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Place Names Beginning with S & T

As Recorded by Carrie Gulline

Place Name Parish
Sadmil Stoneykirk
Salchrie Kirkcolm
Sallachary Kirkcolm
Salquhrie Kirkcolm
Salseat, L. of Inch
Salt Pan Bay Leswalt
Salt Pans Kirkmaiden
Salt Pans Leswalt
Salt Pans Stoneykirk
Saltaide Inch
Sand Hill Kirkinner
Sand Mill Inch
Sand Mill Stoneykirk
Sand Miln Inch
Sand Milne Stoneykirk
Sandhead Village Stoneykirk
Sandmill Inch
Sandmill Stoneykirk
Saughrie, High Kirkcolm
Saughrie, Low Kirkcolm
Saulseat Inch
Sauls-seat Abbay Inch
Saw Mill Kirkinner
Scheel of Ralnagair New Luce
Scheuchan Inch
Schewchan Mill Leswalt
Schinentown Kirkcowan
Schoolhouse Kirkcowan
Schoolhouse Kirkinner
Schoolhouse Leswalt
Schoolhouse Whithorn
Schoolmaster's Hse Glenluce
Seabank Leswalt
Seuchan Inch
Severall Inch
Shaddock, How Hole of Whithorn
Shanaton Kirkcowan
Shandry cothouse Sorbie
Shanknock Kirkcowan
Shannatown; Robert Hannah Kirkcowan
Shedach Whithorn
Sheddock Whithorn
Sheep Park Kirkinner
Shellachglash, Loch of Glen Luce
Shellachglash, Loch of Mochrum
Shenanton Kirkcowan
Shennanton Kirkcowan
Shennock Kirkcowan
Sheuchan Inch
Sheuchan Mill Leswalt
Sheuchan Parks Leswalt
Shinenous Glenluce
Sidriddihill Leswalt
Sign Post Kirkinner
Sineiness Glenluce
Sinniness Glenluce
Sir David Dunbar's Lands Kirkinner
Sir John Ross's Hse Stran Inch
Sir William Maxwell's Lands Kirkinner
Six Mark Land of Glencard Minnigaff
Skaite Mochrum
Skaith Mochrum
Skaith Penninghame
Skanlaggan Kirkcolm
Skate Mochrum
Skeat Kirkinner
Skeat Mochrum
Skeath Penninghame
Skeglae Glasserton
Skellary Kirkinner
Skellerie Kirkinner
Skeoch Whithorn
Skeog Whithorn
Skeog, High Whithorn
Skeog, Low Whithorn
Sket Mochrum
Sketh Penninghame
Skeyith Penninghame
Skin and Hide Kirkinner
Skioth Whithorn
Skur, The Kirkcolm
Skyith Kirkinner
Slack Mills Kirkmaiden
Slate Heugh Glasserton
Slate Quarry Inch
Sleeping Glen Leswalt
Sleudinle Kirkcowan
Sleuhybbert Kirkinner
Slewhabble Kirkmaiden
Slewhibbert Kirkinner
Sleyhubbard Kirkinner
Sloak Kirkmaiden
Slochabbert Kirkinner
Slock Kirkmaiden
Slock Mill Kirkmaiden
Slohabert Kirkinner
Slok Kymmin Kirkmaiden
Slowhabbert Kirkinner
Small Moor Kirkinner
Smiths Croft Penninghame
Smith's Croft Kirkinner
Smith's Croft Whithorn
Smith's House Penninghame
Smithy Glasserton
Smithy (Grange) Penninghame
Smithy Croft Kirkinner
Smithy Hill Leswalt
Smithy Holm Glenluce
Smithyhill Leswalt
Snap Penninghame
Snap Inn Penninghame
Soirbuy Sorbie
Soleburn Leswalt
Soleburn Foot Leswalt
Soleburn Mill Leswalt
Sorbie Castle Sorbie
Sorbie Farm Sorbie
Sorbie Manse Sorbie
Sorby Kirk Sorbie
Sorby Manse Sorbie
Sorby Place Sorbie
Soulseat Inch
Sour Loop Kirkcowan
Sourecroft Mochrum
Sourhip Wigtown
South Ardwell Stoneykirk
South Balfern Kirkinner
South Balsalloch Penninghame
South Barbuchany Penninghame
South Barnkirk Penninghame
South Barr Hill Penninghame
South Birnultock Inch
South Borland Glenluce
South Cairn Kirkcolm
South Clutag Kirkinner
South Crailoch Portpatrick
South Crescent Portpatrick
South Crescent Street Portpatrick
South Glentriplock Mochrum
South Kairn Kirkcolm
South Knockassrick Kirkinner
South Milmain Stoneykirk
South Milton Glenluce
South Port of Spital Stoneykirk
South Row, Garlieston Sorbie
South Two Mark Stoneykirk
South Two Merk Stoneykirk
Sower Croft Glen Luce
Spinie Leswalt
Spirry Leswalt
Spirry Feyfield Leswalt
Spitle Croft Stoneykirk
Spittal Kirkcowan
Spittal Portpatrick
Spittal Stoneykirk
Spittal Mill Kirkcowan
Spittal Mill Stoneykirk
Spittal, Little Stoneykirk
Spittel Stoneykirk
Spittel, Port Stoneykirk
Spittels, Port in Stoneykirk
Spittle Bridge Penninghame
Spoutwells Inch
Springbank Leswalt
Springland Leswalt
Spurrie Leswalt
Squonghan Minnigaff
St Andrews Street Stranraer
St John Street Stranraer
Stairfield Whithorn
Stallock, High Glasserton
Stallock, Low Glasserton
Standing Stone Inch
Standing Stones Mochrum
Standing Stones Wigtown
Stelloch Glasserton
Stellock Glasserton
Stennoch Whithorn
Stennock Balconnel Whithorn
Stennock Corbett Whithorn
Stennock M'Connel Whithorn
Stevensons croft Mochrum
Stewarton Kirkinner
Stewarts Croft Glen Luce
Stillock Glasserton
Stinnock Whithorn
Stinnocks Whithorn
Stirk Park Inch
Stirkpark Inch
Stockdale, Upper Leswalt
Stonehouse Sorbie
Store House Mochrum
Stranbee Minnigaff
Stranraer Inch
Stranraer Glebe Leswalt
Stranraer Park Leswalt
Stranrawer Leswalt
Strisehill Leswalt
Stroan Minnigaff
Stronrawyr Inch
Stuartown Kirkinner
Stuarts Croft Glenluce
Stunnock Whithorn
Sull B. Leswalt
Summerhouse Stoneykirk
Sun Street Leswalt
Sunnoness, O. Glen Luce
Sunoness, N. Glen Luce
Swie Minnigaff
Synnyness Glenluce
Synnyness Castle Glen Luce
Tachall Kirkinner
Tachall croft Kirkinner
Tachet Whithorn
Tahall Kirkinner
Tammack Leswalt
Tanargie Minnigaff
Tannilaggie Kirkcowan
Tannyhaugh New Luce
Tannyluggy Kirkcowan
Tanrywer Minnigaff
Tanton R. Leswalt
Tarbet East Kirkmaiden
Tarbet West Kirkmaiden
Tarbilly Kirkmaiden
Tarf Water Kirkcowan
Tarnottrie Minnigaff
Tarregan Minnigaff
Tars Water New Luce
Terally Kirkmaiden
Terbart Kirkmaiden
Tewick, Ald Stoneykirk
The Barony of Urle Kirkcowan
The Barronie of Bardrohwood Minnigaff
The Barronrie of Machremore Minnigaff
The Barronrie of Risk Minnigaff
The Barronrie of the Larg & Town of Minugoff Minnigaff
The Barrony of Craiglaw Kirkcowan
The Barrony of Lochroule Kirkcowan
The Clarie Penninghame
The Clary Penninghame
The Croft Sorbie
The Croohouses of Castell Stewart Penninghame
The Fell Kirkcowan
The Fell of Lochroule Kirkcowan
The Forist of Buchan Minnigaff
The Lands Belonging To Sr Wm Maxwell Mochrum
The Maines of the Grainge of Blednock Penninghame
The Mains of Lochroule Kirkcowan
The Mill Penninghame
The Milne Wigtown
The Moil Kirkcowan
The Moss Wigtown
The Neuck Stoneykirk
The Ox Kirkcolm
The Roll of the Barronrie of Gerlis Minnigaff
The Scar Kirkcolm
The Skur Kirkcolm
The Wig Kirkcolm
The Wood Wigtown
Third Part of the Little Arreise Kirkinner
Thonscroft Leswalt
Thorn Glenluce
Thorn House Leswalt
Thorn House Stoneykirk
Thornbank Inch
Thornhouse Stoneykirk
Thrave, High Penninghame
Thrave, Low Penninghame
Threave Penninghame
Three Mark Stoneykirk
Thrie Mark Stoneykirk
Thrive Penninghame
Tibbere Portpatrick
Tibbert Portpatrick
Tinilaggie Kirkcowan
Tintock Kirkinner
Toars Glenluce
Toll Bar Inch
Tollhouse Penninghame
Tonderghie Whithorn
Tonderghie Row Whithorn
Tondow Stoneykirk
Tonerghie; Hugh Stewart Whithorn
Tonghill Glasserton
Tongu Inch
Tongue Inch
Tongue Little Inch
Tonochvam New Luce
Tonreghe Whithorn
Torhouse Wigtown
Torhouse Wigtown
Torhouse Kie Wigtown
Torhouse McCulloch Wigtown
Torhouse Mckulloch Wigtown
Torhouse Mill Wigtown
Torhouse M'Kie Wigtown
Torhouse Moor Wigtown
Torhouse Moore Wigtown
Torhousekie Wigtown
Torhousemuir Wigtown
Torhousemuir Estate Wigtown
Torres, N. Glen Luce
Torres, O. Glen Luce
Torwhniok Minnigaff
Toskartoun Stoneykirk
Toungs Inch
Townhead Sorbie
Trades St Stran Inch
Traigvach Mochrum
Tramping Ford Wigtown
Treef Penninghame
Trunch Glenluce
Tung Inch
Tung, L. Inch
Tunnachrae Inch
Turnpese Sorbie
Twa Mark Stoneykirk
Two Mark Stoneykirk
Two Merk Stoneykirk
Tyna Laggach Kirkcowan
Tyne Laggach, Nether Kirkcowan
Tyrally Kirkmaiden
Tyrawley Kirkmaiden
Tyrawley Point Kirkmaiden