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Useful Wigtownshire Links

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General Genealogy


Cyndi's List

LDS Family Search and associated sites

Genuki : UK & Irish Genealogy





Map and Telephone Sources

Family History Societies

We encourage those interested in Wigtownshire genealogy to browse these sites, and consider joining one or more of these helpful Societies.

Ranks, Professions, and Trades

Archaic Medical Terms


Overseas Stamp Suppliers

An IRC, or international reply coupon, is one way to pay in advance for the return postage on a letter from another country back to your home. These are available (officially) from post offices world-wide. However, in practice, they may be difficult to find and are quite expensive. It is cheaper to order foreign stamps from specialist dealers, and use them to frank a self-addressed return envelope that you send as an enclosure to your correspondent. As such a supplier in the USA we know of William Plum, 12 Glenn Road, Flemington NJ 08822-3322, whose service is extensively used by amateur radio operators internationally, but we do not have details of any similar suppliers in other countries.

Post Offices are almost never able to help with stamps of other countries.



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