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Place Names Beginning with B

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place name Parish
Baalnar Inch
Bachlack Inch
Back Mochrum
Back o' Wall Glenluce
Back of Wall Glenluce
Back Park Glasserton
Back Park Wigtown
Back Rampant Leswalt
Back Road Penninghame
Back Road Wigtown
Back Ruchan Glasserton
Back Street Stranraer
Back Street Wigtown
Backbraes Whithorn
Backbraes of Rispin Glasserton
Backfell of Glencairn Glen Luce
Backmoss Kirkinner
Backmoss of Baltersan Penninghame
Backwall Glen Luce
Bailiewhir Whithorn
Bailliewhir Whithorn
Bailliewhire Whithorn
Bailliewhirr Whithorn
Balaird Kirkinner
Balaird cot Kirkinner
Balard Kirkinner
Balcae Inch
Balcail Glen Luce
Balcarie Glenluce
Balcarry Glen Luce
Balcary Glenluce
Balcary Bents Glenluce
Balcrag Glasserton
Balcraig Glasserton
Balcraig Little Glasserton
Balcraig Moor Glasserton
Balcraig, Whitefields of Glasserton
Balcraige Glasserton
Balcraigwhitefield Glasserton
Balcray Whithorn
Balcrey Whithorn
Balcrosh Sorbie
Baldone Kirkinner
Baldoon Kirkinner
Baldoon Mains Kirkinner
Baldoon Parks Kirkinner
Baldun Kirkinner
Balfern Kirkinner
Balfern Park Kirkinner
Balgawin Kirkcolm
Balgoun Kirkmaiden
Balgowan Kirkcolm
Balgowen Kirkmaiden
Balgown Kirkcolm
Balgown Kirkmaiden
Balgracie Leswalt
Balgrecy Leswalt
Balgreen Inch
Balgregan Stoneykirk
Balgregan Mains Stoneykirk
Balgreggan Stoneykirk
Balgreggan House Stoneykirk
Balgreggan Mains Stoneykirk
Balgressie Leswalt
Balgresy Leswalt
Balkail Glenluce
Balkail House Glenluce
Balkel Glen Luce
Balkellie Kirkmaiden
Balkelly Kirkmaiden
Balker Inch
Balkerr Inch
Ballach Glasserton
Ballachrea Kirkcowan
Ballaird Kirkinner
Ballcarrie Glenluce
Ballgoun Kirkcolm
Ballgreen Kirkcowan
Ballgreen Stran Inch
Ballgreen Wigtown
Ballmainoch Kirkcowan
Ballnell Glenluce
Balloch of Dee Kirkcowan
Ballochjargon Glenluce
Ballscallock Kirkcolm
Ballscallock, High Kirkcolm
Ballscallock, Low Kirkcolm
Ballyet Inch
Balmarsh Glen Luce
Balmash Glen Luce
Balmeanach Kirkcowan
Balmeel New Luce
Balmeg Wigtown
Balmeil New Luce
Balmennoch Kirkcowan
Balmesh Glenluce
Balmesh & Gabsnout Glenluce
Balmesh Gabsnout Glenluce
Balminnoch Kirkcowan
Balminnoch High Inch
Balminnoch Low Inch
Balminnoch Mid Inch
Balmoory New Luce
Balmurrey New Luce
Balmurrie Glenluce
Balnab Inch
Balnab Whithorn
Balneel B. New Luce
Balneil Glenluce
Balsairn Kirkinner
Balsallach Mochrum
Balsallach Penninghame
Balsalloch, North Penninghame
Balsalloch, South Penninghame
Balsarroch Kirkcolm
Balscalloch Kirkcolm
Balscarro Stoneykirk
Balseir Sorbie
Balsier Sorbie
Balsmith Whithorn
Balsmith, Little Whithorn
Balsyir Sorbie
Balsyrnoc Kirkcolm
Balteir Sorbie
Baltersan Penninghame
Baltersane Penninghame
Baltsir Sorbie
Balwbyrry Leswalt
Balwhenie Leswalt
Balwherrie Kirkcolm
Balwherry Leswalt
Balwhinnie Leswalt
Balwhirrie Leswalt
Balwhyr Glasserton
Balyerrack Kirkinner
Balyett Inch
Balzett Inch
Balzeucher Whithorn
Bankhead Inch
Bankill Sorbie
Bankswell Kirkcolm
Bantyre Sorbie
Baoch Inch
Baoch B. Inch
Bar Mochrum
Baraar Penninghame
Barallan Wigtown
Barbadoes Villa Wigtown
Barbae Kirkcowan
Barbawhannie Penninghame
Barbea Kirkcowan
Barbeth Kirkcolm
Barbeth Leswalt
Barbreth Leswalt
Barbuchanty Penninghame
Barbuchany Penninghame
Barbucharry Penninghame
Barbunduy Kirkcowan
Barcarhan Mochrum
Barchaisken Glen Luce
Barchraccham, Loch Kirkinner
Barchracchan Mochrum
Barchraichan mill Penninghame
Barcloy Minnigaff
Barcly Kirkcowan
Bardonachy New Luce
Bardrohwood Minnigaff
Barfad Kirkcowan
Bargallie Minnigaff
Barglash Kirkinner
Barglass Kirkinner
Barglass Bridge Kirkinner
Bargrenan Minnigaff
Bargrennan Minnigaff
Barhapple Kirkcowan
Barhasken Glen Luce
Barhaskine Glenluce
Barhill Kirkmaiden
Barhill Mochrum
Barhill Penninghame
Barhoise Minnigaff
Barhoise Mrll Kirkcowan
Barhoish Kirkcowan
Barhouse Kirkcowan
Barhouse Mill Kirkcowan
Barjarg Leswalt
Barjarrock Kirkinner
Barkery Glen Luce
Barkhaskine Glenluce
Barlachlan Penninghame
Barlachlen Penninghame
Barlady Sorbie
Barladzew Glasserton
Barlae Glenluce
Barlae Kirkinner
Barlauchan Penninghame
Barlauchlie Penninghame
Barle Glen Luce
Barlea Glenluce
Barlea Kirkinner
Barlea Toll Bar Glenluce
Barledzew Sorbie
Barledziew Sorbie
Barledzoy Glasserton
Barlee Glenluce
Barlenan Kirkcowan
Barlennan Kirkcowan
Barlennan Penninghame
Barlennen Kirkcowan
Barleurs Glenluce
Barlockart Glen Luce
Barlockart, Little Glen Luce
Barlockhart Glenluce
Barlune New Luce
Barlure Glenluce
Barmeal Glasserton
Barmeal ruins Glasserton
Barmeall Glasserton
Barmeill Glasserton
Barmeill Whithorn
Barmoir Kirkcowan
Barmor Stoneykirk
Barmore Kirkcowan
Barmore Stoneykirk
Barmullin Sorbie
Barmultoch Inch
Barn Kirkinner
Barnacht Kirkcowan
Barnagoirt Kirkcowan
Barnaight Kirkcowan
Barnawyr Penninghame
Barnbarraugh Cast. Kirkinner
Barnbarroch Kirkinner
Barnbarroch Lodge Kirkinner
Barnbarroch Mains Kirkinner
Barnbarroch's Land Kirkinner
Barnbarrow Kirkinner
Barncahle Minnigaff
Barnchalloch Stoneykirk
Barnchangan Glenluce
Barnchilloch Stoneykirk
Barncorkrie Kirkmaiden
Barncoskrie Bay Kirkmaiden
Barnean Penninghame
Barnearnie Kirkcowan
Barnearny Kirkcowan
Barneen Penninghame
Barnegort Kirkcowan
Barneight Kirkcowan
Barneirny Kirkcowan
Barnen Penninghame
Barnerine Kirkcowan
Barnernie Kirkcowan
Barnes Port Patrick
Barness Kirkinner
Barness Mill Kirkinner
Barnesse Kirkinner
Barnharrow Kirkcowan
Barnhebach Stoneykirk
Barnhill Glenluce
Barnhills Kirkcolm
Barnkerk Penninghame
Barnkirk Penninghame
Barnkirk, North Penninghame
Barnkirk, South Penninghame
Barnsallie Glenluce
Barnscarrow Stoneykirk
Barnshalloch Stoneykirk
Barnshanen Glenluce
Barnshangan Glenluce
Barnshiloch Stoneykirk
Barnsuilly Glen Luce
Barnult Inch
Barnulto Inch
Barolis Inch
Barquhannie Kirkinner
Barquhannies Kirkinner
Barquhannie's Land Kirkinner
Barquihinnie Kirkinner
Barquinney Kirkinner
Barr Mochrum
Barr Penninghame
Barr Farm Mochrum
Barr Hill Mochrum
Barr Point Mochrum
Barr, Carse of Penninghame
Barr, East Mochrum
Barr, Nether Penninghame
Barr, Upper Penninghame
Barr, West Mochrum
Barrachan Mochrum
Barrachan Penninghame
Barrachan crofts Mochrum
Barrackan Penninghame
Barracks Street Portpatrick
Barrair Penninghame
Barrawer Penninghame
Barrawr Penninghame
Barrawr, Fell of Penninghame
Barre Mochrum
Barrhaple Kirkcowan
Barrhill Kirkmaiden
Barrhill Penninghame
Barrhill Stoneykirk
Barrnbrake Kirkcowan
Barrony of Sleudinle Kirkcowan
Barryvillen hill Glasserton
Barsadd Kirkcowan
Barsallach Wigtown
Barsalloch Kirkcolm
Barsalloch Mochrum
Barsalloch Penninghame
Barsalloch Point Mochrum
Barscarrow Stoneykirk
Barshalloch Penninghame
Barshangan New Luce
Barskalloch Kirkcolm
Barskeach Kirkcowan
Barskeach Hill Kirkcowan
Barskeoch Kirkcowan
Barskeoch Penninghame
Barskyoch Penninghame
Barsolas Inch
Barsollis Inch
Barsolus Inch
Barstrostan Penninghame
Bartrosan Penninghame
Bartrostan Penninghame
Baruennan Penninghame
Barvaarranoch Kirkinner
Barvanick Glasserton
Barvannach Glasserton
Barvarenoch Kirkinner
Barvennan Penninghame
Barvennane Penninghame
Barvenochan Kirkinner
Barverinoch Kirkinner
Barvernoch Kirkinner
Barvernochan Kirkinner
Barwhannock Glasserton
Barwhanny Kirkinner
Barwharran Penninghame
Barwhill Kirkcowan
Barwhirran Penninghame
Barwhony Kirkinner
Barwinnock Glasserton
Barwinnock Glasserton
Baryarroch Kirkinner
Baryerroch Kirkinner
Baryerrock Kirkinner
Bashangan New Luce
Batwell Kirkmaiden
Bavernoch Kirkinner
Bean Portpatrick
Beck Port Kirkcolm
Belcar Inch
Bellaird Kirkinner
Bellfairne Kirkinner
Bell's Croft Sorbie
Bellsmoor Kirkinner
Belmount Inch
Ben of Karnga Kirkmaiden
Benbowie Craigs Glasserton
Benbraich Kirkcowan
Benbraik Kirkcowan
Benbraik Hill Kirkcowan
Benfield Penninghame
Beng Kirkinner
Benkill Sorbie
Bennan hill Kirkcowan
Beoach Inch
Beoach Cotts Inch
Beoch Inch
Beoch Kirkcowan
Beoch Penninghame
Beoch mull Penninghame
Berbeth Leswalt
Bernean Penninghame
Bheilachiargen Glen Luce
Bhellanheullanduy Glen Luce
Billnab Whithorn
Bine Kirkcolm
Bing Kirkinner
Birbeth Kirkcolm
Birbeth Leswalt
Birbuchanie Penninghame
Birdonchy Kirkcowan
Birledzow Glasserton
Birlennan Hill Kirkcowan
Birmore Kirkcowan
Birnultock North Inch
Birnultock South Inch
Birskeoch Kirkcowan
Bishopburn Inch
Bishopstown B. Inch
Bishopton Whithorn
Bishopton Hillhead Whithorn
Bishopton, East Whithorn
Bishopton, West Whithorn
Bishoptons Croft Whithorn
Blaar Sorbie
Black B. Kirkcowan
Black Croft Leswalt
Black Hall Glenluce
Black Loch Mochrum
Black Quarter Penninghame
Blackcrage Minnigaff
Blackcroft Kirkcolm
Blackdyke Sorbie
Blackhead Port Patrick
Blackhill Glenluce
Blacklock or Loch Gill Inch
Blackmark Wigtown
Blacknook Kirkinner
Blackpark Inch
Blackpark Penninghame
Blackparks Inch
Blackquarter Penninghame
Blackquarters Penninghame
Blacks Close Stranraer
Blacksole Glenluce
Bladdenoch Wigtown
Bladnoch Village Wigtown
Blair Sorbie
Blair Stoneykirk
Blair Macken Kirkinner
Blair Street Portpatrick
Blairbowie Glasserton
Blairbowie Port Patrick
Blairbuiss Minnigaff
Blairbuy Glasserton
Blairbuy Mochrum
Blairderry Glenluce
Blairdyrry Glen Luce
Blairmakin Kirkinner
Blairmakyn Kirkinner
Blairmaukin Kirkinner
Blairs Sorbie
Blairshanach Kirkinner
Blairshinnoch Kirkinner
Blakloch of Mertown Glasserton
Blednock Penninghame
Blerderrie Glenluce
Boghous Mochrum
Boghouse Mochrum
Boig Kirkinner
Boighouse Mochrum
Boirland Glen Luce
Boirland Inch
Boirland of Kingst Kirkcowan
Boirlands Kirkinner
Boirlant Sorbie
Boirlant, Lough Sorbie
Bongill Minnigaff
Bonkill Sorbie
Bonne Portpatrick
Bonnybraes Inch
Boreland Glenluce
Boreland Inch
Boreland Kirkcowan
Boreland Kirkinner
Boreland Kirkinner
Boreland Fell Kirkcowan
Borgan Minnigaff
Borland Glenluce
Borland Inch
Borland Kirkcolm
Borland Kirkcowan
Borland Kirkinner
Borland Minnigaff
Borland of Penighame Penninghame
Borrowmoss Wigtown
Bottle Hole Mochrum
Boyach Whithorn
Boyachy L. Mochrum
Boyoch Penninghame
Brackloch Inch
Bradina Kirkmaiden
Brae Mochrum
Braehead Glen Luce
Brafoot Mochrum
Braickauch Leswalt
Braid Inch
Brakoch Leswalt
Brandy Port Sorbie
Bratney Walls Kirkinner
Bread Inch
Breheid Minnigaff
Bridge End Inch
Bridge End of Culmalzie Kirkinner
Bridge Mill Glenluce
Bridge of Cree Penninghame
Bridge Street Stranraer
Bridge, Laicht Inch
Bridgebank Inch
Bridgehouse Whithorn
Bridgehouse & Drummondhill Whithorn
Bridgemill Glenluce
Bridgend Inch
Brigend Croft Portpatrick
Brigton Minnigaff
Brigtoune Minnigaff
Broad Wig Whithorn
Broadfield Wigtown
Broadstone Gardens Leswalt
Broadwigg Whithorn
Brocklock Inch
Brockn Casway Wigtown
Broc-Loch Inch
Brogtou Sorbie
Broken Point, Garlieston Sorbie
Brokloh Minnigaff
Broompark Glenluce
Broompark Whithorn
Broughton Whithorn
Broughton Hill Whithorn
Broughton Mains Whithorn
Broughton Old Place Whithorn
Broughton Skeog Whithorn
Broughtoune Skeoch Whithorn
Broughtowne Wall Whithorn
Brownhill Inch
Brownhill Sorbie
Bruntland Mochrum
Buchan Glasserton
Buchan Minnigaff
Buioch Whithorn
Burges Aughton Whithorn
Burges Croft Leswalt
Burgescroft Leswalt
Burgess-Outon Whithorn
Burgh Crofts Whithorn
Burhullion Glasserton
Burmore Stoneykirk
Burn Inch
Burn Mark Kirkcowan
Burn Row East Stranraer
Burn Row West Stranraer
Burn Tool Inch
Burnfoot Inch
Burns Tavern Glenluce
Burnside Inch
Burnside Whithorn
Burnside, Garlieston Sorbie
Burnthill Kirkmaiden
Burrow Head Whithorn
Burrow Moss Wigtown
Burrowmoss Wigtown
Burthill Kirkmaiden
Busbie Buyoch Whithorn
Bushes Sorbie
Butler House Mochrum
Buyesh Whithorn
Buyoch Whithorn
Byochs Penninghame
Byrne Port Patrick