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Place Names Beginning with E & F

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
Earvie Kirkcolm
East Auchlaigh Stoneykirk
East Baldoon Mains Kirkinner
East Balscallock Kirkcolm
East Barbuchany Penninghame
East Barr Mochrum
East Bishopton Whithorn
East Cairngaan Kirkmaiden
East Cairngean Kirkmaiden
East Challoch Glenluce
East Dargoals Glenluce
East Dindinnie Leswalt
East Glenstockadale Leswalt
East Glenstocketell Leswalt
East Kirkbride Kirkcolm
East Kirkland Wigtown
East Kirkmabrick Stoneykirk
East Moatloch Kirkmaiden
East Mountluck Kirkmaiden
East Muntloch Kirkmaiden
East Slewhibbert Kirkinner
East Sleyhubbard Kirkinner
East Slochabbert Kirkinner
East Squonghan Minnigaff
East Tarbet Kirkmaiden
Easter Craichmoore Leswalt
Easter Glenstocketell Leswalt
Eastmains Kirkinner
Edrick, Little Penninghame
Egerness Sorbie
Egerness Sorbie
Eggerness Sorbie
Eggerness, Point of Sorbie
Elderick Kirkmaiden
Elderick Kirkmaiden
Elderickhill Stoneykirk
Eldrick Kirkmaiden
Eldrick Mochrum
Eldrick Penninghame
Eldrick Stoneykirk
Eldrick Fell Kirkcowan
Eldrick Hill Stoneykirk
Eldrick Loch Mochrum
Eldrick of Liberland Kirkcowan
Eldrick, Low Kirkcowan
Eldrig Mochrum
Eldrig Penninghame
Eldrig Stoneykirk
Eldrig Village Mochrum
Elm House, Hillhead Leswalt
Elrick Kirkmaiden
Elrick Mochrum
Elrick, N. Penninghame
Elrick, O. Penninghame
Elrickm Libberton Kirkcowan
Elrig Mochrum
Elrig Stoneykirk
Englishtoun Sorbie
Ennabagyish Kirkcowan
Enoch Portpatrick
Enoch, Loch Port Patrick
Enoh Port Patrick
Ersick Whithorn
Ersick Mill Whithorn
Erskine's Wigtown
Ersock Whithorn
Ersock Mill Whithorn
Ersock, High Glasserton
Ersock, Low Whithorn
Ersock, Nether Whithorn
Ervie Kirkcolm
Ervy Kirkcolm
Eschone B. Kirkmaiden
Esconahcon Minnigaff
Eshdowach B. Kirkmaiden
Eskeunhan Minnigaff
Essex Whithorn
Extreme Point, Garlieston Sorbie
Eyes Inch
Fairacre House Wigtown
Falhaer Whithorn
Falhar Whithorn
Fall Loch Mochrum
Far Kilhockadale Kirkcowan
Fare Legget Whithorn
Farmains Whithorn
Feather, Castle in ruins Whithorn
Fell Kirkcowan
Fell of Barhullion Glasserton
Fell of Barrawr Penninghame
Fell of Loch Ronnald Kirkcowan
Fell of Lochroule Kirkcowan
Felland Kirkcowan
Fellend Glasserton
Ferry Penninghame
Fey Whithorn
Feyfield Leswalt
Fine View Kirkcolm
Fineview Glenluce
Fingan, Chapel ruins Mochrum
Finiview Glenluce
Fintalloch Penninghame
Fintilloch, O. Penninghame
Fintillochs, N. Penninghame
Fintloch Penninghame
Fisher Street Stranraer
Fivepenny Lands Kirkcolm
Fiveshillingland Kirkcolm
Float Stoneykirk
Float High Stoneykirk
Float Low Stoneykirk
Flot Loch Stoneykirk
Flot, Port of Stoneykirk
Flott Stoneykirk
Foirlanddycks Kirkcolm
Fontainbleau Wigtown
Foordsouth Glenluce
Ford House Glen Luce
Fordbank Wigtown
Fordhouse Glenluce
Fordhouse Mochrum
Fore Ruchan Glasserton
Forest Moor Kirkinner
Forestmoor Kirkinner
Forrest Kirkinner
Forrest Moor Kirkinner
Fortypenny Lands Kirkinner
Foulford Leswalt
Fourpound Kirkcowan
Fourtepenny Land Kirkinner
Fourtypenyland Kirkinner
Freuch Stoneykirk
Freuch Stoneykirk
Freugh Stoneykirk
Freugh Toll Stoneykirk
Frewgh Stoneykirk
Front Row, Garlieston Sorbie
Fyue Shilling Land Kirkcolm