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Surname Spelling Variants in Wigtownshire

Below is a collection of surname spelling variants, gleaned initially from the 1684 Parish Lists Name Index, with subsequent additions from other sources.

Please note, spelling and pronunciation varies over centuries. We make no assumption that we are listing the 'correct' spelling. Present day authorities feel that some of the name associations which are implied here are not really valid, but we have not felt it practical to make such distinctions in this listing. This list was created to give Wigtownshire researchers, particularly those unfamiliar with Scots pronunciation, clues to other surname spelling possibilities. Occasionally, where necessary, we cross referenced. For example, AUSBURN is cross referenced with 'see OSBURNE'. Going to the OSBURNE entry will lead to more spelling variants.

Mc, Mac, and M' are all equivalent and have been used interchangeably in the past. Before the 1840s family names which today always have a Mc or Mac would frequently have no prefix. For example Clurg, McClurg, MacClurg and M'Clurg would all be quite likely found in one family.

If you have a spelling variant to offer, please contact Crawford.

A - B,      C - E,      F - J,      K - M,      McA - McG     McH - McW,      N - SW     T - W

ADAIR Adaire
AGNEW Aginew,  Agnnew
AITKEN  Aikin Aitkin  Atken,     Atkin
AUSTIN Astoun Austun
AUSBURN Osburne*
BAILLIE  Baily Bailzie Balzie Baylie Bayly Baylzie
BARCLAY Barclhy Barklay
BENOCH  Barnocch
BENTON Bentoun
BERTRAM Barthrome Bartrime
BIGHAM Biggam Bigholme
BITTLE Bitle Bittill
BLAIN Blaine Blane Blanie
BLAIR Blaire
BOLE Booll
BONE Boan McBane
BOWDEN Bodan Boddon Bodin Bowdin
BOWES Boece Bowis
BOWIE  Bouy Bowey
BROADFOOT Bradfoot Brattfoot Broadfite Broadfitt Broadfot Broadfote Brodfote
BRODIE Broddie
BROWN Broun Broune Browne
BRUCE Bruice
BRYDE Brid Bryd
BURNEY Burnie Burny
BOROWS Barras Borras Burrows