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Leswalt Death Entries 1815-1843

The following is a transcription of the death entries in Leswalt's old parish records. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.


Bedale McDowall 103 13 February 1815 Wife and he died within 5 hours of each other
Ross Helen, wife of above   13 February 1815 Interred together
Smith Hugh abt. 11 9 October 1816 Solburn of swelling in his leg
Jackson John abt. 80 12 October 1816 Knocknain Asthma
McCrackan Agnes abt. 35 19 November 1816 Auchance consumption
Finley William abt. 40   Dandinnie suddenly
Bevan* John   21 January 1817 Clayhole  
McWilliam Elizabeth, mother to above   21 January 1817 do. both buried in one grave
Logan Jane, spouse to William Hill   22 February 1817 Clayhole of decay
McMechan Margaret, spouse to John McWilliam aged 8 April 1817 Clayhole  
Stewart A child, dau to Alexr Stewart, Stranraer   15 April 1817 Stranraer  
McCormick Edward   1 May 1817 Auchneel  
Kerr David,a child, son to David Kerr   2 May 1817 ?  
Kelly Jane, spouse to Alexr McKerlie 86 8 May 1817 Walkmill  
McDowal Mary, a young unmarried woman   20 May 1817 Glenstockadale  
Hutton Widow, an aged woman   25 May 1817 H. Auchneel  
Gunion Hugh   26 May 1817 Weirston  
Campbell John, Mercht   26 May 1817 Clayhole  
Maxwell Mary, a child 3 21 July 1817 Solburn  
McCubbin Janet, a child 4 mos. 22 July 1817 High Mark  
McCoskrie James, a young man   28 July 1817 Clayhole Consumption
MacBryde James, a child 3 6 August 1817 ditto Amortification
Dorman Kinzie, a child   15 August 1817 Crachmore  
  an aged woman   16 August 1817 Gleak  
Gunion Elisabeth 4 mos. 20 August 1817 Auchendroch  
McNillie Jane, dau to William McNillie 3 wkes 19 August 1817 Dindinnie  
Ferguson Agnes,young mother of
above Elisth Gunion
  22 August 1817 Auchendroch  
Martin William, an old man   24 October 1817 Leigh Auchneel  
Robb Margaret, alias Gibson   2 December 1817 Lochnaw  
O'Neal A child   24 December 1817 Auchneel  
Hamilton Margaret, wife to William Logan   27 December 1817 Kirkland Epidemic fever
*Footnote: sailor, drowned at ?Benan Hill Near Balantrew, buried here