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Place Names Beginning with C

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place name Parish
Cairletone Glasserton
Cairn Glasserton
Cairn Inch
Cairn Kirkcolm
Cairn Kirkmaiden
Cairn Whithorn
Cairn Croft Inch
Cairn House Wigtown
Cairn of Machrom Mochrum
Cairn Point Inch
Cairn; John Dunlop Inch
Cairnanzean Inch
Cairnbowie Kirkcolm
Cairnbrock Kirkcolm
Cairndonnan Kirkcolm
Cairndoon Glasserton
Cairne Inch
Cairnesdalash Minnigaff
Cairnfield Kirkinner
Cairngaroch Stoneykirk
Cairngarroch Kirkmaiden
Cairngarroch Leswalt
Cairngarroch Stoneykirk
Cairngarroche Kirkmaiden
Cairngean Kirkmaiden
Cairngrosh Stoneykirk
Cairnhapple Leswalt
Cairnhill Whithorn
Cairnhouse Wigtown
Cairnhouse croft Wigtown
Cairnmacneely Inch
Cairnmains & Cairnhill Inch
Cairnmandle Inch
Cairnpat Portpatrick
Cairnpatt Portpatrick
Cairnpiot Port Patrick
Cairnpiot Hill Port Patrick
Cairnpot Portpatrick
Cairnryan Village Inch
Cairnside Glenluce
Cairnside Kirkcolm
Cairntop Glenluce
Calcaddie Inch
Calcruchie Penninghame
Caldeens Minnigaff
Caldon Stoneykirk
Caldon Head Stoneykirk
Caldon Park Stoneykirk
Caldones Stoneykirk
Caldonpark Stoneykirk
Caldons Stoneykirk
Caldside Whithorn
Caldun Stoneykirk
Calf Park Stoneykirk
California Whithorn
Calliness Kirkmaiden
Calscadden Wigtown
Calscaddon Sorbie
Calside Whithorn
Cameri Glen Luce
Camford Kirkinner
Camp Inch
Campbel Croft Glenluce
Campford Kirkinner
Camrie Glenluce
Camsurr Kirkinner
Capenoch Kirkinner
Capinoch Kirkinner
Cardorcan Minnigaff
Cardouchan Mochrum
Cardrain Kirkmaiden
Cardryn Kirkmaiden
Cardryne Kirkmaiden
Carendoun Glasserton
Cargarran Inch
Carhalloch Mochrum
Carig Antony Port Patrick
Cariss, Neth. Penninghame
Carleton Glasserton
Carleton Glasserton
Carletoun Glasserton
Carn Yerran Inch
Carndirnry Minnigaff
Carndirry Minnigaff
Carngan Little Kirkmaiden
Carngarm Kirkmaiden
Carngarrach Kirkmaiden
Carnhandy Stoneykirk
Carnshandy Stoneykirk
Carnville Stoneykirk
Carnweil Stoneykirk
Carnwell Stoneykirk
Carolltoun Glasserton
Carrick mill Penninghame
Carrieis Stoneykirk
Carrochtrie Kirkmaiden
Carsbie Penninghame
Carsbuie Kirkcowan
Carscreuch Glenluce
Carscrew Glenluce
Carsdoncan Minnigaff
Carsduchan Mochrum
Carse Penninghame
Carse in the Clary Penninghame
Carse of Barr Penninghame
Carse of Clarie Penninghame
Carse of Clary Penninghame
Carsebowie Kirkcowan
Carsebuie Kirkcowan
Carsecowan Wigtown
Carseduchan Mochrum
Carsegowan Wigtown
Carsemenoch Minnigaff
Carsenestock Penninghame
Carseriggan Kirkcowan
Carsgawin Wigtown
Carsgoune Wigtown
Carslae Wigtown
Carsnaa Minnigaff
Carsnestak Wigtown
Carsrigging Kirkcowan
Carty Penninghame
Carty Port Penninghame
Carvillan Port Kirkcolm
Cascowen Wigtown
Cascreuch Glenluce
Casduchan Mochrum
Casgrove Glenluce
Casnestock Penninghame
Casriggan Kirkcowan
Cass Penninghame
Cass in the Clary Penninghame
Cass of Clary Penninghame
Cassenquilshy Wigtown
Cast. Loch na Leswalt
Cast., Barnbarraugh Kirkinner
Cast., Cruggeltoun Sorbie
Castel Penninghame
Castel Stewart Penninghame
Castel-aruick Kirkinner
Castel-donnel, N. Penninghame
Castel-donnel, Ouer Penninghame
Castell Croft Portpatrick
Castell Stewart Penninghame
Castell Wig Whithorn
Castle Clanyard Kirkmaiden
Castle Croft Portpatrick
Castle Feather Whithorn
Castle Kennedie Inch
Castle Kennedy Inch
Castle Krosswell Kirkcolm
Castle Loch Mochrum
Castle Loch Penninghame
Castle of Park Glenluce
Castle Stewart Penninghame
Castle Street Stranraer
Castle, Dunskay Port Patrick
Castlecorly Kirkcowan
Castlehill Whithorn
Castlestewart Glasserton
Castlewig Whithorn
Castlewigg Whithorn
Casway House Kirkinner
Caswayend Penninghame
Catland Wigtown
Cattains Whithorn
Cattyens Whithorn
Catyans Whithorn
Caulside Whithorn
Caumfoord Kirkinner
Causewayend Penninghame
Causewayend Bridge Wigtown
Causewayend Croft Penninghame
Causwayard Penninghame
Cavin Kirkmaiden
Cawnesdalash Minnigaff
Cernovinn Inch
Cettreoch Whithorn
Chalcarroch Mochrum
Chalkarrach Mochrum
Challach Glen Luce
Challach Penninghame
Challache Glenluce
Challachmun Glen Luce
Challeckmund Glenluce
Challoch Glenluce
Challoch Leswalt
Challoch Penninghame
Challoch Glass Mochrum
Challoch Hill Portpatrick
Challoch Toll Penninghame
Challochblewan Glasserton
Challochcroft Leswalt
Challochglass Mochrum
Challochglass & Drumdow Mochrum
Challochmun Glen Luce
Challochmunn Glenluce
Chang Mochrum
Chang burn mouth Mochrum
Changue Mochrum
Chapel Inch
Chapel Kirkcolm
Chapel Aughton Whithorn
Chapel Fingan ruins Mochrum
Chapel Outon Whithorn
Chapel Patrick Port Patrick
Chapel Rosan Bay Stoneykirk
Chapel Rosen Kirkmaiden
Chapel Rossen Kirkmaiden
Chapel Sinan Mochrum
Chapelharran Whithorn
Chapelharren Whithorn
Chapelherne Whithorn
Chapell Kirkmaiden
Chapell Harren Whithorn
Chapelton Wigtown
Chapelton Croft Wigtown
Chapeltoun Wigtown
Chapeltoun Croft Wigtown
Chapeltown Wigtown
Chapman Kirkinner
Chapmann Moorhead Kirkinner
Chappell Penninghame
Chappelloch Inch
Charlotte Street Stranraer
Chellachblawis Glasserton
Chellack Penninghame
Chilcarroch Mochrum
Chilcarroch Farm Mochrum
Chilcarroch Loch Mochrum
Chilloch Glen Luce
Chilloch Hill Glen Luce
Chipperherrin croft Whithorn
Chipperherrin, High Whithorn
Chipperherrin, Low Whithorn
Chippermore Mochrum
Chippertmoir Mochrum
Chranochy L. Mochrum
Chranochy, L. Glen Luce
Chroishary, N. Kirkcowan
Church Lane Wigtown
Church Street Glenluce
Chutiboy Mochrum
Clachaheuch hill Kirkcolm
Clachan Kirkcolm
Clachan of Muck Kirkinner
Clachan of Penighame Penninghame
Clachan of Penninghame Penninghame
Clachan Scrape Wigtown
Clachanheugh Kirkcolm
Clachary Penninghame
Clachary Wigtown
Clachchan Glenluce
Clachmahew Inch
Clachmor Stoneykirk
Clachory Kirkinner
Clachree Wigtown
Clachrum Penninghame
Clada-House Inch
Claddyhouse Inch
Clady House Inch
Clanery Kirkcolm
Clanery High Inch
Clannery High Inch
Clannery Low Inch
Clannoch Hill; Barracks Inch
Clanrie Kirkcolm
Clansh Sorbie
Clantibuies Mochrum
Clantibuis Mochrum
Clanyard Kirkmaiden
Clanyard & Slack Mills Kirkmaiden
Clanyard Bay Kirkmaiden
Clanyard Fell Kirkmaiden
Clanyard Mill Kirkmaiden
Clarie Penninghame
Clarks Burn Glasserton
Clary Penninghame
Clary Legget Penninghame
Clary, Carse of Penninghame
Clash Kirkmaiden
Clashan Kirkcolm
Clashant Stoneykirk
Clashmahew Inch
Clatchie Kirkcolm
Clauchan of Penighame Penninghame
Clauchanmore Stoneykirk
Clauche Sorbie
Claucheneasy Penninghame
Clauchre Minnigaff
Clauchrie Wigtown
Clauchrie & Mosside Kirkinner
Claughen Kirkcolm
Claunch Sorbie
Claunche Sorbie
Claycroft Kirkinner
Claycroft Stoneykirk
Claycross Kirkinner
Clayhole Leswalt
Claymoddie Glasserton
Claymodie Glasserton
Claymoodie Glasserton
Clays Mochrum
Clayshant Stoneykirk
Clayshant Mill Stoneykirk
Claywhippart Whithorn
Clendry Inch
Clendry Kirkcolm
Clenneries Inch
Clenoch Stran Inch
Clenrie Inch
Clerksburn Croft Glasserton
Clinnoch Inch
Clon Mochrum
Clonard Kirkmaiden
Clonardmilne Kirkmaiden
Clone Mochrum
Cloon Penninghame
Closs Glenluce
Clougston Kirkcowan
Clougston Mill Kirkcowan
Cloutaig Mochrum
Clovin Mochrum
Cloyinsh Sorbie
Cloynard Kirkmaiden
Cloynard, Old Kirkmaiden
Cloze Glenluce
Clugston Glenluce
Clugston Kirkcowan
Clutag Kirkinner
Clutag, High Kirkinner
Clutag, Little Kirkinner
Clymady Glasserton
Coalmuck Inch
Cobren Inch
Cock Street Portpatrick
Coddle Moddie Kirkcowan
Coldside Sorbie
Colfin Portpatrick
Colfin and Bein Portpatrick
Colgrange Inch
Colhorn Inch
Collach Penninghame
Colman Inch
Colmick Inch
Colonel Street Portpatrick
Colreoch Inch
Common Portpatrick
Common Park Whithorn
Commris Glenluce
Condane Loch Mochrum
Conher-petty Inch
Cordorcan Minnigaff
Corfin Portpatrick
Corgie Kirkmaiden
Corholloch Mochrum
Corn Mill Inch
Cornchulloch Mochrum
Corner Hall Whithorn
Cornerhouse Inch
Cornhullick Mochrum
Cornhullock Mochrum
Cornman Port Patrick
Cornton Whithorn
Corntown Whithorn
Corochtrie Kirkmaiden
Coroul Outon Whithorn
Corrochtree High Kirkmaiden
Corrochtree Low Kirkmaiden
Corsbie Penninghame
Corsewall Kirkcolm
Corsewall Lighthouse Kirkcolm
Corsill Castle Kirkcolm
Corsill Mill Kirkcolm
Corsill Point Kirkcolm
Corsmaille Mochrum
Corsmalew Mochrum
Corsmalzie Mochrum
Corswall Kirkcolm
Corswall Mill Kirkcolm
Coruar Minnigaff
Corus Kirkinner
Corvisel Penninghame
Corwald Mochrum
Corwall Mochrum
Corwar Sorbie
Corwarhill Penninghame
Corwar-Outon Whithorn
Cosgrove Glenluce
Cotelay Whithorn
Cotland Wigtown
Cotlant Wigtown
Cotreoch Whithorn
Cottage on Benfield Penninghame
Couhvhoissin Glen Luce
Coulbee Kirkinner
Coulclacch Penninghame
Coulcreochy Penninghame
Couldury Sorbie
Coulghary Kirkinner
Coulgrawit Stoneykirk
Coulka Sorbie
Coulleill Penninghame
Coulmaile Kirkinner
Coulnowack Sorbie
Coulroy Glen Luce
Coulskaddan Sorbie
Coulthorn Inch
Coulvennan Kirkcowan
Coulwhorck Wigtown
Court Hill Port Patrick
Courthill Whithorn
Cowan Kirkmaiden
Cowans Kirkmaiden
Cowan's Close Stranraer
Cowend Portpatrick
Cowgate, Garlieston Sorbie
Craglemine, Little Glasserton
Cragnequarroch Portpatrick
Cragoch Leswalt
Cragoch Portpatrick
Craichdou Glasserton
Craichlaw Kirkcowan
Craichlaw Kirkcowan
Craichmoore Leswalt
Craig Glen Luce
Craig Kirkcowan
Craig Mochrum
Craig Whithorn
Craig & Dowies Whithorn
Craig Dowies Whithorn
Craig Laggan Kirkcolm
Craigach New Luce
Craigarry Kirkcowan
Craigary Kirkcowan
Craigauch Port Patrick
Craigauch Mill Kirkcolm
Craigauch Park Port Patrick
Craigauch Park Stoneykirk
Craigbirnoch Glenluce
Craigbottle Glen Luce
Craigbower Inch
Craigbuie Portpatrick
Craigcaffie Inch
Craigcaffie's Land Inch
Craigcassie Inch
Craigcathie Inch
Craigdhu Glasserton
Craigdow Glasserton
Craigdow Kirkcowan
Craigeach Mochrum
Craigecaffie Inch
Craigencally Minnigaff
Craigencorah Portpatrick
Craigencrosh Stoneykirk
Craigenholly Glenluce
Craigenholy Glenluce
Craigenlee Portpatrick
Craigenlie Port Patrick
Craigenlie Fell Port Patrick
Craigenlie Hill New Luce
Craigenquarroch Portpatrick
Craigenrock Glenluce
Craiggeach Mochrum
Craiggrie Kirkcowan
Craighalloch Mochrum
Craighburnoch Kirkcolm
Craighdow Glasserton
Craigheach Mochrum
Craighlaw Kirkcowan
Craighmore Leswalt
Craigierain Kirkcowan
Craiglairn Mochrum
Craiglairy Mochrum
Craiglarie Mochrum
Craiglaw Kirkcowan
Craiglemaine Glasserton
Craiglemyne Glasserton
Craigmaquarroch Portpatrick
Craigmodie Kirkcowan
Craigmodie Port Patrick
Craigmoodie Portpatrick
Craigmore Portpatrick
Craigmuddy Kirkcowan
Craignarget Glenluce
Craignaveoch Glen Luce
Craignequarroch Portpatrick
Craignew Minnigaff
Craignien Minnigaff
Craigniviek Glenluce
Craignoryt Glenluce
Craigoch Glenluce
Craigoch Portpatrick
Craigoch Parks Portpatrick
Craigslave Portpatrick
Craigvirnoch Glenluce
Craigyell Sorbie
Crailach Mochrum
Crailloch Portpatrick
Craillock Mochrum
Crailoch Portpatrick
Crailoch Croft Portpatrick
Craoch Portpatrick
Creachmore Leswalt
Crealaugh Mochrum
Cree Penninghame
Cree Potwhillie Penninghame
Cree, Loch Penninghame
Cree, Mosses of Penninghame
Cree, Mosses of Wigtown
Creebank Minnigaff
Creech Sorbie
Creechan Kirkmaiden
Creechan Park Kirkmaiden
Creich Sorbie
Creichan Kirkmaiden
Creloch Mochrum
Creoch Glenluce
Creochs Glenluce
Creochs Kirkinner
Crews Glenluce
Crews Kirkinner
Crichen Park Kirkmaiden
Croach Inch
Croatrae Kirkcowan
Croch Inch
Croft Inch
Croft Stoneykirk
Croft & Mills Wigtown
Croft at Clary Penninghame
Croftangrey Wigtown
Crofts Wigtown
Croohouses of Castell Stewart Penninghame
Crook Kirkinner
Crook of Baldoon Kirkinner
Crosbie Penninghame
Crosherie Kirkcowan
Croshery Kirkcowan
Cross Water New Luce
Croues Penninghame
Crow nest Sorbie
Crows Glenluce
Cruggeltoun Cast. Sorbie
Cruggeltoun, Kirck of Sorbie
Cruggleton Sorbie
Crugletoun Sorbie
Cruick Kirkinner
Cruise Glenluce
Cruives Kirkinner
Culbae Kirkinner
Culbe Kirkinner
Culbea Kirkinner
Culbratan Penninghame
Culbrattan Penninghame
Culbratten Penninghame
Culbrattin Penninghame
Culcaddie Inch
Culcaldie Inch
Culcoy Glasserton
Culcraig Glasserton
Culderrie Sorbie
Culderry, Low Sorbie
Culdirrie Sorbie
Culdonis Whithorn
Culdorry Sorbie
Culeadden Inch
Culfad Kirkinner
Culfassen Glenluce
Culgarie Kirkinner
Culgary Kirkinner
Culgrange Inch
Culgroat Stoneykirk
Culgroat Low Stoneykirk
Culhawk Inch
Culhorn Inch
Culhorn Mains Inch
Culhorn Parks Inch
Culkay Sorbie
Culkea Sorbie
Cullach Penninghame
Cullerpottie Inch
Cullurpity Inch
Culmalzie Kirkinner
Culmalzow Kirkinner
Culman Inch
Culmick Inch
Culmoir Stoneykirk
Culmore Stoneykirk
Culmuck Inch
Culnog Glasserton
Culnoge Sorbie
Culorpattie Inch
Culquhasen Glenluce
Culquhirk Wigtown
Culreoch Inch
Culroy Glenluce
Culscaddane Sorbie
Culscadden Sorbie
Culshabben Mochrum
Cults Inch
Cults Sorbie
Culvennan Kirkcowan
Culvennan's Land Kirkcowan
Culwhirk Wigtown
Cunan, Port Glasserton
Cunningham Wigtown
Cunningham Wigtown
Cupidhill Mochrum
Cupids Hill Mochrum
Curfaklah Minnigaff
Curgbriroch Glenluce
Curghie Kirkmaiden
Curgie Kirkmaiden
Curgie High Kirkmaiden
Curuchtrie Minnigaff
Cuscadden Inch
Cutcloy Whithorn
Cutmalxie Kirkinner
Cutreoch Whithorn
Cuts Inch