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Other Records

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Other Records Available for Lookup

Books and other records
  • Ewart Library in Dumfries, as time permits. Contact Phil Reed
  • Highways & Byways in Galloway & Carrick. See further details. Contact Linda Call
  • Ordnance Survey Maps and questions, also look-ups in "Penninghame, The Story of a Parish. Contact Mary Richardson
  • MIs for Dundoon, Dumbartonshire, Carrick Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Volume 1, contact Janet Tennent
  • History of the Lands and Their Owners In Galloway by P.H. McKerlie, contact Bob McKerlie and Frances Black
  • The Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway Vol. I and II. Contains details of the Sheriffs of Galloway, their forebears and friends, their courts and customs of their times with notes of the early history, ecclesiastical legends, the Baronage and place names ofthe province. written by the Late Sir Andrew AGNEW, Bart. of Lochnaw printed in 1893. Contact Frances Black
  • Wigtown and Whithorn: Historical and Descriptive Sketches, Stories and Anecdotes Published in 1877. An interesting and funny book which includes adverts by traders which can help with research. Contact Frances Black
  • The Literary History of Galloway by Thomas Murray, published about 1830. Contact Frances Black
  • The Place Names of Galloway, their Origin and Meaning, Sir Herbert Maxwell 1930. Contact Frances Black
  • Raiderland - all about Grey Galloway its stories, traditions, characters and humours by SR Crockett. Published in 1904. Contact Frances Black
  • Galloway a Land Apart, Andrew McCulloch. Contact Frances Black
Wigtown County Valuation Rolls 1918/19, and 1940/41     Frances Black is available for lookup.

BMDs, Census & OPRs in Wigtownshire
Meg Greenwood is available for lookup of the following resources. All requests to Meg must have WIGPages REQUEST, followed by the SURNAME, in the subject line. In response, Meg can send transcriptions or JPG images. Please be specific in your request: surname, forename, and area. A blanket search for all surname references should be avoided.
Births, Marriages and Deaths : 1855 - 1875 plus 1881 and 1891. Can scan and send images if requested.
Censuses 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81 & 91 for all parishes. 1881 is the Latter Day Saints set of CDs. I do not have the Indexes for the 1841, see parish lookups for those resources. Send Head of Household Index numbers for 1851.
Old Parish Record Microfilms for all parishes. Not all parishes have deaths/burials. All names from these films should be found on the IGI, other data such as residence or occupation is sometimes included in the filmed books. Need parish, name and estimated date.
Wigtown Free Press - Index lookups ONLY
This valuable and interesting source of information is basically a index only of published articles that were published in the WFP 1843 - 1925 in Galloway and Wigtownshire. (Note: to view some selected transcriptions, click here.) For lookups in the WFP indexes, please cite specific information regarding Parish, and date of b/m/d, or occasion per request. See Wigtown Free Press for further information.
Wigtown Free Press
Surname/period Volunteer Contact
Carnie/Carney, 1843-1880 Anita McNeil
McNeil, 1843-1880 Anita McNeil
McCubbin, 1843-1925 Lorna McCubbin
Hannay, 1843-1925 Wayne Hannay
All names, 1843-1925 Charlene Dunbar

Wigtownshire Surname Databases
McCubbin Lorna McCubbin
Hannay, Penninghame and Kirkcowan only Wayne Hannay
Main and var., Penninghame and Kirkcowan only Wayne Hannay
McClelland (and variations). All parishes.
1841 and 1851 and OPR Christenings and Marriages
Barbara Lewis
Births/Marriages. All Wigtownshire.
Ian Heath

M'Kerlie Farm Names
M'Kerlie published "Lands and their Owners in Galloway" in the 1870s. Here we offer an index to Wigtownshire farm names, based on his work. To see more, go to the M'Kerlie pages

Wigtown County Valuation Rolls 1918/19, and 1940/41 Frances Black
The Middlebie Parish Burial Grounds MIs - Carruthers Burial Ground, Pennersaughs Burial Ground and Middlebie Church Burial Ground.

The Middlebie Parish MIs are on a alphabetical data base and contain all the burials for a particular name in that Burial Ground.
Stuart Livingstone Brown
1881 census Margaret McCreadie or Darlene Vernon
Sth. Australia Births 1842-1906
Sth. Australia Marriages 1828-1937
Sth. Australia Deaths 1842-1915
Queensland Pioneer Reg. BDMs 1829-1889
West. Australia Pioneer Index 1841-1905
West. Australian Immigration/Shipping Arrivals 1898-1925
Tasmanian Pioneer Register 1803-1889
Tasmanian & NSW Convicts
NSW Bounty Immigrants 1828-1842
NSW Rookwood Cemetery (Sydney)
NSW Morpeth C of E and Catholic Cemeteries Pre 1993
NSW Pioneer Index 1788-1888
NSW Federation 1889-1918
NSW Between the Wars 1919-1945
VIC Pioneer Index 1837-1888
Vic Edwardian, Federation, Great War Death Indexes 1889-1985
Victorian Marine BDMs 1853-1920
Jenny Myers
1881 Census Janet Tennent or Ruth Halliwell or Stuart Livingstone Brown
Wigtown Strays only
  • British Vital Records Index
  • 1851 Devon, Norfolk & Warwick census
Jenny Myers and Stuart Livingstone Brown
Vital Records Index UK 2nd ed Stuart Livingstone Brown

Vital Records Index for Western Europe
Jenny Myers
North America
1881 Canadian Census
Irish immigrants to North America1803-1871
USA Social Security Death Index 1937-1997
Stuart Livingstone Brown

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