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Stoneykirk OPR
Death Entries, 1778-1797

The following is a transcription of the death entries in Stoneykirk's old parish records. Every effort was made to remain true to the information, but it is possible that a few misinterpretations have crept into the work. We encourage researchers to use this only as a finding tool, and to verify the information for themselves by viewing a film of the opr.

A Brief Explanation

O.P.R.s refer to Old Parish Records which prior to civil registration in 1855 were the ledgers in which the parish cleric entered vital information such as marriage, birth/christening, and in some cases deaths. Parish registers were kept only as well as the cleric had time and inclination to do so. In some parishes, within a particular time, the records are exact, precise and a joy to read, in other periods of time, the same parish could have sporadic, or barely legible, entries.

Stoneykirk's death entries are a good example of variance found within oprs. Entries made within this particular register have periods where record keeping could best be described as sporadic, and hurried, resulting in some years having no death entries at all. Portions of the register were very difficult to read, either through fading, ink blots, or the cleric's handwriting, and creative spelling efforts.

This transcription is from the Register of the Dead in Parish of Stoneykirk, beginning 1778, through to 1797. To view the 1839-1854 register, click here.


Bringing these old parish records to the web was a challenging process that required the combined efforts of several people, working together from concept, to final proofing. We greatly appreciate the help of following people; Meg Greenwood, Leigh-Ann Evans-Elliott, and Jim Heron.

Disclaimer and Caution

Though this material was proofread several times, it is not guaranteed to be free of all errors. Some of the writing was difficult to decipher, and some information was lost in the crease of the page. Where we could not reach a consensus about the entry, we either included various possibilities or stated it was unreadable.

Many of the entries in this particular transcription were unclear or unreadable. It is regrettable, but possible, that the entry you are seeking was part of those entries labelled "unclear/unreadable". We urge you to use this transcription as a guide, and when in doubt, to use the view a film of the opr for further research.

A Typical Page

Below is a slice from the opr filmed pages. Some pages were much worse, while others were marginally better.

page representation

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