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Parish Place Names

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place names are often a useful guide to family data and yet they often offer a difficulty in location or interpretation due to changes over the years. Often it's not at all clear whether a name refers to a farm, a village or a parish, or even all three. Carrie Gulline has carefully prepared an index of the farm names that appear in our M'Kerlie Farm name compilation together with the place names that are found in the 1684 parish lists, 1841 and 1851 census. Recent additions are from the Timothy Pont map, printed by Bleau in his 1654 Atlas.

We look forward to extending the list from other sources as input becomes available to us. If your place name doesn't appear today, it may do so later, or even better, if you can extend our index we'd be delighted to hear your proposals. The place index is compiled by Carrie Gulline, who can be contacted at: tara_evie@hotmail.com.

The Wigtownshire Pages and Carrie would like to thank Shirley Walsh and Crawford McKeand for their contributions to this index.

Latest update July 30th, 2003