace McKENZIE

JOHNSTONE, Rosanna, 32, Inch - #30 - Rosanna JOHNSTONE, 32y, marr Alexander JOHNSTONE, died Dec 13 Low Clendrie?, daur of James CLANACHAN & Ann CLANACHAN

LOGAN, Elizabeth, 79, Stoneykirk - #59 - Elizabeth LOGAN, 79y, died Sept 22 Clachanmore daur of Thomas LOGAN & Elizabeth MURRAY

MURRAY, John, 3w, Stoneykirk - #58 - John MURRAY, 3w, died Sept 21 Kirkmabreck illegitimate son of Wm MURRAY & Mary McLEOD

RICE, Helen, 6m, Stoneykirk - #57 - Helen RICE, 6m, died Sept 7y, Culmore daur of Thomas RICE & Janet WALKER


AGNEW, John, 84 years - Stoneykirk Parish - #14 - John AGNEW, Crofter widower of Mary CONNELL. Died 15 March, 6:40pm at Sandhead aged 84y. Parents were Joseph AGNEW, Farmer decd & Janet McCHLERY decd. Cause of death was Gen. Debility, years. Informant was Charlotte WILSON, Niece in law.

BOOTH, Margaret aged 77 - Stoneykirk Parish #15 - Margaret BOOTH, 77y. Died 23 March at Sandmill of "Gen. Breaking Up, years". Parents were Christopher BOOTHE, Farmer decd & Catherine -----[unknown]. Informant was James BOOTH, Brother.

HILL, Agnes, 1 year, 11 mos. - #38 Stoneykirk parish - Agnes HILL, 1y 11m. died 15 Sept 6:55pm at Auchleach of Enteritis, acute 7d. Parents were John HILL, Plougman & Agnes WITHER. Informant was the mother.

MCKIE, Jane, 76 yr. -#4 Leswalt – Jane McKie, Single. Died 4 march 1877, 8h om AM, Thorny Croft, Leswalt. Aged 76 years. Parents: John McKie, Farmer (dec) and Jane McKie MS MCKISSOCK (dec). Died of Heart Disease, Some years. W.S.Henderson, Agent for Funeral Society of which the dec’d was a member.

MURRAY, James, 2 year - Stoneykirk Parish - #13 - James MURRAY, 2y. died 19 March, 8:45am at Balgreggan of Decline. Parents were Patrick MURRAY, Ploughman & Isabella GRACEY. Informant was the father.

MURRAY, Susan, 3 mos. - #39 Stoneykirk parish - Susan MURRAY, 3m. Died Sept 26 at 3am in Kilbreen of Weakness from infancy or birth. Parents were Wm MURRAY, Ag Lab'r & Ann MORISON. Informant was the father.

ROSS, Margaret, 62 yr. - #6 Leswalt – Margaret Ross, Married to Andrew Ross, Farmer. Died 23 March 1877, 9h 0m PM, Porslogan (?), Leswalt. Aged 62 years. Parents: Alexander McCRAE, Farmer (dec) and Janet McCrae MS HASWELL (dec). Died of Pneumonia, 2 weeks. Andrew Ross, Widower, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

WALKER, Andrew, 26 days - #37 Stoneykirk parish - Andrew WALKER, illegitimate. Died Sept 10, 11am at Culmore, aged 26d. Mother's name was Margaret WALKER, Domestic Servant. Cause of death was Enteritis, 4d. Informant was Thomas RICE, Uncle.Occupier.

WALLACE, Jane, 88 yr. - #5 Leswalt – Jane WALLACE, widow of James Wallace, Farmer and Miller. Died 11 March 1877, 5h 0m AM, Challoch Cottage, Leswalt. Aged 88 years. Parents: William MCEWING, Farmer (dec) and Elizabeth McEwing MS MCEWING (dec). Died of Old Age and Frailty. William McMeikan, Nephew.


MCCRAE, John, 61 yr. - #26 Kirkcolm – John McCrae, Commercial Traveler, Single. Died 5 June 1878, 9h 30m PM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm. Aged 61 Years. Parents: Hugh MCCRAE Grocer (dec) and Mary McCrae, MD MCCRAE (dec). Mary McCrae, Sister, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCRAE, David, 15 mons. - #27 Kirkcolm – David MCCRAE, Single. Died 13 June 1878, 5h 20m PM, BAUK----, Kirkcolm. Aged 15 months. Parents: Andrew MCCRAE, Farmer and Maggie McCrae MS ANDERSON. Died of Hooping Cough, 6 weeks. Andrew McCrae, Father, Present Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

ROSS, James, 61 yr. - #25 Kirkcolm – James ROSS, Ploughman, married to Mary ARUISHOAG (?), Died 5 June 1878, 5h AM, Knockusea, Kirkcolm. Aged 81 years. Parents: John ROSS, Plougman (dec) and Rose Ross MS FORBES (?). Died of Phthisis Pulmonalis, 9 weeks.Andrew Ross, Brother, Present Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com


BROWN, Nathan, 75y, #5 Sorbie Parish - Nathan BROWN - Annuitant, Widower of Janet McKEACHIE. Died Feb 6, 1879 at 4pm, Sorbie Village. Age 75y. P/Samuel BROWN, Coachman decd & Mary CARSON decd. Cause of Death [very hard to read] Dorpasical affliction, some months, no medical attendant. Signed Matthew DILL or BELL [although I suspect DILL for the illegible handwriting alone...], son-in-law. Reg'd Feb 8, 1879 at Garliestown. Jas Dunsmore.

KEACHIE, Janet (Brown), 75 years - #5 Sorbie parish - Nathan BROWN, Annuitant, widower of Janet KEACHIE. died 6 Feb, 4pm at Sorbie Village, 75y. Parents were Samuel BROWN, Coachman decd & Mary CARSON decd. Cause of death was D--fasical affectation some months. Informant was Matthew DILL, son-in-law.

McCLELLAND, Mary 53y, #6 Sorbie parish - Mary McCLELLAND - married to John McCLELLAND, Ploughman. Died Feb 20, 3:30am at Little Dalsier [/], age 53. P/Robert CALDERWOOD, Ploughman decd & Barbara WYLIE decd. Cause of Death Pneumonia, 8d. Certd John c. Douglas, MD Whithorn. Signed John M McCLELLAND, son. Regd Feb 21, Garliestown. Jas Dunsmore.

McKEAND, Grace 73 years - #4 Sorbie parish - Grace McKEAND - married to Andrew McKEAND, Agricultural Labourer. Died Jan 23, 4pm at Culte [? hard to read], 1879 aged 73y. P/Robert McCONNELL, Agricultural Labourer decd & Jane DUNN decd. Cause of Death- Bronchitis, 3m, no regular Medical attendant. Signed Matilda D. McKEAND, Granddaughter. Registered Garliestown Jan 23, 1879. Jas Dunsmore.

McJANNET, John, age 75 years - #19 Inch Parish - John McJANNET, Farmer married to Margaret F CORD [or HORD]. Died 7 May, 5pm at Mains of Larg, Inch aged 75y. Parents were Wm McJANNET decd & Margaret BRYAN decd. Cause of death was Apoplexy, 41 hours. Informant was Robert McJANNET, son.

MURRAY, Hugh - aged 58 years - #21 Inch Parish - Hugh MURRAY, Saddler married to Jane McHARG. Died 23 May, 4:15pm at Mount Pleasant, Inch aged 58. Parents were James MURRAY, Farmer decd & Elizabeth PURDIE decd. Cause of death was Chronic Bronchitis, 4m & Dialating Bronchi, 3m. Informant was a son, Gilbert MURRAY.

RONNEY, Hugh Thomas, aged 4 years - #20 Inch Parish - Hugh Thomas RONNEY. Died 21 May, 4:20am at Bridge of Aird, Inch aged 4y. Parents were Hugh RONNEY, Ag Labourer & Margaret McGUIGAN. Cause of death was Burn from clothing catching fire [1m,7d] & Spinal meningitis 5d. Informant was the father.


CLANNY, Mary, 28 yr. - #19 Kirkcolm – Mary Clanny, Married to John Clanny, Hammers man. Died 8 September 1880, 9h 45m PM. McBride, Kirkcolm, Aged 28 years. Parents: John HERON, Farm Servant and Mary Heron MS ALEXANDER. Died of Phthisis, 2 years. John Heron, Father, Present. Henry McRoskie, Registrar, Witness.

MCCRAE, Janet, 75 yr. - #20 Kirkcolm – Janet McCrae, Widow of John McCrae, Farmer. Died 30 October 1880, 3h AM, High Cashan (?), Kirkcolm. Aged 75 years. Parents: Andrew AGNEW, Farmer (dec) and Hele Agnew MS McDOWALL (dec). Died of Pneumonia (acute) 4 days. John McCrae, Son, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

GARDNER, John, 72 yr. - #21 Kiekcolm – John Gardner, Genereal Labourer, Widower of Margaret DOUGAN (?). Died 6 November 1880, 2h 20m AM, Stewwarton, Kirkcolm. Aged 72 years. Parents: William Gardner, Labourer (dec) and Mary Jane Gardner MS KEIMEL (?) (dec). Died of Hemiplagia, 6 days. William gardner, Son, Present. Henry McRoskie, Registrar, Witness.


BAXTER, Agnes, 45 yr. - #40 Kirkcolm – Agnes Baxter, Pauper, Single. Died 11 November 1882, 3h 30m AM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm. Aged 45 Years. Parents: George Baxter, Farm Servant (dec) and mary Ann Baxter MS FINLAY (dec). Died of Congestion of Lungs –weeks. George Andrews, Nephew.

EDGAR, Helen, 76, Kirkmaiden - #17 - Helen EDGAR, 76, marr William EDGAR, died Sept 5 Logan Mill daur of Alexander MAXWELL & Helen McBRYDE

FULTON, Mary,74 yr. - #33 Penninghame – Mary Fulton, Widow of Charles Fulton, Farmer. Died 18 June 1882, 5h 0m PM, Barbuchany, Penninghame. Aged 74 years. Parents: Alexander McQUEEN, Farmer (dec) and -----MCQueen MS MILLIGAN (dec). Died of Disease of Heart, Dropsy. William Wylie, Son in Law, Present.

GARRETT, Elizabeth, 72 yr. - #4 Kirkcolm – Elizabeth Garrett, widow of Hugh Garrett, Labourer. Died 14 January 1882, 7h PM, ---Kirkcolm. Aged 72 years. Parents : John COWAN, Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Cowan MS KENNEDY (dec). Died of Chronic Bronchitis, 1 year. James Garrett, Son

HAMILTON, William Alexander, 7 months. - #6 kirkcolm – William Alexander Hamilton, Single. Died 2 February 1882, 5h AM, Cairn---, Kirkcolm. Aged 7 Months. Parents: William Hamilton, Labourer and Isabella Hamilton MS RICHARDSON. Died of Pneumonia Acute, 14 days. William Hamiton, Father, Present. Danl.Wallace, Registrar, Witness.

JAMILTON, Elizabeth, 39, Kirkmaiden - #18 - Elizabeth JAMILTON, 39y marr Wm HAMILTON, died Sept 7, Aughneight daur of John MURRAY & Margaret [blank]

MCCRAE, Alexander, 71 yr. - #37 Kirkcolm – Alexander McCrae, merchant, Widower of Janet McEwan. Died 30 October 1882, 9h AM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm. Aged 71 years. Parents: James McCrae, Farmer (dec) and Euphemia McCrae MS GIBSON (dec). Died of Typhoid Fever, 21 days. James McCrae, Son. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCRAE, John, 81 yr. - #5 Kirkcolm – John McCrae, Farmer, Widower of Mary BIGGAM. Died 3 February 1882, 2h 40m AM, Ervie, Kirkcolm. Aged 81 years. Parents: Andrew MCCRAE, Farmer (dec) and Janet McCrae MS MCCREDIE (dec). Died of Pneumonia, 14 days. John McCrae, Son, Present. Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCCRAE, Peter, 73 yr. - #31 Penninghame – Peter McCrae, Joiner (Master), Widower of Helen Smith. Died 16 May 1882, 10h 0m PM, 33 Queen Street, Newton Stewart. Aged 73 years. Parents: Peter McCrae, Farmer (dec) and Margaret McCrae MS GRAHAM (dec). Die of Disease of Heart, Dropsy. William McCrae, Son, 26 Home Street, Edinburgh Contact: Mike at MikieNos35@aol.com

MCKIE, Elizabeth, 17 yr. - #39 Kirkcolm – Elizabeth McKie, Servant, Single. Died 3 November 1882, 2h 30m PM, Stewarton, Kirkcolm. Aged 17 years. Parents: John McKie, Labourer and Margaret McKie MS THOMSON. Died of Phthisis Pulmonalis, 1 year. John McKie, Brother, Present. Dan.Wallace, Registrar, Witness

McLAUCHLAN, William, 17, Kirkmaiden - #16 - William McLAUCHLAN, 17, died Aug 16 Mull, son of Jane McLAUCHLAN

WELSH, James, 77 yr. - #32 Penninghame – James Welsh, Joiner (Journeyman), Widower of Mary MCHEAND, Died 4 June 1882, 10h 0m AM, 5 Princes Street, Newton Stewart. Aged 77 Years. Parents: James Welsh, Ploughman (dec) and Margaret Welsh MS SHAW (dec). Died of Epithilial Cancer of Mouth. James Welsh, Son, Present.


BONE, Elizabeth, 63, Stoneykirk - #22 - Elizabeth BONE, 63y, marr Samuel BONE, died June 12 Lochans daur of John McDOWALL & Jane MARSHALL

HENRY, Robert, 63, Inch - #24 - Robert HENRY, 63y marr Elizabeth HAY, previously Agnes KERR, died July 18 Lochans son of John HENRY & Jane GUNION.

MORLAND, Charles, 52, Stoneykirk - #24 - Charles Morland ROSS, MD, 52, marr Isabella FERGUSON son of John ROSS & Marion WITHER

MURRAY, Elizabeth, 1y, Stoneykirk - #23 - Elizabeth MURRAY, 1y, died June 11 Sandhead daur of John MURRAY & Maggie FORBES

MURRAY, Mary, 3m, Inch - #23 - Mary MURRAY, 3m, died July 6 Clendrie, daur of Robert MURRAY & Elizabeth McDONALD

REID, Ann, 70, Inch - #22 - Ann REID, 70y, died June 2 Barnnetoch, daur of James REID & Mary McCRACKEN


COOK, Ann, 69, Kirkmaiden - #2 - Ann COOK, 69y, widr Wm COOK, died Jan 20 Drumore, daur of Andrew MURRAY & Margaret McMURRAY.

KELTON, Agnes, 24, Kirkmaiden - #3 - Agnes KELTON, 24y marr Wm KELTON, died Jan 25 Logan Mains daur of Wm McCRONE & Eliz'h CLARK

KELTON, James, 22, Kirkmaiden, #1 - James KELTON, 22y, died Jan 21 Logan Mains son of Wm KELTON & Agnes CRONE

MURRAY, Annie, 6y, Stoneykirk - #28 - Annie MURRAY, 6y, died July 24 Auchintibbert daur of Robert MURRAY & Elizabeth McDONALD

TODD, Marion, Stoneykirk - #29 - Marion TODD, 5m, died July 29 daur of Mary TODD

WITHER, Agnes, 70, Stoneykirk - #30 - Agnes WITHER, 70y, died July 30 Glen Cottage, Awhirk daur of Alexander WITHER & Elizabeth McHARRIE.


BLACK, Jane 67y - Stranraer #8 - Jane BLACK, 67 years. Died January 19, 7pm at 27 Lewis St, Stranraer of Cerebral Haemorrhage, 1 day, certified Thomas Easton, MD. Parents Archibald FERGUSON, Hotel Keeper deceased & Agnes ANDERSON deceased. William BLACK signed as Informant, son. Registered January 20, Stranraer, John Hunter, Registrar.

BRYDEN,John 2hr - #7 Stranraer- John BRYDEN, 2 hours. Died Jan 19, 8:30am at 1 Park Lane, Leswalt, Stranraer of Syncope, certified George Scott, MBCM. Parents John BRYDEN, Journeyman Joiner & Jessie TULLY. John BRYDEN signed as Father, registered Jan 20, Stranraer, John Hunter, Registrar

CUMMING, Mary 79y - Stranraer #9 - Mary CUMMING, widow of James CUMMING, Seaman, 79 years. Died Jan 19, 9:15pm at 42 Hanover St, Stranraer of Senile Decay, certified Thomas Easton, MD, Edinburgh. Parents John KERR deceased & Grace McCRACKEN deceased. [Informant's signature is unreadable], relationship given as 'Cousin' of 44 Station St, Stranraer. Registered January 22, Stranraer, John Hunter, Registrar.


UNKNOWN, Stoneykirk - #22 - Unknown seaman, 50-60y found onshore drowned - no other identifying data.

AITKEN, Euphemia, 60, Stoneykirk #24 - Euphemia ATIKEN, 60y, marr Daniel AITKEN son of John MURRAY & Jane McCLURE

CATHCART, Grace, 38, Stoneykirk - #23 - Grace CATHCART, 38y marr Alex'r CATHCART, died Aug 11 Sandhead daur of Anthony PATERSON & Helen ALEXANDER

DORANS, Peter, 9m, Inch - #11 - Peter DORANS, 9m, died Apr 27 Atchtraline son of Robert DORANS & Jane CAMPBELL

McDOWALL, Sarah, 68 – Inch - #12 - Sarah McDOWALL, 68y, wid'r John McDOWALL, died June 8 Canney's Corner, Inch daur of Wm LAWRIE & Sarah McCRACHEN

MURRAY, Gilbert, 5y1, Inch - #10 - Gilbert MURRAY, 5y marr Agnes DICKSON, died Apr 12 Bridgebank son of Hugh MURRAY & Jane McHARG


MARR, David, 17, Kirkcolm - #19 - David MARR, 17y died May 8 Mains of Airies son of John MARR & Jemima Jane Stewart STRACHAN

MURRAY, Mary Cauchie, 1y, Kirkcolm - #14 - Mary Cauchie MURRAY, 1y, died May 11 Ervie daur of Thos MURRAY & Jeanie AGNEW #15 - Annie McCLINTON, 14y died June 2 South Cairn daur of Wm McCLINTON & Mary GRIBBON


BLACKWELL, George,3d, Kirkmaiden - #15 - George BLACKWELL, 3d, died July 7 Longrigg son of James BLACKWELL & Janet JACK

BROWN, Mary, 72, Kirkmaiden - #24 - Mary BROWN, 72, died Dec 25 Cardrain daur of Robert BROWN & Mary McCULLOCH

GUNNION, George, 89, Kirkmaiden - #23 - George GUNNION, 89y, died Dec 5 Drummore son of James GUNNION & Agnes JAMIESON.

McCULLOCH, William, 9hrs, Kirkmaiden - #13 - William McCULLOCH, 9 hours, died June 28 at Cardrain son of Wm Alexander McCULLOCH & Annie MACINTOSH

McGAW, Maggie, 62, Kirkmaiden - #22 - Maggie McGAW, 62y, mar James McGAW, died Dec 4 Killumpha, daur of Alexander MURRAY & Elizabeth CAVANS.

MURRAY, Sarah, 81, Kirkmaiden – #14 - Sarah MURRAY, 81y, died July 6, Grennan, daur of Philip MURRAY & Elizabeth BONE


BALLANTYNE, Jessie, 58, Kirkmaiden - #13 - Jessie BALLANTYNE, 58y, marr Alexr BALLANTYNE, died May 16 Drummore, daur of Hugh MUIR & Elizabeh REID

CAVENS, Isabella, 63, Kirkmaiden - #15 - Isabella CAVENS, 63y, marr James CAVENS, died May 18 Drumore daur of Wm MURRAY & Isabella HAINING.

FITZSIMMONS, Selina Elizabeth, 16d, Kirkmaiden, - #14 - Selina Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS, 16d, died May 17 High Curghie, daur of Robert FITZSIMMONS & Agnes McGAW

FITZSIMMONS, Agnes Jane, 2d, Kirkmaiden 0 #12 - Agnes Jane FITZSIMMONS, 2d, died May 3 High Curghie daur of Robert FITZSIMMONS & Agnes McGAW

MURRAY, Annie, 5, Kirkmaiden - #1 - Annie MURRAY, 5y, died Man 5 Drumore daur of Archibald McVIE & Jane McCLUE

IRVING, Henry Hill, 10m, Kirkmaiden - #2 - Henry Hill IRVING, 10m, died Jan 17 Drumore son of Hugh McCreadie IRVING & Helen HUNTER.

McGAW, William, 79, Kirkmaiden - #11 - William McGAW, 79y, widr of Agnes McCOSH,died Apr 21 at Several, son of James McGAW & Janet THOMISON.

MURRAY, William, 50, Kirkmaiden - #3 - William MURRAY, 50y, mar Jane HIGGINS, died Jan 20, Grennan son of Sarah MURRAY.

MURRAY, John, 54, Kirkmaiden - #10 - John MURRAY, 54y, marr Maggie FORBES, died Apr 21 at Logan, son of James MURRAY & Isabella McKENZIE


COCHRANE, Martha, 76 – Stoneykirk - #37 - Martha COCHRANE, 76, died Auchentibbert Dec 4, daur of Wm COCHRANE & Jane McCREADIE

MURRAY, Jane Gilmour, 39, - Stoneykirk - #38 - Jane Gilmour MURRAY, 39y, marr Andrew MURRAY, died Dec 10, Lochans, daur of Jessie McCAW. #39 - Andrew MUIR, 8m, died Dec 4, Auchleach, son of Maggie MUIR.