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Christian Alexander Niven
Christian's Page

Christian is our fighter, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymblastic Leukemia right after his christening. To quote his Grandmother, "June, 1999: Christian celebrated his first birthday with doctors, nurses, helpers from Church Newcomers & Parents of Pre-schoolers, and for the first time exposure to other children.  Please keep Christian in your prayers, He has another year of treatment at the clinic."

Christian Alexander Niven

b. 24 June 1998, d. 2 February 2000.


This is the picture I recieved for X-mas, Christian is the reason I am a pheresis donor for the Red Cross.

A lifetime passed today
Not yours or mine but one all the same.
A lifetime I've learned is not measured in decades
but in fleeting moments.

Moments we take for granted
knowing there are more to come.
How many beautiful things have we missed
waiting for the next moment.

He left today, for the place
he points to in the sky.
A place we may only dream.
A place so warm and beautiful,
so full of love and joy.
A place where all our prayers go
for this beautiful little boy.

I only have this picture,
since I let a moment pass.
A picture now within my heart,
forever it will last.
Until I too, journey to his place
and  may finally greet him.
And the brightness that I see within his eyes,
and the wisdom of his soul,
the proudness of his courageous stance,
will make it hard to miss him.

A special place I'm sure he has,
and his family too.
Through him they have a link
they'll contact every day.
And God will help the burden lift
in his very special way.

How blessed they were
to have this son.
Although in our eyes brief.
They learned more of love in this short time,
than most of us in all our lifetimes.

To Christian, May God Bless You and Keep You.
Love, Your Grand Uncle. R.M. Leland III © 2000

February 2, 2000 Little Christian died today around noon of heart failure. He's been sick with a virus that caused heart muscle damage. Funeral is Friday in Atlanta at 1 pm. Christian, our prayers are with you and your family. Richard M. Leland III, proud grand-uncle.

Christian is the 7th Great Grandson of The Rev. Jno. Leland.
The son of Christopher & Carol Duvic Niven.
The grandson of Maurice & Margaret Leland Duvic