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Place Names Beginning with A

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place name Parish
Aaltoune Kirkmaiden
Academy Place Penninghame
Accork Stoneykirk
Acehwhat Glen Luce
Achciacht Kirkmaiden
Achengaily Mochrum
Achenmalge Glenluce
Achie Inch
Achind Port Patrick
Achingailluy Mochrum
Achingilshy Kirkinner
Achintybert Stoneykirk
Achleaun Wigtown
Achleu, wood of Wigtown
Achmautle Inch
Achnacht Kirkmaiden
Achneil Leswalt
Achneill Leswalt
Achnes Kirkmaiden
Achness Kirkmaiden
Achnish Kirkmaiden
Achnottoroch Leswalt
Achroc-chyrr Inch
Achtasy Kirkcolm
Achyntybert B. Stoneykirk
Agieston Bridge Sorbie
Agnew Crescent Wigtown
Agnew Crescent West Wigtown
Ahabrick Kirkmaiden
Aies Inch
Ailguhasen Glen Luce
Aillieguihillat Mochrum
Ain Kirkmaiden
Aird Inch
Aird Bridge Inch
Aird L. Inch
Aird Village Inch
Aires Land Kirkcolm
Aires Moor Parks Kirkcolm
Aires Moss Kirkcolm
Aires, High Kirkcowan
Aires, Low Kirkcowan
Aireybig, Mill of Kirkcowan
Aireyhassen Kirkinner
Aireylick Mochrum
Airies Inch
Airies Kirkcolm
Airies Kirkinner
Airies Whithorn
Airies Mill Kirkinner
Airies, Little Kirkinner
Airilig Kirkcowan
Airis Kirkcolm
Airless Kirkinner
Airlies Kirkinner
Airlour Mochrum
Airlour Shore Mochrum
Airloure Mochrum
Airluick Mochrum
Airlyis Kirkinner
Airnimord, High Kirkcowan
Airnimord, Low Kirkcowan
Airrieolland Glenluce
Airtfield Glenluce
Airyclan, High New Luce
Airyclan, Low New Luce
Airyhassan Kirkinner
Airyhemman Glen Luce
Airyhemming Glenluce
Airyland Mochrum
Airylick Mochrum
Airyligg Kirkcowan
Airyolan Mochrum
Airysland Glenluce
Albrock Whithorn
Ald Tewick Stoneykirk
Aldchry Mochrum
Alderickallabrichan Kirkcowan
Alderickinair Kirkcowan
Algry Village Mochrum
Alivoile Stoneykirk
Allandos Leswalt
Allandow Leswalt
Alt Sorbie
Alt Taggart New Luce
Altain Stoneykirk
Altibra New Luce
Altibrier Glenluce
Alticry Mochrum
Altien Stoneykirk
Altigokie New Luce
Altocry Mochrum
Altogue Stoneykirk
Alton Kirkmaiden
Altown Kirkmaiden
Altyge-braide New Luce
Anabagleish Glenluce
Anabaglish Glenluce
Annabaglish Glenluce
Ann's House Stranraer
Antiburgers Meeting House Wigtown
Apelby Glasserton
Apelby, Loch of Glasserton
Aplebie Glasserton
Appelby Loch Whithorn
Appleby Glasserton
Appleby Mill Glasserton
Arbrak Glasserton
Arbrick Glasserton
Arbrock Whithorn
Archollart Kirkinner
Ardachie Kirkcowan
Ardachy Kirkcowan
Ardenmorde Kirkcowan
Arderostan Stoneykirk
Ardrie Kirkcolm
Arduall Kirkcolm
Arduall Minnigaff
Arduall Stoneykirk
Ardwall Kirkcolm
Ardwall Stoneykirk
Ardwall Kirkcolm
Ardwel Cast. Stoneykirk
Ardwel Mil Stoneykirk
Ardwel, Port of Stoneykirk
Ardwell Stoneykirk
Ardwell Kirkcolm
Ardwell Bay Stoneykirk
Ardwell High Stoneykirk
Ardwell Low Stoneykirk
Ardwell Mains Stoneykirk
Ardwell Mill Stoneykirk
Ardwell Point Stoneykirk
Arhemein Mochrum
Arichasson Kirkinner
Arielick Mochrum
Aries Kirkcolm
Aries Kirkcowan
Aries Kirkinner
Aries croft Kirkinner
Ariluig Kirkcowan
Arioland Glenluce
Arioland Mochrum
Ariulland Mochrum
Arlair Mochrum
Arluig Kirkcowan
Arow Glasserton
Arreise Kirkinner
Arriehemming Mochrum
Arriequilhart Mochrum
Arrioland Glenluce
Arrioland Mochrum
Arroh Minnigaff
Arrow Glasserton
Arrow, High Glasserton
Arrow, Lit. Glasserton
Arrow, Low Glasserton
Arrow, M. Glasserton
Arsick Glasserton
Artfel hil New Luce
Artfell New Luce
Artfied Glenluce
Artfield Glenluce
Aruick, Castel Kirkinner
Aruy Kirkcolm
Arwhat Sorbie
Aryes, Lit. Kirkinner
Aryes, Mekle Kirkinner
Aryhaman Glen Luce
Aryhassen Kirkinner
Ary-laganair Kirkcowan
Arynamoirt Kirkcowan
Aryoullan Inch
Aryoullan Mochrum
Aryoullan, L. of Mochrum
Atnottroch Leswalt
Auch Leswalt
Auchabrick Kirkmaiden
Auchanmanister Glenluce
Auchencaber Stoneykirk
Auchencloy Stoneykirk
Auchengallie Mochrum
Auchengalie Mochrum
Auchengelly Mochrum
Auchenlick Minnigaff
Auchenmalg Glenluce
Auchenmanister Glenluce
Auchennelly Stoneykirk
Auchenrain Inch
Auchenree Portpatrick
Auchenrie Port Patrick
Auchentibbert Leswalt
Auchentibbert Stoneykirk
Aucherie Head Port Patrick
Auchie Inch
Auchinclay Stoneykirk
Auchinmanister Glen Luce
Auchintibert Stoneykirk
Auchinvain Inch
Auchlaigh Kirkcolm
Auchlaigh East Stoneykirk
Auchlaigh West Stoneykirk
Auchland Wigtown
Auchland & Wood Wigtown
Auchlaun Wigtown
Auchleach Kirkcolm
Auchleach Stoneykirk
Auchleach East Kirkcolm
Auchleach West Kirkcolm
Auchleagh Stoneykirk
Auchleand Wigtown
Auchleoch Kirkcolm
Auchmantle Inch
Auchmatle High Inch
Auchmatle Low Inch
Auchmel, Low Leswalt
Auchnaught Kirkmaiden
Auchndroch Leswalt
Auchneel Leswalt
Auchneight Kirkmaiden
Auchness Kirkmaiden
Auchness Kirkmaiden
Auchniel, High Leswalt
Auchterlour Inch
Auchterlour crofts Inch
Auchtifie Kirkcolm
Aughton Whithorn
Aughton, Burges Whithorn
Aughton, Chapel Whithorn
Auldbreck Whithorn
Auldbrick Whithorn
Awkirk Stoneykirk