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Place Names Beginning with D

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place name Parish
Dalchappock Inch
Dalchist Kirkcolm
Dalhappoch Inch
Dalhubock Inch
Dalkest Kirkcolm
Dalkist Kirkcolm
Dallash Minnigaff
Dally Kirkcolm
Dally Kirkmaiden
Dalmannoch Inch
Dalmanoch Inch
Dalnagap Glenluce
Dalnaghair New Luce
Dalnaw Minnigaff
Dalnigan New Luce
Dalnigape Glenluce
Dalreagle Kirkinner
Dalreagle's Land Kirkinner
Dalvadie Stoneykirk
Dam Knowe Kirkmaiden
Damhill Sorbie
Damhouse Kirkcolm
Dampark Glenluce
Danish Fort Mochrum
Dargall Minnigaff
Dargoals Glenluce
Dargoles, High Glen Luce
Dargoles, Low Glen Luce
Darnaw Minnigaff
Darneark Kirkcowan
Darnimore Glenluce
Darnow Kirkcowan
Darskalpin & Dernain Glenluce
Darskelven Glenluce
Darskilpin Glen Luce
Deer Park Inch
Delhabloch Inch
Dereagill Kirkinner
Dereagill's Land Kirkinner
Derry Kirkcowan
Derry Mochrum
Dervinin Kirkcowan
Dervord Glenluce
Desnoll Kirkcowan
Dhuloch Kirkcolm
Dilhabboch Inch
Dilminock Inch
Dindinnie Leswalt
Dinduff Kirkcolm
Dinduffe Leswalt
Dinnance Whithorn
Dinnans Whithorn
Dinnans River Whithorn
Dinnimore Glenluce
Dinvin Portpatrick
Dinvin Mill Portpatrick
Dinvin Park Portpatrick
Dinvin St Portpatrick
Dirlastin Kirkcowan
Dirloskan Kirkcowan
Dirloskin Kirkcowan
Dirlton Wood Kirkinner
Dirmark Kirkcowan
Dirnark Kirkcowan
Dirnen Glenluce
Dirnoo Kirkcowan
Dirnow Kirkcowan
Dirrie Mochrum
Dirry Farm Mochrum
Dirry Loch Kirkcowan
Dirry, High Kirkcowan
Dirry, Low Kirkcowan
Dirskillpen Glenluce
Dirvaghly Kirkcowan
Dirvaird & Glenjorrie Glenluce
Dirvannany Kirkcowan
Dirvannienie Kirkcowan
Dirvauchlie Kirkcowan
Dirvearde Glenluce
Distillery Stran Inch
Dochdraw Inch
Dochray Stoneykirk
Dogtail Glasserton
Dogtail Mochrum
Dolnygap Glenluce
Donan Mochrum
Donnan Farm Mochrum
Doon Whithorn
Doon Hill Penninghame
Doon of May Mochrum
Doonhill Camp Glasserton
Doorknee Whithorn
Dorby's Cottage Penninghame
Dorongandou Minnigaff
Doss Inch
Douchony New Luce
Douchory New Luce
Dougarie Glenluce
Dougrie New Luce
Doulach Kirkcolm
Douloch Kirkcolm
Douloch Lands Kirkcolm
Doun Man Kirkmaiden
Doun, Port Kirkmaiden
Dounduny Leswalt
Dounen Whithorn
Dourie Mochrum
Dowalton Kirkinner
Dowalton Sorbie
Dowaltoun Glasserton
Dowaltoun Sorbie
Dowies Glasserton
Dowis Glasserton
Dowish Mill Whithorn
Dowloch Kirkcolm
Dowry Mochrum
Dramaston Whithorn
Dramaston Stable Whithorn
Drambea Inch
Drangour Glenluce
Drangower Glenluce
Drein, Loch Kirkcowan
Dreugtak Mochrum
Drinlawantie Minnigaff
Droch head Kirkcolm
Drochduil Glen Luce
Drongangaur New Luce
Drongangowr New Luce
Drongaur New Luce
Droping Cave Mochrum
Drouchaule Glen Luce
Drougans Glasserton
Droughdhuil Glenluce
Droughdool Glenluce
Droughtay Mochrum
Drove Park Wigtown
Drovepark Wigtown
Druchtag Mochrum
Druenbuy Kirkcowan
Drughtag Mochrum
Drumabrennen Kirkcowan
Drumaloch Kirkcowan
Drumaston Whithorn
Drumastoune Whithorn
Drumawhirn Leswalt
Drumbe Inch
Drumbeg Kirkcowan
Drumblair Mochrum
Drumbowy Kirkcowan
Drumbreddan Stoneykirk
Drumbreddan, Mekle Kirkmaiden
Drumbreddon Stoneykirk
Drumbuie Kirkcowan
Drumdie Mochrum
Drumdoch Inch
Drumdoeck Inch
Drumdow Inch
Drumdow Kirkcolm
Drumdow Mochrum
Drumeen Glenluce
Drumfad Glasserton
Drumfad Stoneykirk
Drumfeatheran Wigtown
Drumfloat Glenluce
Drumflower Glenluce
Drumgorgane Kirkinner
Drumhowie Kirkcowan
Drumhowie Gatehouse Kirkcowan
Drumin-moir Kirkmaiden
Drumjargen Kirkinner
Drumjargon Kirkinner
Drumlanwhinny Minnigaff
Drummabredoran Kirkcowan
Drummaddy Sorbie
Drummalrennan Kirkcowan
Drummannoch Kirkcowan
Drummastoun Whithorn
Drummfad Stoneykirk
Drummiebrenan Kirkcowan
Drummneskart Mochrum
Drummodie Glasserton
Drummondhill Whithorn
Drummoral Whithorn
Drummorall Whithorn
Drummore Kirkmaiden
Drummorell Whithorn
Drummorry Kirkcowan
Drummuckloch Inch
Drummuklock Minnigaff
Drummunny Kirkcowan
Drummurrie Kirkcowan
Drummurry Kirkcowan
Drumnaston Whithorn
Drumneal Burn Glen Luce
Drumnescat Mochrum
Drumnesket Mochrum
Drumnesket Loch Mochrum
Drumoddie Glasserton
Drumodie Glasserton
Drumollyin Hill Penninghame
Drumoloir Mochrum
Drumontrae Stoneykirk
Drumonunny Kirkcowan
Drumore Kirkmaiden
Drumore Bay Kirkmaiden
Drumore High Kirkmaiden
Drumorral Whithorn
Drumpail Glenluce
Drumpaille Glenluce
Drumpeal New Luce
Drumpeal Burn New Luce
Drumppail New Luce
Drumrae Glasserton
Drumrae Moor Glasserton
Drumrey Glasserton
Drumsad Stoneykirk
Drumscog Mochrum
Drumskeoch Mochrum
Drumskeog Mochrum
Drumskeog, High Mochrum
Drumskeog, Low Mochrum
Drumskioch Mochrum
Drumtarlie Penninghame
Drumtroddan Mochrum
Drumtrodden Mochrum
Drumucklo Inch
Drumuckloch Kirkcowan
Drumulloch Kirkcowan
Drumwall Mochrum
Drumwalt Mochrum
Drumwalt & Craiglairie Mochrum
Drumwherry Kirkcowan
Drumwhill Kirkmaiden
Drumwhirry Kirkcowan
Drumwhisley Leswalt
Drunjoan Minnigaff
Drunmurr Kirkcowan
Dru'ranaght Minnigaff
Drury Lane Glasserton
Druymjargan Kirkinner
Druymnaghyrach Kirkcowan
Drvachly Kirkcowan
Drygaals Glen Luce
Drymdow, Loch Mochrum
Duchra Inch
Duchrae Inch
Duchrie Inch
Dueltoune Sorbie
Duis, L. Mochrum
Dumanow New Luce
Dumba Leswalt
Dumbay Leswalt
Dumbey Inch
Dumblain Mochrum
Dunbee Inch
Dunduf Leswalt
Dunkittrick Minnigaff
Dunlaggan Hill Kirkcolm
Dunman Kirkmaiden
Dunnance Whithorn
Dunnon Mochrum
Dunragat M. Glen Luce
Dunragget Glen Luce
Dunragget Lodge Glenluce
Dunraggitt Glenluce
Dunragit Glenluce
Dunsermyn Mochrum
Dunskay Cast. Port Patrick
Dunskellerig Hill Kirkcolm
Dunskey Portpatrick
Dunvin Port Patrick
Durvaird Glen Luce
Durvaird, Wood of Glen Luce
Dyreygill Kirkcowan
Dyrgaals Glen Luce
Dyrhymyen L. Mochrum
Dyrleisken Kirkcowan
Dyrnagrow Kirkcowan
Dyrnairp Kirkcowan
Dyrnamay, Wood of, or Park of Mochrum Mochrum
Dyrnamow New Luce
Dyrneen Glen Luce
Dyrry Kirkcowan
Dyrry Mochrum
Dyrrymannany Kirkcowan
Dyrskilby Glen Luce
Dyrsnag, L. Mochrum