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Parish of Penninghame - 895
Census of 1861

Transcribed by Jim McLay

The following census information was transcribed from Crown public records by Mr. Jim McLay. Though every effort was made to retain the integrity of the census, we assume no responsibilities for errors. This is a finding tool, carefully entered and generously donated by a fellow researcher. As good research practice, we encourage those who find promising leads in the material to verify the entries by examining the census films.


We wish to thank Mr. Jim McLay for the contribution of his transcription of the Crown's public records: Parish of Penninghame, Census of 1861.

Date of Census

The 1861 census was taken 8th of April, 1861.

Enumeration Districts

  1. The West side of Wigtown Street from the Square or Angle to the South end of the Town and the south half of Glenluce Row from the Manse to the Square or Angle.
  2. The East side of Wigton Street from the Square to the South end of the town.
  3. The North half of Glenluce Row from Mr Mitchell's house to the Square and thence on both sides of Main Street ending with Mr Newall's house. The houses on the Back Road on a parallel line westwards with this district form a portion thereof.
  4. The Main Street on both sides from Mr Newall's to and ending with John Kennedy's dwelling house - the houses on Back Road on a parallel line westward with this district form a portion thereof.
  5. The West side of Main Street from John Kennedy's House to the North end of the town. The Houses on Back Road on a parallel line Westward with this district form a portion thereof.
  6. The East side of Main Streetcommencing with Mrs McCartney's house and houses behind to the North end of the town.
  7. The SouthEastern District from the Cattle Market field to the Bridge at Causewayend, thence to the Spittal Bridge, thence to Knockbrex Toll, and from thence to said Cattle Market field; bounded by the River Cree on the east, partly by the parish of Wigtown and partly by the River Bladnoch on the south, by the road from Spittal Bridge to Knockbrex Toll on the west, and by the High Road from Knockbrex Toll to said Cattle Market field on the north.
  8. The SouthWestern District from Knockbrax Toll to Spittal Bridge, thence by River Bladnoch to Shennanton Bridge, and thence to said Knockbrax Toll; bounded on the East and Southeast by the road from Knockbrax Toll to Spittal Bridge, on the West by the River Bladnoch, and on the North by the High Road from Shennanton Bridge to said Knockbrax Toll; This includes Killimore Clachan.
  9. The north western district extending from Mr Mitchell's dwelling house to Shennanton Bridge hence by River Bladnoch to Glassoch Bridge, and from thence to Knockstocks and farm house of Old Hall. Bounded by the high road leading from Mr Mirchell's house to Bridge of Shennanton on the south, by the river Bladnoch to Glassoch Bridge on the west and northwest, and by the public road to Knockstocks and Old Hall and Barnkirk on the east.
  10. The North Eastern district from the north end of the town by the public road to Kirkalla farm inclusive and including that portion of the parish lying betwixt said road and the River Cree - bounded by the High Road from Newton Stewart to Kirkalla on the West, by Colmonell parish on the North and by said River Cree on the East, and which district embraces the Knowe village and that portion of the parish on the west side of the road from Glassoch Bridge to the North West extremity of the parish including Claucheneasy and Knowe Village.

Information on the Census

The following fields are found on this transcription:

Explanation how to use this Census Transcription

Searching for a Name

There are two ways of looking for a particular surname within the census:

Census Index

For those who would like to see the census broken down by surnames, we suggest trying the index created from the transcription. This finding aid details all the surnames found within the census, listed in alphabetical order, with reference to which page the full entry will be found on the transcription. Once on the transcription page, it will speed up things to use the Ctr+F function described below. Those who cannot use that function, may choose instead to scroll through the page, looking for the entry. Looking through all the entries gives a 'feel' to the neighbourhood, and may turn up 'son-in-laws' or daughter-in-laws to be. To use this index, click here to go to Search

Windows Find:

While in Windows, look through each of the 17 pages of Jim McLay's transcription, using the Ctl+F function. To do this hit the keys "control" and "f" at the same time. A pop up window will appear on the screen, titled Find. In the box, type in the actual surname or a portion of the surname, and click return. The first available record with matching text will be highlighted on the transcription page. Click "find next" for for subsequent displays on the page. This is useful when one considers spelling variations of a surname. Before leaving this page, while still centered on this paragraph, try using it. Hit control and f at the same time. Look for the word 'search'. It should take you to the top of the page where you'll find the word 'researcher' highlighted. See it's usefulness?

Enter the Census Pages

To enter the census pages, click on page 1 below. You can return to this page at any time by clicking on "Return to Intro" in the bottom page navigation.

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