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Place Names Beginning with M

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
M Challoch Glenluce
M. Arrow Glasserton
M. Dunragat Glen Luce
M. Laicht Inch
M. Lairg Inch
M. Wyg Whithorn
M/Hall Penninghame
M/Hall East Lodge Penninghame
M/Hall Office House Penninghame
M/Hall West Lodge Penninghame
Maberry, Loch Penninghame
Machar Inch
Machar Kirkcolm
Macherbrake Kirkcolm
Machermor Glenluce
Machermore Glenluce
Macherolly Kirkmaiden
Machremore Glen Luce
Machremore Minnigaff
Machrom, Cairn of Mochrum
Machrymoir Glen Luce
Machrymoir, L. Glen Luce
Mackbary, L. Kirkcowan
Mackbary, L. Penninghame
Mackdow Glenluce
Mackdry, Kirk Sorbie
Mackmakin Kirkcolm
Mackulloch, Torhouse Wigtown
Maclurge Minnigaff
Maes Leswalt
Mahaar Inch
Mahaar Kirkcolm
Mahaier Portpatrick
Maharr Inch
Mahowl Glasserton
Maidins Coane Kirkmaiden
Maidland Kirkinner
Maidland Wigtown
Main Street Glenluce
Main Street Portpatrick
Main Street Whithorn
Mains Inch
Mains Kirkcowan
Mains Penninghame
Mains Whithorn
Mains Whithorn
Mains Lochnaw Leswalt
Mains Loudon Penninghame
Mains of Castlestrand Glasserton
Mains of Dhuloch Kirkcolm
Mains of Lochronald Kirkcowan
Mains of Park Glenluce
Mains of Penn Penninghame
Mains of Penninghame Penninghame
Mains of Torhouse Wigtown
Mains of Whithorn Whithorn
Mairton Hall Penninghame
Maise Leswalt
Maize Leswalt
Makdrym, Kirk Stoneykirk
Makky, Mertoun Penninghame
Malmain Stoneykirk
Manse Glasserton
Manse Glenluce
Manse Kirkcolm
Manse Kirkcowan
Manse Kirkmaiden
Manse Mochrum
Manse Stoneykirk
Manse of Kirkinner Kirkinner
Manse of Penninghame Penninghame
Manse Offices Glasserton
Manse, Mochrum Mochrum
Manse, Sorby Sorbie
Manse; Luce Abbey Glen Luce
March Kirkcowan
March Kirkinner
Marchar Kirkcolm
Marchburn Inch
Marchfarm Village Kirkinner
Marck Glen Luce
Marck Inch
Mardow Glenluce
Marich Port Patrick
Mark Glen Luce
Mark Inch
Mark Kirkcowan
Mark Leswalt
Mark Minnigaff
Mark Wigtown
Mark & Parkhead Leswalt
Mark High Inch
Mark Low Inch
Mark of Lochronald Kirkcowan
Mark of Luce Glenluce
Mark of Shanaton Kirkcowan
Markbain Kirkcowan
Markbreddan Wigtown
Markbroom Glen Luce
Markbrooms Glenluce
Markclach Glenluce
Markdow New Luce
Marke Glenluce
Marke Leswalt
Marklach New Luce
Markland Glenluce
Markland Penninghame
Marklow Glenluce
Markolach New Luce
Markslavie Leswalt
Marksleuy Leswalt
Maroch Stoneykirk
Marock Port Patrick
Marroch Whithorn
Marslach Kirkcolm
Marslagh Kirkcolm
Marslaugh Kirkcolm
Marte Pitts Whithorn
Mary Port Kirkmaiden
Maryholm Kirkcolm
Marypoirt Kirkmaiden
Maryport Kirkmaiden
May Mochrum
May (My), N. Stoneykirk
May High Stoneykirk
May Low Stoneykirk
May, Doon of Mochrum
Maye Mochrum
Mayhaar Kirkcolm
Maze Leswalt
McClelland's possession Wigtown
McCulloch Place Stranraer
Mchriemoire Minnigaff
McIlmans Croft Kirkmaiden
Meadow Whithorn
Meadow Park Glen Luce
Meadow Park Inch
Meadowpark Glenluce
Meald Stoneykirk
Meikle Airies Kirkinner
Meikle Balsmith Whithorn
Meikle Balyett Inch
Meikle Balzetts Inch
Meikle Colreoch Inch
Meikle Eldrick Penninghame
Meikle Eldrig Penninghame
Meikle Fey Whithorn
Meikle Galdenoch Leswalt
Meikle Killantrae Mochrum
Meikle Laigh Inch
Meikle Laight Inch
Meikle Larbrecks Leswalt
Meikle Larg Inch
Meikle Mark Leswalt
Meikle Marke Leswalt
Meikle Meadow Whithorn
Meikle Pinminnoch Portpatrick
Meikle Tongu Inch
Meiklekillhocodale Kirkcowan
MeikleTongue Inch
Mekle Aryes Kirkinner
Mekle Drumbreddan Kirkmaiden
Mekle Ganoch Glen Luce
Mellen Penninghame
Meol Stoneykirk
Merion; Sir Wm Maxwell Mochrum
Merk, Half Kirkcowan
Merk, Half Mochrum
Merk, Thrie Stoneykirk
Merk, Two Stoneykirk
Merock Portpatrick
Merroch Portpatrick
Merroch Stoneykirk
Merrock Portpatrick
Mertoun Mochrum
Mertoun Hall Penninghame
Mertoun Makky Penninghame
Mertoun M'Kie Penninghame
Mertown Cast. Mochrum
Mertown, Blakloch of Glasserton
Mertown, Whytloch of Mochrum
Messen R. Inch
Mic. Craignarget Glen Luce
Mickle Mochrum
Mickle Altoun Kirkmaiden
Mickle Aries Kirkinner
Mickle Arreise Kirkinner
Mickle Balsmith Whithorn
Mickle Carngan Kirkmaiden
Mickle Castle Penninghame
Mickle Clutag Kirkinner
Mickle Craglemine Glasserton
Mickle Craig Whithorn
Mickle Dunraggitt Glenluce
Mickle Dunragit Glenluce
Mickle Eldrick Penninghame
Mickle Eldrig Penninghame
Mickle Elrick Penninghame
Mickle Galdenoch Leswalt
Mickle Kilbrian Stoneykirk
Mickle Laigh Inch
Mickle Larg Inch
Mickle Lurbrack Leswalt
Mickle Park Whithorn
Mickle Pinminnoch Port Patrick
Mickle Spittal Stoneykirk
Micklebarlocart Glenluce
Micklecastle Penninghame
Mid Balminnoch Inch
Mid Legget Whithorn
Mid Moatloch Kirkmaiden
Mid Muntloch Kirkmaiden
Mid Torse Glen Luce
Middle Threave Penninghame
Middle Torrs Glenluce
Midgrip, West Whithorn
Midlefintilloch Penninghame
Midtown Kirkinner
Midtown Sorbie
Mil Kirkcowan
Mil of Kirmagil Stoneykirk
Mil of Kroswel Kirkcolm
Mil of L. Ronald Kirkcowan
Mil of Logan Kirkmaiden
Mil of Portree Portpatrick
Mil of Portrie Portpatrick
Mil of Pouton Sorbie
Mil of Remistou Kirkinner
Milisle Sorbie
Mill Inch
Mill Kirkinner
Mill Kirkmaiden
Mill Leswalt
Mill Mochrum
Mill Penninghame
Mill Port Patrick
Mill Stoneykirk
Mill Arce Kirkcolm
Mill Croft Glasserton
Mill Entry Whithorn
Mill Isle Leswalt
Mill Isle Sorbie
Mill of Aireybig Kirkcowan
Mill of Barhouse Kirkcowan
Mill of Clanyard Kirkmaiden
Mill of Corsill Kirkcolm
Mill of Craigauch Kirkcolm
Mill of Galdenoch New Luce
Mill of Griech Sorbie
Mill of Penninghame Penninghame
Mill of the Little Arrese Kirkinner
Mill of Whitehill Sorbie
Mill o'moss Sorbie
Mill Street Stranraer
Mill, New Wigtown
Milldreggan Kirkinner
Milldriggan Kirkinner
Milldriggan & Newton Parks Kirkinner
Millhill Penninghame
Millisle Kirkinner
Millisle Sorbie
Millkelly Kirkmaiden
Millmain Stoneykirk
Millne Minnigaff
Millour Kirkcolm
Millton Kirkinner
Milltone Kirkcolm
Milltonie New Luce
Milltonie Hill New Luce
Milltown Glen Luce
Milltown Inch
Milltown Mochrum
Milltown Farm Mochrum
Milltown of Monreith Glasserton
Milminnach New Luce
Milmmuach Hill New Luce
Miln of Larg Inch
Miln of Tarbilly Kirkmaiden
Milne Minnigaff
Milne Wigtown
Milne Arduall Stoneykirk
Milne of Muirreith Glasserton
Milne of Whythills Sorbie
Milne of Whythils Sorbie
Milne of Whytthills Sorbie
Milnetoune Leswalt
Milton Glenluce
Milton Inch
Milton Kirkcolm
Milton Leswalt
Milton Mochrum
Milton Mochrum
Milton of Craigoch Leswalt
Milton of Muirreith Glasserton
Miltonise Glenluce
Miltonish Glenluce
Miltown Kirkinner
Miltown Mochrum
Mindork Kirkcowan
Mindork Castle in ruins Kirkcowan
Mindork, High Kirkcowan
Minehouse New Luce
Miniwiek Minnigaff
Minniwick Minnigaff
Miroch Kirkmaiden
Mitle Drumbreddan Stoneykirk
Moat Hill Inch
Moat Hill Kirkcowan
Moat Hill Kirkmaiden
Moat Hill Stoneykirk
Moat Slap House Stoneykirk
Moatcroft Stoneykirk
Moathill Glen Luce
Moathill Mochrum
Moatloch Kirkmaiden
Mochru, Park of, or Dyrnamay, Wood of Mochrum
Mochrum Cast. Mochrum
Mochrum K. Mochrum
Mochrum Kirk Mochrum
Mochrum Loch Mochrum
Mochrum, L. of Mochrum
Mochrum, Old Place of Mochrum
Moil Kirkcowan
Moir Port Kirkcolm
Mollion Port Kirkcolm
Monach Whithorn
Monanduie Kirkcowan
Mondork Kirkcowan
Monenduy Kirkcowan
Monkhil Wigtown
Monreith Mochrum
Monreith Bothie Mochrum
Monreith Mains Mochrum
Monreith Mill Glasserton
Monreith Village Glasserton
Monreith, Milltown of Glasserton
Montkibbort Kirkcowan
Moor Croft Portpatrick
Moor Crofts Port Patrick
Moor Mains Mochrum
Moor Park Kirkinner
Moor Park Kirkmaiden
Moor Park Stoneykirk
Moorcroft Kirkcolm
Moore Glasserton
Moore, Torhouse Wigtown
Mooremains Mochrum
Moorhead Penninghame
Moorhouse ruins Glasserton
Moorpark Kirkinner
Moorpark Penninghame
Moorpark Stoneykirk
Moorpark of Bar Penninghame
Morach Whithorn
Morams Poirt Port Patrick
Morecroft Portpatrick
Moroch Whithorn
Morracht B. Kirkmaiden
Morrison's Croft Glenluce
Morroch Stoneykirk
Moss Wigtown
Moss House Kirkcowan
Moss of Barledziew Glasserton
Mossband Inch
Mossbowie Kirkmaiden
Mosscroft Stoneykirk
Mossend Kirkinner
Mosses of Cree Penninghame
Mosses of Cree Wigtown
Mosside Kirkinner
Mosspark Glasserton
Moulin Port Kirkcolm
Moull Stoneykirk
Mount Pleasant Inch
Mount Tabor Penninghame
Mountluck East Kirkmaiden
Mountluck West Kirkmaiden
Mountsallie Kirkmaiden
Mountsallie Logan Fishpond Kirkmaiden
Moure Glasserton
Muck Point Kirkcolm
Muckle Tongue Inch
Muglock Kirkmaiden
Muil Kirkcowan
Muile Kirkcowan
Muill Stoneykirk
Muircleugh Glenluce
Muirreith Glasserton
Mul Kirkmaiden
Mule Kirkcowan
Mule Kirkmaiden
Mule Stoneykirk
Mule of Gallua (Galloway) Kirkmaiden
Mule of Logan Kirkmaiden
Mull Kirkcowan
Mull Kirkmaiden
Mull Lighthouse Kirkmaiden
Mull of Galloway Kirkmaiden
Mull of Logan Kirkmaiden
Mullawyr hil Kirkcolm
Mullhill Kirkmaiden
Mulloch Penninghame
Multnok Kirkmaiden
Multonish New Luce
Munkhill Wigtown
Munondowy Kirkcowan
My Stoneykirk
My (May), N. Stoneykirk
Mye Mochrum
Mye Stoneykirk
Myln of Barhoish Kirkcowan
Myln of Glougston Kirkcowan
Mylnetoun Inch
Mylnetoun Mochrum
Myole Stoneykirk
Myr Stoneykirk
Myroch Kirkmaiden
Myrton Mochrum
Myrtoun Mochrum