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Old Parish Records
Penninghame Parish

The following information was transcribed from Penninghame's Parish Records by Mr. Jim McLay. Though every effort was made to retain the integrity of these records, we assume no responsibilities for errors or omissions. This is a finding tool, carefully entered and generously donated by a fellow researcher. As good research practice, we encourage those who find promising leads in the material to verify the entries by examining the parish record films.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are 2 volumes for the Penninghame OPR. This represents a transcription only of the first, covering the period of 1695-1820. Researchers interested beyond 1820 must view the film covering that volume.


We wish to thank Mr. Jim McLay for the contribution of his transcription of the Penninghame Parish Records.

Disclaimer and Caution

Please note there are two volumes to the Old Parish Records for Penninghame Parish. This transcription represents only the first volume, covering the period between 1696 and 1820.

Every effort was made to retain the integrity of the information found in Penninghame's oprs. However, it is possible that errors or omissions have occurred. Whenever in doubt, please check the original source to your own satisfaction. If you discover an omission, please contact us.

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