Wigtownshire Pages : opr lookup request
Most baptism and marriage records in the OPRs have been extracted to the IGI, so as a guide, there is only a small chance that a particular OPR record exists, if you can't find it in the IGI. To confirm that an IGI record has been extracted from the OPRs, one needs to click on 'Source Call No'. If it is from an OPR, you will see something like 'Items 1-3 Parish registers, (year range) Church of Scotland. Parish Church of (parish name)' If you have such a hit, this is a good basis for requesting a lookup of the original OPR record. Without this, only specific individuals in limited date ranges, and in a particular parish can be considered. Remember that the details in OPR records vary somewhat. They are often so brief as to give no further information than that in the IGI, and certainly won't be as detailed as Civil Registration records. A sample image of an OPR entry can be found on the OPR page of the Tutorial.

That being said, to ask for a lookup, please send an email, with the subject line titled: "lookup request" to Bruce McDowall.

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