The History & Pictures of Cypress Farm  

Cypress Farm, Cherry Point Neck, Northumberland County, Virginia



from The Leland Family of Virginia, 1740-1940

"It was named for the Cypress trees bordering the drive.  The house, built after the war of 1812 to replace a finer one destroyed by the British when they bombarded the shores of the Potomac and Washington, D.C., is 32 x 60 with a hall extending through the width of the building, and a circular stairway leading from the first to the third floor.  It is one of the few houses in Virginia with a circular stairway.  There were ground floor and second story porches butthey have disappeared along with the shutters.  The slave quarters are gone but the smoke house is still in a good state.  The Cowart family lived there after the Lelands left in 1836 and Miss Virginia Cowart and her brother, born there in the 1840's were still living in the vicinity in 1922."

"Baldwin Mathews Leland was a lawyer and a planter.  He furnished supplies for the United States Army in the War of 1812.  He and his first wife are buried in unmarked graves in the burying ground on the farm.  Her mother Mary Jamieson Haggoman is also buried there.  The graveyard is badly overgrown but two slabs are visible, Thomas Banks died 1684, and William Keene died 1697. They both married the same woman.  She evidently outlived her two husbands and was not given a stone."

Additional research:
Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Capt. John Rogers was the wife of William Keene & Thomas Banks.  Baldwin Mathews Leland bought Cypress farm about 1806 from Lettice Lee, who had inherited from her father Richard Lee.  He had purchased the land from William Keene.  

Baldwin did not file a claim for the damage by the British until 1828, the claim was never approved, the last mention I could discover was in December of 1831.






Below are pictures taken by Carol Duvic Niven during a trip to Virginia, these show Cypress Farm restored to a beautiful condition.



Map of Lewisetta, VA US